The Stepdaughters Episode 42

The Stepdaughters Episode 42 Isabelle gets Luisa hypnotised amidst her craziness

Isabelle took Luisa away to a safe house and her friends helped her hire a hypnotherapist. She told him that she wanted him to alter Luisa’s mind. The doctor said it would not be easy but he would try.

The doctor hypnotised Luisa and told her that everything she went through was Mayumi’s fault and not Isabelle’s. Luisa however refused to accept what he said so Isabelle orchestrated a scene where she burned Luisa’s doll and blamed it on Mayumi.

Froilan decided he wanted to live his life differently to appeal more to Isabelle. He therefore asked Francis for help and he found a new job as a delivery boy. Mayumi’s business expanded as they moved offices but she was still upset about not finding Luisa and sharing her success with her. Bryce and Sasha continued to tail Isabelle and they finally found Luisa.

Mayumi went with Francis to get Luisa from Isabelle. She accused Isabelle of kidnapping Luisa but Isabelle said she only took care of Luisa since Luisa went to her for help after Mayumi abandoned her. Mayumi however said she had been looking for Luisa but Isabelle hid her. Their argument made Luisa have a panic attack and she fainted.

Mayumi took her to the hospital and told Isabelle to stay away since she had been making her mother go crazy. When they got to the hospital, Luisa woke up after she was examined. Mayumi went to see her but Luisa grew hysterical and told her to leave. She didn’t seem to recognise Mayumi and Mayumi didn’t understand why she was behaving that way.

Isabelle was upset that Mayumi took Luisa just when they had began to make progress with the hypnotherapy. She went to the hospital feigning concern for Luisa but Mayumi told her to leave. She again accused Isabelle of harming Luisa but Isabelle said all she did was take care of Luisa.

Mayumi wouldn’t believe her and told her to leave. Luisa left her room and found the two of them arguing. She went to Isabelle and asked her to take her home. She got mad at Mayumi and told her to leave them alone. Isabelle told the doctors that she would take care of Luisa since she had her own psychiatrist.

Mayumi was hurt that Luisa preferred to be with Isabelle but Francis told her not to worry since they shared a strong bond and Luisa’s heart would remember her even though her mind didn’t. Francis was holding a jacket with the drawing Mayumi saw from the guy who hit Luisa.

She told Francis about it and he seemed puzzled as he tried to remember if he too had seen it. Mayumi told him not to mind since it could be a similar design.


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