The Stepdaughters Highlights Episode 46-50

The Stepdaughters Highlights Episode 46-50 Isabelle k!lls Joel to cover up her crime, Mayumi saves Luisa and obtains evidence against Isabelle

Mayumi is disappointed in Francis for hiding the evil deeds of Froilan from her. As Grandma Felly tries to talk Froilan to turn himself in, Froilan prepares to go at large.

Soon, Mayumi arrives at the mansion with the police but Froilan has already escaped. Mayumi vents her anger on Francis for making his brother escape.

In his hideout, Froilan runs out of money and seeks help from Isabelle. Isabelle discovers that Froilan is the brother of Francis and he is the one who sets Mayumi free. Realising the relationship between Francis and Mayumi has hit the rocks, Isabelle decides to seduce Francis to rekindle their old relationship.

Elsewhere, Froilan runs out of luck as someone hints the police for seeing him at a bus station. He tries to escape by using a third party as a bait to flee, unfortunately Mayumi bumps into him and hit him from behind, pointing his gun at him.

Mayumi advises him to turn himself in and she will help reduce his sentence if he mentions the names of his accomplices but Froilan is hellbent on running. He is shot but that did not deter him from escaping. Later, the arraignment of Daphne to court was cancelled and Mayumi broke up with Francis giving more room for Isabelle to carry on with her plans. Francis later resigns from Mayumi’s company to keep his distance.

Luisa breaks from the hypnosis and makes an attempt to get reunited with her daughter but Isabelle crushes her dreams once again to bring back to her hypnotic state. While keeping eye on Isabelle, Joel discovers that Isabelle is nullifying the will of her father.

During an outing with Francis, Bryce and Nikki, Isabelle manages to get the drunk Francis to the house and in a compromising situation takes pictures and shows them to Mayumi the following day. This leads to an altercation between Francis and Mayumi.

After dreaming about Mario, Luisa once again breaks loose from the hypnotic control. She enlists the help of Joel to meet her daughter but their schedule meetings receives hitches as Joel witnesses Isabelle hypnotising Luisa and confronts her about everything he has found out about her.

Isabelle tries to stop Joel from ratting her out and calls Jigs, Froilan’s friend and give the rendezvous place to him. Fortunately, Joel is able to meet Mayumi to reveal everything he discoverd, however the henchman shot him. Mayumi rushes Joel to hospital but died and the two step sisters fight.

During Joel’s wake, Mayumi is not allowed in as Isabelle incites Joel’s wife against Mayumi. Fast forward, Mayumi seeks help in order to treat her mother. As fate will have it, Mayumi in the company of Sasha discovers that the doctor who has been hypnotising her mother is the same doctor they are going to seek his help. They hid for Isabelle to leave with Luisa before they enter into the doctor’s office.

There the doctor steps out after taking the profile of Mayumi and Sasha. The two change their names and gets a chance to retrieve the data of Luisa on the doctor’s laptop. The doctor meets Isabelle out and she says she left something at his office and they return so Mayumi and Sasha hide in a washroom.

Learning about all the deeds of Isabelle while in the bath house, Mayumi feels so sad for her mother. They manage to leave the doctor’s room and show the videos of how the doctor carried out the hypnosis and things he did to poison the mind of Luisa against Mayumi. While Mayumi is seeking means to get Luisa from Isabelle, Isabelle also strives to get the attention of Francis.

Soon, Isabelle goes out with Luisa and Sasha and Mayumi who were tailing them pull a fast one on Isabelle to get Mayumi to use the advice she gains from doctor David to get someone from hypnotic control to trigger the memory of Luisa in realising herself. Isabelle fights with Sasha, before she is able to get to Luisa, the woman is now reasoning properly and accuses Isabelle for torturing her.

Isabelle tries to use the lighter but Sasha used her leg to kick the lighter from her hand. Mayumi returns to the house with her mother and is happy that her mother is okay. Luisa learning about everything she has been doing to Mayumi apologises while Isabelle receives a bad news that the nullification of the inheritance did not work. Isabelle is shuttered thinking about her next move against Mayumi and her mother.


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