The Stepdaughters Highlights Episode 41-45

The Stepdaughters Highlights Episode 41-45 Isabelle hypnotised Luisa against Mayumi, Froilan lands in trouble as his crimes get exposed

Isabelle finds Mayumi as nuisance and gets her arrested for trespassing. After her release, Mayumi works to obtain a search warrant to facilitate the process for the police to search the Salvadors’ property for Luisa. The search proves futile since Froilan leaks the search information to Isabelle for her to hide Luisa in a freezer.

However, Mayumi finds a beacon of hope when Hernan blinks twice to her question of Luisa being hold as captive in the house. Sasha and Francis put the house under surveillance but Isabelle discovers and rolls out another vicious plan to escape the crouches of Mayumi.

In order to make Luisa hates Mayumi, Isabelle makes a decision to get the crazy woman hypnotised. Meanwhile, Mayumi’s beauty company expands amidst all the tragedies revolving around her life.

As the hypnotherapy is on going, Sasha discovers where Isabelle is holding Luisa as captive and informs Mayumi. Mayumi confronts Isabelle for kidnapping Luisa but Isabelle denies the accusations.

As the two confront eachother, Luisa faints and Mayumi rushes her to the hospital. There, Luisa wakes up and seems not to recognise Mayumi. She chooses to go home with Isabelle instead of Mayumi.

Soon, Mayumi stumbles on a suspicious jacket in the hands of Francis but her boyfriend feels she is disturbed due to her mother’s issue. Later, Froilan confronts Francis for wearing his jacket. Worried that he will be held responsible for Luisa’s condition, Froilan quickly burns the jacket into ashes.

Bryce smells something fishy about Froilan’s act. He believes the scoundrel is getting rid of a piece of evidence and plans to pack out. Mayumi drags Isabelle to court to fight for the custody of her mother due to her insanity. She is left dumbfounded when the court denies her the custody, claiming her mother is completely sane.

Luisa throws plenty accusations against her daughter during the court hearing, making Mayumi falls on her knees to plead with her. Luisa chooses to stay with Isabelle and Mayumi cries over the dreadful decision of her mother.

Fast forward, Isabelle throws a birthday party for Luisa and Joel who travelled returns to grace the occasion only to discover that Luisa is acting like robot. He tries to turn the woman’s negative mentality she has about her daughter and Isabelle comes in between to drag Luisa to the washroom.

Mayumi gatecrashes the party with Baby and Sasha and is told by Joel that Luisa is acting strange. Luisa stumbles on a girl which makes her recalls her memory about Mayumi.

At the party, Mayumi finds Froilan’s accomplice and alerts Francis. Francis recognises the guy as Froilan’s friend and rushes to the house to confront Froilan. Since he can’t hide the truth anymore, Froilan comes clean with his family.

Meanwhile, Mayumi reports the scoundrel to the police and they make cartography of him. She rushes to Francis’ house to return Francis phone only to find him arguing with his brother. Francis decides to keep the truth about his brother under wrap from Mayumi.

Isabelle observes that Luisa is changing her attitude so she obtains a lighter to turn the woman into her hypnotic state. Later, Mayumi finds her mother and gets close to her. Luisa attempts to burn the face of Mayumi and Froilan who drops by the Salvadors’ mansion to alert Isabelle about Francis knowing the truth stumbles on the mother and daughter’s fight.

His decision to save Mayumi sends him into trouble as Luisa’s accusations against Froilan opens the eyes of Mayumi. She later finds out from Bryce that Froilan might be the one who ran over Luisa. She confirms the accusations when she visits the house of Francis to discover the secret the family is keeping.

Shuttered by her boyfriend’s action, Mayumi warns him against getting closer to her. The grandmother of Francis takes the blame, saying she is the one who stops Francis from betraying his brother yet that did not deter Mayumi from threatening to get Froilan behind bars.


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