The Stepdaughters Highlights Episode 56-60

The Stepdaughters Highlights Episode 56-60 Froilan helps Grace to hide Luisa from Jigs, Mayumi beats Isabelle in countless competition to collapse Coco Bella

Froilan stumbles on Jigs at the Island and the latter reveals his mission to his friend. Froilan then visits the hospice to convince Grace to introduce him to the woman that she is keeping. Seeing her, Froilan confirms she is Luisa and realises Grace kept her identity from those searching for her.

Elsewhere, Isabelle is released and carries out her dubious plot to illegally acquire an award to uplift Coco Bella’s image but Sasha records a video of her bribery act with the Pioneers Ball Awards organiser.

Mayumi who has returned from her trip is convinced by Sasha to attend the awards. At the grand event, Mayumi and Sasha blackmails the organiser to leak the video if the rightful person is not given the award.

Before the organiser could make changes, Isabelle is named as the recipient, however, they termed her award as a mistake as Mayumi is the real winner. This leads to an altercation between the two and Mayumi exposes Isabelle. On the Island, Grace discovers Jigs connection with Froilan and scolds him.

Soon, The charges against Isabelle is dropped and Mayumi feels sad for her inability to get Isabelle behind bars. In Santa Lazaro, Luisa wakes up and Grace reveals to her that there are people after her life and needs to conceal her identity.

Luisa poses off with a name Lydia. Grace also advises her to recover before talking to her daughter after she scribbles a contact line from online believing to be that of Mayumi’s but the line did not go through.

Jigs overhears from the hospice that there is someone who is washed ashore and the person is in the grasp of Grace so the henchman senses that Froilan is keeping something from him and makes Grace his target.

Froilan offers help to Grace and Luisa to escape from Jigs who is after them. In order to get his friend out of the back of Luisa, Froilan decides to foil Jigs plans by making him believe he will help him find Luisa. Froilan has already promised Luisa to ensure her safety to prove that he has repented from his crimes.

Mayumi manages to get her name in Zoraya’s competition for beauty cosmetic firms and Isabelle is upset to see her competitor part of the Programme. Zoraya is a renowned model who returns from the state an Isabelle plans to use her to save her company from collapsing. Mayumi knows her as her former classmate but she doesn’t recognise her.

During the day of the competition, Isabelle tries to get Mayumi from her back and pays someone to sabotage her. Mayumi and her staff engage in an accident but she manages to get to the event with Sasha. Although her beautician at the eleventh hour abandons her since Isabelle offers him a better deal.

While staying with Grace, Luisa takes care of her Samaritan when the latter falls sick and the lady is happy to finally have someone who she could call a mother. Froilan has advised them to flee from the Island due to the henchman so Grace goes to borrow money while Luisa sells her ring.

Jigs is hell bent on finding the woman who is washed ashore. He tails Grace and compels her to reveal the identity of the person but Grace lied, saying the woman is her friend and she is dead. Froilan convinces Jigs to leave the place when his search for Luisa proves futile. He then proceeds to call Francis to inform him of finding Luisa.

They arrange to meet in Dumaguete instead of Santa Lazaro. At Zoraya’s competition, both Isabelle and Mayumi make it to the final round. To determine the winner, their final task is to apply make up on Zoraya. Isabelle and her glam team are first to apply the make up on Zoraya to give her a chic look that she l0ved.

Meanwhile, Mayumi and Sasha leave their station for a while. This enables Nikki and Ariana to pour water on their makeup to get them out. Mayumi cries in the bathroom, unknown to her, Zoraya discovers how Isabelle is sabotaging and gives Mayumi another chance to redeem herself. Jenjen, a lady who uses Mayumi’s product to win a pageant presents Mayumi her makeup pack which is with her.

Zoraya is impressed by the natural look factor, an exceptional concept and Mayumi is emerged the winner of the competition. Isabelle is left heartbroken. Fast forward, Hernan discovers that Coco Bella is collapsing under Isabelle’s management as many investors have already pulled out while the company is suffering bad brand image.

Elsewhere, the escape of Luisa and Grace to Manila greets with a setback as all efforts by Froilan to keep them away from Jigs keeps crumbling. Jigs who is informed by Isabelle that his presence is needed in Manila board a ship.

Froilan tries to text Francis to inform him about Jigs present at the port but Jigs snatches away his phone. The phone battery is dead so Jigs is unable to read the text. While preparing to board the ship, someone shoves Jigs and he stumbles on Luisa who is in disguise.


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