The Stepdaughters Episode 43

The Stepdaughters Episode 43 Luisa recovers with an evil memory of Mayumi, Court denies Mayumi custody of Luisa

Froilan couldn’t find his jacket and his grandmother told him that Francis wore it to the hospital since his jacket was at the dry cleaners and he didn’t have anything to wear.

Froilan was worried that Mayumi might recognise the jacket. When Francis returned home, Froilan took the jacket back and asked Francis not to take his things without asking. Later, Francis and Bryce saw Froilan burning the jacket. They both found it suspicious and Bryce commented that Froilan could be getting rid of evidence.

When Mayumi went to see Luisa at the hospital, she was told that Luisa already got discharged. She went after Isabelle’s van but Luisa told her to leave them alone. Mayumi was hurt to see her mother leave but decided to keep pushing. She met with a lawyer and decided to file for her mother’s custody since she was not mentally stable.

Meanwhile, Isabelle continued to take Luisa to the hypnotherapist in order to alter her memories. Luisa seemed to have recovered since she wasn’t acting crazy any more. She went back to the house to take care of Hernan and thanked Isabelle for helping her get well. Isabelle was however waiting to make Luisa give back all the money that Hernan left for her.

During dinner, Bryce accused Froilan of being the one who hurt Luisa and the two got into a fight. Francis took Bryce outside and asked him not to accuse his brother of doing such a thing. Bryce said he was afraid of Froilan and decided to leave the house. Francis tried to apologise for their argument at work but Bryce said he would be moving out of his grandmother’s house.

Isabelle received the court order about Mayumi asking for Luisa’s custody. She was upset that Mayumi wouldn’t give up but she agreed to take Luisa to the hearing. The judge however ruled that Luisa was of sound mind and could decide where she wanted to stay. Luisa said she wanted to be with Isabelle and Mayumi broke down.

She asked her mother if their bond had already been broken but Luisa said she would never forgive her for choosing her father’s money. She added that she wanted to stay with Hernan and Isabelle who were now her family. Mayumi got down on her knees and asked Luisa to forgive her but Luisa would not listen.

She left again with Isabelle. Since Luisa’s birthday was coming up, Isabelle organised a party for her. Joel went as a guest since he was back from his business trip and was glad to see Luisa doing well. He asked her about Mayumi and Luisa repeated that she would never forgive Mayumi for abandoning her and trying to keep her away from Hernan.Joel however said it wasn’t true since Mayumi l0ved her. Luisa seemed confused about what he said so Isabelle hurriedly took Luisa away to the ladies room.

Mayumi crashed the party since she was not invited and went to see Luisa. Joel told her that Isabelle brought Luisa to the ladies room but something was wrong with her. He said Luisa seemed weird and robotic since she kept repeating the same thing.


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