The Stepdaughters Highlights Episode 51-55

The Stepdaughters Highlights Episode 51-55 Jigs shoots Luisa and Mayumi, Isabelle is arrested

Mayumi plans to travel with Luisa to get her treated. However, Isabelle puts the two under run as she orders Jigs to finish off Luisa and Mayumi for the fear of them sending her to join Daphne in prison.

Jigs finds a way to locate Mayumi but he is held aback since the security of Mayumi’s Beauty Cosmetics is so tight. He discovers that Mayumi is on leave and manages to f00l a delivery guy by posing off as Mayumi’s worker to gets the item the delivery guy is delivering to Mayumi’s house.

As the maid servant of the place denies knowing Mayumi’s, Jigs believes he is in a wrong house. Fortunately or unfortunately, he sees Mayumi and her mother in a car and he follows. Unknown to him, Francis and Bryce have seen him and Francis knocks Jigs from his motorcycle but the criminal gets away.

Francis believes Isabelle is behind the act and plans to befriend her to gather evidence against her, while warning Bryce not to inform Mayumi that she is being followed since he believes his intervention has saved Mayumi and Luisa. Not aware that fortune is smiling at Isabelle with the presence of Marigold at the airport who informs Isabelle about Mayumi and Luisa’s current location.

Isabelle meets her henchman and pays him to go after the target in the new location. Jigs, although, had some difficulty in locating Luisa and Mayumi, he finally discovers that they are all lodged in the same hotel.

He makes his way close to Luisa when the woman is alone. Luisa recalls Jigs face and screams for the presence of Mayumi. Mayumi had a help from the security and she manages to escape into a ship to Cebu. Unknown to Mayumi and Luisa, Jigs finds them and also board same ship to finish them off after he threatens a fisherman to take his boat and went after the ship.

Luisa is dizzy due to sea sickness so Mayumi goes out in an attempt to get her medicine but spotted the henchman. She runs back inside to hide with her mother. Mayumi receives a call from Sasha and she whispers while talking to her that her life is under threat. However, Jigs finds her and threatens to k!ll Luisa first and find his way with Mayumi before k!lling her. Luisa pleads him to k!ll only her and leave her daughter.

A call from Isabelle distracts Jigs and Mayumi hits his head with an object and flees with her mother with a floater to jump off the the ship but Jigs recovers and sh00t the two while they were jumping. Elsewhere, Sasha informs Francis about the call with Mayumi and Francis suspects that Jigs has gotten hold on Mayumi and he cancels his date with Isabelle to go to Dumaguete.

Unfortunately, Isabelle overhears the flight announcement and deduces that Francis is going to help Mayumi. While celebrating the death of her enemies, Isabelle is stricken with grief when news reveals that Mayumi is washed ashore and she is found wounded but alive while her mother has gone missing.

She scolds Jigs for the bad job and warns him to find Luisa before anyone does. As the search for Luisa proves futile and the divers find the floater of Luisa, Mayumi is now convinced that her mother is dead and blames herself for her inability to save her. Francis and Mayumi return to Manila to find Isabelle holding a wake for Luisa.

Mayumi finds Isabelle act as bizarre but Isabelle hides behind Hernan as she uses her father as the reason for the the service she held for her stepmother. Her lies at the funeral pisses Mayumi off so she accuses her for the attack that has led to her mother’s death and Isabelle denies the accusations. Mayumi had to leave since she mistakenly kicks Hernan down from the wheelchair.

Soon, Coco Bella begins to lose some investors as they pull their investment due to bad brand image. Since her company is not doing well on the market, Isabelle tries to get her name in an awards to win investment but her plans get crushed down when Mayumi arrives the Salvadors mansion with police to get Isabelle arrested for coercion. She has used the hypnosis videos as her evidence.

Meanwhile, Froilan who is living a simple life as a deliverer on a certain Island receives information from some nuns about a certain woman who is washed ashore and found by them. Froilan is anxious to know the person the nuns are keeping in their hospital. The lawyer of Isabelle couldn’t get bail for her since it was Friday and she is told that the coercion charge could make her spend six months of her life in prison.

Isabelle desperately tells her lawyer to get her out. Later, Mayumi visits her and swears to make her pay for everything she has done against her family but Isabelle vows to ensure she will go scot free and gets Mayumi behind bars. Francis receives good news from the police in Dumaguete concerning Luisa.

Mayumi and Francis leave Manila to find Luisa at Santa Lazaro but Isabelle has a plan on her own which hinders Mayumi’s search for her mother after learning from her lawyer what Mayumi and Francis are up to. Isabelle has sent Froilan to Santa Lazaro and a nun who is sent to report about Luisa at the precinct finds Jigs asking about Luisa. Seeing a gun on Jigs, she concludes that he is a bad person and fails to report.

The nun rushes back to the hospital and finds Francis who is also searching for Luisa and fails to tell him since she believes he will be part of the bad gang. Mayumi returns from the washroom to find no news about her mother. A dream she had about her mother influences her decision to halt her search and return home.

Meanwhile, Isabelle is brutalised in the cell as she meets a familiar person who she has insulted before. Nikki is however worried since the bruises can make it impossible for her to attend the award event. Isabelle is optimistic that a touch of makeup could cover her bruises.


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