The Stepdaughters Episode 54

The Stepdaughters Episode 54 Isabelle holds a wake for Luisa, Mayumi gets Isabelle arrested for her crimes

Mayumi prayed so that she could find her mother. The authorities helped with the search for Luisa by providing divers while Mayumi and Francis asked around the surrounding islands but no one had seen her. After a few days, Francis booked a flight back to Manila and told Mayumi that they should go back home since there was nothing else they could do.

Mayumi threw a fit and said she wouldn’t go anywhere without her mother. She got angry at Francis for asking her to go home and attacked one of the clerks for failing to find Luisa. Francis said it wasn’t their fault and asked Mayumi to calm down. The divers arrived after finding the floater that Luisa had used to escape from the ship but they had no news of Luisa.

Mayumi was finally able to accept that Luisa might be dead. She blamed herself for failing to protect Luisa but Francis comforted her and told her that it was not her fault. Isabelle got impatient since Mayumi and Francis were yet to return. She was sure that Luisa was already dead so she took it upon herself to hold a memorial for Luisa.

She called Mayumi to invite her and Mayumi got angry at Isabelle for doing what she was supposed to do for her mother. Isabelle said Hernan was the one who wanted to hold the memorial in order to honour his wife. Isabelle held Luisa’s wake and welcomed the guests who came to grieve for her. She took the podium and told the mourners that Luisa was a great mother to her, especially after her mother died.

She cried as she narrated how close the two of them were and they were a happy family. Mayumi arrived in the middle of Isabelle’s tribute and was disgusted to hear the way she spoke about Luisa. She ruined the flowers and told Isabelle to stop pretending. She told everyone that Isabelle had never been nice to Luisa and even made her go crazy. She accused Isabelle of being the one who sent a k!ller after them since Daphne was in jail.

They began to fight when Isabelle denied what Mayumi said and the mourners tried to stop them. They ended up knocking Hernan down and Isabelle told Mayumi to leave for hurting Hernan. Mayumi went home frustrated and didn’t want to speak to anyone.
Isabelle tried to call Francis to go out for a drink but he didn’t answer her calls. He told Bryce that his focus was Mayumi and he would deal with Isabelle later.

Isabelle’s deal with an investor was cancelled, reason being that Coco Bella was not doing well. She didn’t want to lose the investment so she was advised to clean up the company’s image since it had suffered from scandal. Isabelle’s secretary gave Isabelle an invitation to an award ceremony and Isabelle was convinced that winning the award would help with Coco Bella’s image.

Isabelle was trying to find a gown for the event when Mayumi arrived with the police. She had sued Isabelle for coercion after hypnotising Luisa. She also had the videos she stole from the hospital as proof so Isabelle was arrested. Meanwhile, Froilan was living quietly in an island. He used the name “Caloy” and worked as a delivery boy for the locals. When he went to get fish at the beach, someone came to tell him and his friend Grace that there was a body washed up ashore.

They went to help and brought her to the hospice run by the nuns. Grace told Froilan that it was the second person they had rescued and Froilan asked her who the other person was. Grace said she didn’t have an identification on her and asked Froilan why he seemed interested to know who she was. Froilan said he was just curious.


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