The Stepdaughters Highlights Episode 21-25

The Stepdaughters Highlights Episode 21-25 Mayumi and Francis start dating, Luisa discovers Hernan’s dirty secret amidst her pregnancy 

Bryce seeks the help of Sasha to settle Mayumi and Francis’ differences but things didn’t go as planned. Isabelle follows Francis to the restaurant where he is supposed to meet Mayumi.

After Mayumi finds the presence of Isabelle at the restaurant, she leaves to a different bar with Sasha unnoticed. Francis who is stunned to see Isabelle makes an excuse using his grandmother. He is bent on straightening his crooked relationship with Mayumi so he leaves to find her.

Isabelle later finds out that Francis lied to her concerning the health condition of his grandma and also learns that his grandma has no date with Francis. This makes Isabelle grows suspicious of Francis.

Meanwhile, Luisa feels insecure after discovering photos of Hernan on Daphne’s phone. She confronts Daphne and the latter denies having any feelings for Hernan. Luisa talks to Hernan to fire her. Hernan refers to the issue as trivial and refuses to grant his wife’s wish.

Elsewhere, Isabelle enlists Mayumi’s help to find the woman Francis is seeing but Mayumi refuses to help her as Francis has already confessed to Mayumi that she is the only woman in his life.

Since Mayumi fails to respond to his proposal, Francis confide in Bryce and Bryce advised him to find the reason Mayumi is giving him attitude. Hernan has a meeting and Luisa shows up due to Daphne. Daphne uses the moment to get Luisa more jealous of her and Hernan.

Daphne intentionally drops a drink on Hernan and tries to clean it but Luisa stops her. Luisa follows Daphne to a washroom to warn her to stick to her clerical duties while she also sticks to her duties as Hernan’s legal wife. Daphne after the meeting pretends to have injured her leg just to get Hernan’s attention. Hernan carries her inside her car and this irritates Luisa more.

In the house, Luisa speaks against Hernan’s action of carrying Daphne. Hernan makes up with her while assuring her that he has no heart for Daphne. Soon, the cat and mouse play by Francis and Mayumi comes to an end as an incident makes Mayumi confesses her true feelings for Francis and accepts his proposal.

Meanwhile, Isabelle learns how jealous Luisa felt and fuels it more when she plans with Daphne and tells Luisa that Daphne and Hernan had been locked in the office. Luisa rushes there to find the two and slaps Daphne for flirting with her husband. The two women fight and Daphne gets scared that she might lose her job. Isabelle assures to watch her back for them to pursue their plans.

Francis tries to open up to Hernan about his relationship with Mayumi but rescinds on his decision when Isabelle appears there. Mayumi also tells him not to tell Hernan for the time being. She and Francis agree to meet at their favourite noodles joint but Francis is forced to change plans at the eleventh hour. Later, Mayumi finds Isabelle trying to make l0ve to the unconscious Francis.

Eventually, Hernan demotes Daphne. Soon after, Daphne overhears Hernan confessing on phone to Joel about the lottery Mario won which he enriches himself with the fortune. Daphne decides to use this as a weapon to separate Luisa and Hernan.

She sets a trap and Luisa falls in. Luisa confronts Hernan for stealing her husband’s fortune while she and her daughter were at the peril of death. She packs out but Hernan manages to stop her. Luisa says everything Hernan has done for her and Mayumi can’t make up for the wrong he did them.

Mayumi is told by Luisa to pack her things and she discovered that her mom had an issue with Hernan and it happens after Daphne pays a visit to Luisa. Mayumi confronts Daphne and she denies being the reason. Daphne advises Mayumi to ask Hernan about the issue that triggered the feud.

Hernan explains his side of the story. He talks to Luisa for her not to leave, instead he will be the one to leave since he has two weeks trip to Singapore. He urges Luisa to use his absence to think clearly over the issue. Later, Mayumi, Luisa and Baby visit Mario’s grave. Mayumi leaves and she receives a call from Baby who tells her that Luisa faints and the doctor confirms that she is pregnant.

Baby explores chances to speak with Hernan but Daphne picks the call hearing it is baby, she ends the call. Mayumi manages to get through to Hernan to inform him that Luisa is at the hospital.

Hernan abandons his trip and gets to the hospital to be greeted with a good news that he will be a father. When he manages to settle his issue with his wife and they live happily, their happiness is short lived.

Mayumi finds Daphne’s secrets concerning her mother’s marriage to Hernan when she finds the marriage registration documents among Daphne’s things. Mayumi arranges a meeting with her mother and stepfather. Daphne returns from Singapore to discover the missing marriage certificate.

Isabelle reveals to her that Mayumi might have seen after she searches through Daphne’s things when she is looking for documents for the new Coco Lin products. They take desperate measures before the truth reaches Hernan. Daphne turns table against Hernan. Mayumi then confronts Hernan for stealing her father’s wealth.

She also reveals to her mother that her marriage is not registered and she is not the wife. After putting the pieces together and finds the hand of Daphne in his marital problem, Hernan fires her even when Daphne confesses her feelings for him.

Luisa refuses to leave the mansion with Mayumi and talks to her daughter to listen to Hernan’s explanations as well but Mayumi’s mind is made up. Luisa soon faints and is rushed to the hospital. What will happen next?
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