The Way To Your Heart Episode 36

The Way To Your Heart Episode 36 Unknown assailants attack the Samonte family

Vince and Lucas spoke and the former threatened Lucas not to do anything that would sabotage his political career. He threatened to get Gracie in his messy revenge should Lucas go against his words to reveal the truth to Onay.

After his “messy-encounter” with Vince, Lucas went away with his daughter, Gracie. In the house, he warned his daughter against Vince, although Gracie was confused by her father’s warnings since Vince was like Lucas’ brother and an uncle to her but she accepted to heed to Lucas’advice.

Imelda arrived and asked Gracie to change herself as it was getting late. Vince however, was still consumed with fury when he arrived home.

Lucas drunk to get over his worries but his conscience would not allow him to deal with the pain he caused Onay by raping her. As the flashback of Onay’s pains strike his mind he could not give his wife the needed attention when she got close. He then left to speak with his driver.

Meanwhile, someone was tailing him. He drove to Onay’s house to find her sweeping the compound. The one who was tailing him called Vince to inform him that Lucas was at Onay’s house.

Onay sat down with Lucas to listen to what he had to say. Lucas offered her money due to the recent crises Onay’s family was passing through but she returned his money.

Attorney Lucas said she would need it most and was ready to help her and her family. Lucas got home and Imelda welcomed him with a k!ss and ushered him to the dinning table.

At school, Maila came across Oliver and he spoke with her but Natalie came to ruin their conversation so Maila walked out and Oliver followed suit.

As Helena was picking up Natalie, Imelda arrived and she expressed concern about Oliver leaving Natalie so Helena asked her not to keep defending and hailing her son.

Later, Helena came to the house of Onay with Natalie just to insult them. She screamed their name, calling out for war for shielding a crime. Dante quickly hid himself before being caught by his new employer. The family went out to face Helena and Helena picked up a fight with Onay’s mother, Nelia.

However, Helena’s bodyguard tried to stop the two old women from fighting but Natalie who was standing with a bandaged hand threw a tantrum.

Meanwhile, in Lucas’ house some unscrupulous killers raided the place to teach Lucas a lesson. They shot the family while they were eating at dinning. Lucas and his family went for cover, they hid somewhere safer.

After the unfortunate incident, Gracie was sent to hospital with the family ensuring her safety. Imelda asked Lucas whether he knew anything about the shooting incident; If he had done something wrong or had engaged in any illegal transaction which had caused the family’s safety.

Lucas recalled Vince’s threat of ending the life of Grace should he inform Onay about the truth. He then denied his involvement in any shady dealings and said he was surprised by the incident. They relayed every information to the police for them to investigate and bring the culprit to book.

Lucas later visited Vince to vent his anger on him. Vince denied attacking his family. As he kept on with his lies, Lucas punched him, there a fight ensued. Vince punched him in return and Lucas’ mouth bled. Vince kept denying and left Lucas who warned him against any future attack on his family as that would make Vince lose his political career since he would not take it likely.

Elsewhere, Imelda met her secret l*ver. The two got more physical as they explored eachother’s body and hot spots in their l*ve making. Imelda was running out of time so the man sealed their last round with some k!sses and hot unforgettable $e×.

In the house, Nelia, Onay and her friend talked about Emman, the deceased. Onay wanted to have a clue that would lead her to unravel the truth and identity of her rapist.

Onay and her friend went to talk to a certain woman and she pretended not to know or have a clue of the scumbags who raped her since Vince had bribed her to tell lies. Onay pleaded with her to give her any information about Emman since he was her only link to her rapist.

After eavesdropping Vince talked with his accomplice for shielding him and made her promise to continue spewing lies to Onay.

Meanwhile, Imelda sent Oliver to school due to the shooting incident. She wanted to ensure her son and daughter were okay. As she said bye to her son and hugged him, she bumped into Helena who was sure that she would meet Imelda at the school.

Helena talked ail about the tiny little creature being a pest to Imelda’s family and their current problem. That, infuriated Imelda to search for Maila to give her a piece of her mind.

She then decided to tail Maila to confront her. Maila after listening to her threat and insult decided to walk away but Imelda pulled her back to stop her from walking out on her. Natalie and her friends came to meet the incident and she deemed it as her lucky day. She stood aloof to eavesdrop together with her friends.

Unfortunately for Imelda, her son appeared in the scene to save the l*ve of his life from his mother’s threat. Imelda asked Oliver to get to his class but Oliver would not have none of that. He would not leave Maila in his mom’s hands for her to keep maltreating her.

As the incident was turning into mom and son confrontation, Maila walked out and Oliver followed suit. Maila tried her best to keep her distance but Oliver wanted to rekindle his relationship with her.

He wanted to send Maila home but she did not look at him.

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