The Stepdaughters Episode 8

The Stepdaughters Episode 8 Isabelle fires Mayumi over fear of losing Francis to her

Francis and Mayumi went to the eatery and both ordered noodles. He used the opportunity to apologise for his mean words to Mayumi and made it clear that Isabelle and him had nothing going on between them.

Francis asked Mayumi that they should call it a truce and become friends. In accepting the apology and the friendship, Mayumi offered to pay for the noodles as a way to apologise.

Hernan went to see Luisa and she told him that she was going to visit Mario’s grave. Hernan went with her and thanked Mario for everything he had done for her. The following day at work, Francis stayed with Mayumi to supervise her work. Mayumi told him it was okay for him to ask someone else but Francis said he didn’t mind.

During lunchtime, they agreed to meet at the noodle eatery and eat together. Francis went to his office to get something and saw Isabelle waiting for him. Isabelle asked him to have lunch with her at a new restaurant but Francis refused since he had other plans.

Mayumi was about to order her own food since Francis hasn’t showed up yet, while she was placing the order Francis arrived. He asked for a bowl too and Mayumi was surprised that he knew the owner. He told her that he was a regular customer there. From their chitchat, both realised that they had humble backgrounds.

Isabelle saw them as she drove out for lunch with Daphne and was appalled that Francis declined her invitation to go out with Mayumi. She waited for Mayumi to come back and told him to stay away from Francis. Mayumi told her not to worry since she was not interested in him.

Hernan went to see Luisa and invited her and Baby to see his Coco farm. They were impressed to see how highly the workers thought of Hernan. Hernan showed them the trucks he had named after Mario. He said that he wanted to remember Mario, Luisa now concluded that she was mistaken to question Hernan’s intentions before. Luisa teased him for being gay but Hernan flirted with her by saying he could prove to her that he wasn’t.

Later, they had a drink and reminisced together. They talked about their children and Hernan expressed his admiration for Luisa. He went as far as k!$$ing her but Luisa pulled away and slapped him. She left in a hurry with Aunt Baby and refused to get a ride from Hernan.

Francis went to see Mayumi in the lab and she asked him to go home as she was done with her work. Mayumi got startled after a noise broke in the area. She suddenly jumped into Francis’s arms. He asked her what was wrong and Mayumi said she was afraid of rats. Francis laughed and teased her as he left.

Isabelle saw the two of them and attacked Mayumi again after Francis left. She warned Mayumi to stop fl!rting with Francis and accused her of being a gold digger just like her mother. Mayumi made it clear that her mother was not interested in Hernan but Isabelle would not listen.

She smeared Mayumi’s face with a test product hoping to ruin her face. Mayumi poured powder on Isabelle and they engaged in a brawl, pulling each other’s hair. After she left, Isabelle vented her anger on her friends. She told them about Mayumi and they said that Francis probably liked her. Isabelle however said she wouldn’t let anyone take Francis away from her.

When she reached home, Luisa told Mum Baby that Hernan k!$$ed her and Mum Baby deduced that Hernan liked her. Luisa thought thought otherwise since Hernan was induced by a drink. She requested Baby to keep what she told her as secret.

Hernan also revealed his k!$$ with Luisa to his friends, he admitted that he liked her. Isabelle walked in and asked who her father liked. They told her that he liked a new business that he was planning to invest in. Isabelle then announced that she would be firing Mayumi.

Hernan asked Isabelle of her problem and she shifted the blame on Mayumi, saying she attacked her at the office. Isabelle went on to say that Mayumi was fl!rting with Francis but Hernan said he would hear Mayumi’s side first. He would not fire her due to petty reasons.

The following day at work, Isabelle fired Mayumi but Mayumi refused to go, claiming only Hernan could fire her. Isabelle pushed her and Francis saw them. He intervened in order to stop Isabelle and asked what was going on. Mayumi told him that Isabelle was firing her since she saw them hugging.

Mayumi insisted that Francis was not her type and Isabelle did not need to feel threatened. Isabelle said she could never compete with her and pushed her again. Hernan arrived and asked Isabelle to quit her mean act.


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