The Stepdaughters Episode 55

The Stepdaughters Episode 55 Jigs interferes with Mayumi’s search for Luisa, Mayumi finally accepts Luisa’s supposed death

Isabelle talked to her lawyer at the police station. The lawyer said Isabelle could face a six month jail sentence for the coercion charge. Isabelle said she didn’t want to go to prison and her lawyer told her that the charge was bailable.

They however couldn’t process the bail since it was a Friday and the offices would be closed until Monday. Isabelle therefore had to be locked up. Mayumi went to see Isabelle in prison and told her that she belonged there for everything she had done. Isabelle said she would retaliate by having Mayumi imprisoned instead. Mayumi however laughed at her since there was nothing she could do then.

Francis got a call from the officials at Dumaguete and they told him that an unidentified woman was found in one of the islands. Francis told Mayumi and they left to see if the woman was Luisa. Isabelle’s lawyer told Isabelle that Mayumi left to look for her mother at an Island called Santa Lazaro.

Isabelle had hidden a phone under her armpits so she called Jigs and told him to find Luisa at the Island before Mayumi did. She asked him to make sure Luisa was dead.
When Mayumi and Francis arrived at Santa Lazaro, they were shown the body of the person who was found and Mayumi was able to confirm that it wasn’t Luisa.

The officers told them to ask the locals since a lot of people were washed up along the shores of the island. They asked a vendor and he told them that a woman with wounds had been found a few days before. He told them that she was taken to a hospital ran by the nuns so Mayumi and Francis went to the hospital.

The nuns asked Grace, the person taking care of Luisa to go and report it at the police station. On the way, Grace ran into Mayumi. Mayumi told Grace that she was looking for her mother but couldn’t find a picture of her fast enough to show it to Grace. Grace had to leave for the police station to report the incident.

When Grace arrived at the police station, Jigs was already there. He asked a friend of his who was an officer to help him look for Luisa. Grace thought he looked suspicious since he had a gun with him so she didn’t report finding Luisa. She returned to the hospital and told the nuns that she made the report.

Francis and Mayumi arrived at the hospital to ask about Luisa. Mayumi had to go to the bathroom so Francis was the one who met Grace. He showed her a picture of Luisa but Grace was suspicious that he might be working with Jigs so she told him that she hadn’t seen her.

When Mayumi was leaving the bathroom, she overheard the nuns talking about the patient they found. Mayumi went to check thinking it was Luisa but it was a different person. Francis also told her that no one had seen Luisa there. Mayumi was devastated for not finding her and Francis advised her to accept that Luisa was gone but Mayumi found it hard to accept.

She told him that she would continue to search the surrounding islands.
In prison, Isabelle fought with her fellow inmates. They were streetwalkers that Isabelle had insulted before so they beat her up. Nikki and Ariana were worried because Isabelle had to attend an award ceremony but Isabelle said she could cover up the bruises with make up.

As Mayumi slept, she dreamt about Luisa telling her to go back home and continue with her life. In the morning, she told Francis that her mother might really be gone because she had a dream about Luisa asking her to let go and go on living her life.


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