The Stepdaughters Highlights Episode 26-30

The Stepdaughters Highlights Episode 26-30 Francis’ brother runs Luisa over during her wedding, Luisa pronounced crazy after her miscarriage

Mayumi takes the bold decision to pack out from the Salvadors’ mansion. She also resigns from Coco Lin to start her own beauty business and makes her relationship with Francis formal. Even though Hernan is not in support of the relationship, he learns to respect the decision of the two l0vers.

Soon, the Salvador couple begin to shop for the baby they are welcoming. Hernan makes some set up in a room and buys a baby crib. This angers Isabelle and she makes a ploy with Daphne to make Luisa lose the pregnancy.

They hired an assassin to carry out the dubious plan but Luisa is saved. Daphne tries to lure Luisa to make her think she has regretted her action and poisoned a food to present to her as peace offering. Luisa is able to escape this death threatening trap once again when she throws the food on Daphne.

Mayumi grows suspicious of a delivery guy who has a pocket knife. During a shopping with Luisa and Isabelle, she encourages Luisa to have a CCTV camera in the house as she smells something fishy going on around her. Isabelle brushes off the idea and describes Mayumi’s action as paranoid.

Mayumi decides to go to the washroom. Unknown to her, Isabelle only escorts Luisa to the shop for baby shopping only to facilitate the way for she and Daphne’s hired assassin who earlier failed to make Luisa have a miscarriage carry on with the plan without mistake. Isabelle lures Luisa to a step and leaves her there for the assassin to push her. However, Mayumi hinders their evil plot when she arrives in time to save her mother.

The assassin rushes to inform Isabelle about his inability to carry out the order since someone arrives there. Setting eyes on the delivery guy again, Mayumi plans with Hernan to hire a bodyguard for Luisa to keep her safe. Isabelle who is against her father’s decision now is compelled to keep the plans under wraps and instructs the assassin to lay low as Mayumi is working against their plans.

Discovering Luisa will give birth to a boy, Hernan holds a gender announcement party to celebrate his wife and the unborn child. Fast Forward, Hernan pushes through with his wedding to Luisa. Mayumi who does not want to attend due to her rift with Hernan is convinced to attend.

A day to the wedding, Mayumi dreams about her mother losing her baby and it comes to past when Isabelle tricks Mayumi to give her a job to do since she did not help in the wedding preparations to facilitate a way for the assassin to run Luisa over with his motorcycle.

Mayumi returns to find her mother being run over by a man on a motorcycle. The doctor declares that Luisa has lost her baby and Hernan blames himself for his inability to protect his wife. When Luisa wakes up to the realisation of the news, she cries and suffers postpartum depression.

Soon, they hold a burial service for the lost child. Daphne attends to the service and a fight broke between Luisa and Daphne. Mayumi drives Daphne out since she suspects Daphne being the brain behind the lost child but Daphne denies. Mayumi later advises her stepfather to seek a psychological assistant for her mother to overcome the pain of loosing a child.

After the blame games between the affected family members, the police finally obtains a footage of the incident but could not identify the rider since the motorcycle is unlicensed.

Elsewhere, Francis’ grandma bumps into the assassin, and he turns out to be Francis’ missing brother, Froilan who escapes the house during childhood due to his peculiar character. Froilan fails to respond to his grandma, pretending as if he did not know her and left. The old woman arrives home to tell Francis about seeing his brother.

During a session with a psychiatrist, Luisa is diagnosed of postpartum depression. The psychiatrist says Luisa needs to be treated with urgency otherwise she will go crazy. Isabelle who is excited with the news informs Daphne and they hatch a new plan to make Luisa go completely crazy.

As part of the plan, Isabelle tries to get along with Mayumi and asks her to stay in Salvadors’ mansion to help Luisa recover. Daphne hands over some drugs to Isabelle to counter Luisa’s medication in making her go mad in order for Hernan to leave her. Isabelle mixes the drugs with ice-cream for Luisa and forces her to eat it. During a party thrown by Mayumi for her mother, the insanity nature of Luisa surfaces and she drives all her friends away, acting all weird.

She begins to carry dolls and acts insane. Baby becomes worried and thinks the medicine the doctor prescribed is not good for Luisa but Mayumi doubted. Soon, Isabelle tries to force Luisa to take the drugs but Luisa fights with her. Hernan and Mayumi rushes there after hearing the commotion. Isabelle acts as the victim but Luisa insists that Isabelle is forcing her to take some drugs. Isabelle refers to her as insane and urges no one to believe her.

As Mayumi remains with her mother to calm her, Luisa voices out the truth to Mayumi and Mayumi finds some of the drugs on the floor since some fell during Luisa’s fight with Isabelle. Mayumi tells Sasha about her discovery of the drugs Isabelle has been forcing Luisa to take which were not part of the prescribed medication. Sasha advises her to alert Hernan but Mayumi says she will wait and find more compelling evidence against Isabelle before taking a step in dealing with her.

Elsewhere, Francis comes around an officer who has an helmet similar to the one that the motor rider who caused Luisa’s miscarriage had. He gains a lead to the culprit only to discover that the culprit has a scar which his long lost brother, Froilan has. Froilan launches an attack on Francis and Bryce stops him reminding him that Francis is his junior brother but Froilan denies being his brother. What is next? Will Isabelle find out about Mayumi’s secret investigation against her?

How far will the insanity of Luisa ruin her relationship with her Hernan? Will Froilan expose Isabelle and Daphne? Subscribe to the site for your daily update.


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