The Stepdaughters Episode 41

The Stepdaughters Episode 41 Isabelle gets Mayumi arrested, Police obtains search warrant to break into the house of the Salvadors

As Mayumi was striving to get into Isabelle’s house to look for Luisa, Isabelle called the security from her estate and accused Mayumi of trespassing so the security arrested her.
Luisa heard the commotion outside and looked out of the window. She saw Mayumi and tried to go outside but her nurse stopped her.

Luisa insisted on leaving so the nurse hit her and tied her to the bed. When Isabelle returned, she told the nurse that it was fine to tie up Luisa since she did what she had to do. Luisa hit Isabelle when she was untied and accused her of keeping her away from Mayumi so Isabelle had her tied up again.

Isabelle later went to the security office to handle the issue with Mayumi. Mayumi told the officers that Isabelle had kidnapped her mother but Isabelle once again called it an unfounded accusation. Mayumi said Isabelle could let them check inside the house but Isabelle refused, claiming it was private property and they could not go in without a warrant.

Isabelle said she wouldn’t file charges against Mayumi but asked the guards to lock her up. Mayumi was taken to the cell and asked Sasha to call Francis. Francis went to get Mayumi and scolded her for getting into trouble once again. Francis told Mayumi that they should go home but Mayumi insisted on doing something to go into Isabelle’s house.

She proposed that they contact a lawyer and get a warrant to search the house. Isabelle was upset that Luisa did not seem to despise Mayumi even after everything she had done. She told her friends about the issue and one of them suggested hypnosis to change Luisa’s way of thinking. Isabelle therefore decided to try it.

Froilan had been trying to contact Isabelle but she ignored her calls so he went to her house. He told her that Mayumi got a search warrant and was on her way there to search for Luisa. He told Isabelle to let Luisa go but Isabelle refused. She instead asked him to help her hide Luisa.

Isabelle went to Luisa’s room and told her that they would play a game of hide and seek. He brought her downstairs to the laundry room and hid her inside a freezer. Mayumi & Francis arrived then with the police and Isabelle agreed to let them search the house.

Francis talked to the housekeepers but they refused to talk. The nurse who had sworn loyalty to Isabelle told him that Luisa wasn’t there. They decided to search the house but couldn’t find Luisa. Mayumi went to see Hernan and implored him to tell her if Luisa was there because they could not let her stay with Isabelle.

Since he could not talk, Mayumi asked him to blink twice if Luisa was there. Hernan blinked twice so Mayumi continued her search. Francis however told her that they had to leave since Luisa wasn’t there.

As Mayumi was leaving, she heard a noise from the Freezer. Luisa was begging her to get her out but the housekeepers pretended that it was a cockroach so Mayumi left.
Froilan had been hiding during the search and later asked Isabelle to let Luisa go but she refused.

Froilan said he was worried about her and Isabelle asked if he liked her. Froilan said he didn’t but Isabelle made it clear to him that she would never like a guy like him. Mayumi was convinced that Isabelle was hiding Luisa after talking to Hernan. She told the others about it and Sasha suggested that they put surveillance on Isabelle.

She agreed to do it with Bryce and Mayumi said she would join them but Francis asked her not to. The following day, Mayumi joined Bryce and Sasha when they went to tail Isabel. They saw her packing bags inside a van so they went after her. Isabelle saw them and stopped. Mayumi went to confront her and opened the van but only Hernan and the nurse were inside.

Isabelle said they were going away to stop Mayumi from harassing them. She got back inside the van and drove away.


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