The stepdaughters Episode 46

The stepdaughters Episode 46 Froilan escapes the police, Isabelle and Froilan sleep together

Joel went to visit Hernan at his house. He found Luisa taking care of him and was glad that she was back to normal. He asked about Mayumi and Luisa said she didn’t want to talk about her, claiming she was not a good daughter.

Isabelle invited Joel for dinner and asked him if Hernan already told him about what she had done to Luisa. Joel said he knew but Isabelle did not need to worry as he would not expose her since that was not what Hernan wanted.

Joel thanked Isabelle for helping Luisa get better and Isabelle said she did it to make it up to Hernan for hurting Luisa. He however asked why Luisa seemed to hate Mayumi. Isabelle said she did not know either and asked that they let her be since she had her reasons.

Sasha brought a devastated Mayumi home and she couldn’t stop crying after finding out that Francis had hidden the truth about Froilan. She told Sasha that she would make sure Froilan goes to jail to pay for his crimes.
Francis was upset with Froilan and told him that he had to pay for his crime. He blamed Froilan for his fallout with Mayumi and Froilan said she would eventually forgive him.

As they were arguing, their grandmother felt ill and they brought her to her room. Froilan apologised to his grandmother for what he did and she told him it was best he turns himself in to pay for what he did. Froilan said he wanted to do it but he was afraid of going to jail. Mayumi arrived later with the police to pick up Froilan and Francis told them that Froilan would surrender.

When they went inside the house to arrest him though, Grandma Felly told them that Froilan already left. Mayumi sent out the police to look for him and attacked Francis for letting Froilan escape. Francis said the police could arrest him instead and Mayumi slapped him. She told him that she was the victim and he was the one who betrayed her even after she gave him her trust.

Grandma Felly apologised for hiding the truth and explained that she tried to protect her grandsons as they were all she had left. Mayumi responded that her mother was the only person she had left and would make sure Froilan pay for what he did. Bryce arrived and Mayumi thanked him for being honest with her unlike Francis.

When Mayumi and Sasha went back home, they told Baby what happened with Froilan. Mayumi was mad at Francis for not telling her but Mum Baby told her not to vent her anger onFrancis since he was different from Froilan. He also l0ved and cared about her. Francis went to see Mayumi to beg her not to let their relationship suffer due to Froilan.

He said he would do everything to catch Froilan and send him to jail. Mayumi asked him what would happen if Froilan managed to escape. Francis didn’t have an answer so Mayumi asked him to leave. Froilan’s friend called Isabelle to tell her that Mayumi caught Froilan and they seemed to know each other.

He explained that Mayumi was the girlfriend of Froilan’s brother and Isabelle was shocked to learn that Francis and Froilan were brothers. Froilan went on the run but he didn’t have any money. He called Isabelle to meet her and she was mad at him for not telling her that Francis was his brother. She was also sure that Froilan let Mayumi escape and he admitted it, saying that he did it for Francis.

Isabelle asked if he would expose her too but Froilan said he wouldn’t do that. He said that he blamed everything on Daphne. Isabelle thought it was only because he wanted to blackmail her but Froilan said it was because he cared about her. They then slept together.
Isabelle left the following morning and met up with her friends. She told them that it was her chance to pursue Francis again since she was sure Mayumi would break up with him after what Froilan did.

Froilan called his grandmother to tell her that he was leaving. Francis overheard the phone call and asked his grandmother where Froilan was. He went after Froilan and caught him as he was boarding a bus. He tried to convince Froilan to turn himself in and they were arguing when the police arrived.

Someone had reported seeing Froilan at the bus station so the police were there to arrest him. Froilan caught one of the passengers as a hostage and managed to run away. Mayumi saw him and went after him. Once Froilan was away from the police, he apologised to the hostage and let her go.

He was about to leave but Mayumi hit him from behind and took his gun. She aimed it at him and threatened to shoot if he ran. She asked Froilan to turn himself in and help them catch the people who paid him to hurt Luisa in exchange for a shorter sentence. Froilan said that Daphne was already in jail but Mayumi told him about Isabelle. She said she was sure Isabelle was involved and he was the only person who could prove it.


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