The Way To Your Heart Episode 39

The Way To Your Heart Episode 39 Natalie lays a death trap for Maila on sea

Natalie was so furious that her face had been injured. Maila seeing the magnitude of the harm, she said sorry to Natalie. Natalie’s friends asked Maila what she did to Natalie.

Maila kept saying sorry to her as Oliver ran upstairs to call for help for Natalie. Natalie attacked Maila again. A school nurse came to ask her for her to be in the treatment center for her to give her first aid.

Natalie injury was dressed and was scared that the injury on her face would leave a scar. She threatened to take her revenge. Oliver tried calming Maila. Lucas also came into the scene. Maila was worried since Natalie and her friends threatened to inform the authorities about the fight.

She was made aware that some of the students took footage of the fight and Maila was the starter of it. Maila was however, scared that the incident could lead to her to her expulsion but Lucas pledged his support.

Maila agreed with Oliver not to inform Onay about the incident. She knew Onay would be worried and wished to keep it from her. As they went outside to meet Onay, she noticed that Maila’s body was swollen and asked if Natalie did that to her.

Maila did not know how to lie to her mother, so Oliver interjected that Maila hit her hand on the door. Onay did not look convinced, Oliver asked of his leave as his dad was waiting for him.

Maila saw Oliver off and he advised her not to engage in a fight with Natalie. In the house, Onay and her daughter talked while Oliver also told Lucas how happy he was with Maila. Lucas said Maila deserved happiness.

Natalie got home and Helena asked what happened to her face. Helena was upset that Maila has laid hands on Natalie she said Maila and her family could not pay the hospital bills of Natalie and would rush there to teach them a lesson.

Natalie told her that they were in school when the incident happened so the nurse there treated the wound. Helena left the house with Natalie to confront Maila. Meanwhile, Maila was with her friend and she told her how sad she felt for what happened to Natalie.

Dante seeing Helena going with Natalie to the school, took the maid’s phone to call his family but it was not going through. Helena and Natalie reached the school. She questioned Maila for laying hands on Natalie. She told Maila that it was no news for her to be violent since she was the daughter of a rapist.

Suddenly, Maila’s eyes got heavy with tears. Helena attacked Maila and was beating her while Natalie was also fighting Maila’s friend, Kiana. Lucas came into the scene to save Maila.

Meanwhile, Dante has rushed home to inform Onay about Helena’s action taken against Maila in the school. Lucas held Helena so tight confronting her for insulting Maila but she insisted that Maila was the daughter of a criminal and she told her the truth.

Lucas was consumed with fury and was even hurting Helena for still spewing those mean words against the poor girl. He said Maila had nothing to do with her father’s action. Helena wondered why Lucas had become so emotional about the issue and asked:

“What is wrong with you.”

Oliver stayed over to calm Maila. Maila still could not fathom why Lucas always protected her. Oliver said his father had a soft spot for her and he also promised to protect her.

Natalie and her friends stayed behind to watch the two l*ve birds. Louise asked Natalie while she involved Helena. Natalie said her mom insisted on coming to confront Maila.

Her other friend advised her not to allow Maila to be happy with Oliver so she promised to take her revenge when Maila least expected. Helena had reached home and was informing her friend on what Lucas did to her.

Her friend asked her why she had to go between children issue. Helena convinced herself that her daughter was injured by Maila and had to confront her for what she did.

Onay came for Maila and was unhappy for what they did to her daughter. Maila said Sir Lucas defended her from the wrath of Helena and told Onay that she did not care about others opinion about her. She assured Onay that she was okay and they embraced.

Natalie’s friend arrived with a good news for Natalie about an event where Maila would be there for Natalie to exact her revenge.

As Maila was talking to Kiana, one of the school authorities came to inform Maila about an event at Batangas which she has to be part. Maila later went to the market to be with Onay and informed her about the function, adding that she was selected.

Oliver thanked Lucas for standing up for Maila and never knew he would go to such an extent to defend Maila. Lucas wondered if he even did well by putting Helena on her place. Oliver said he did well with his defence.

Lucas advised Oliver to see it as a duty to always protect Maila especially when Helena was around since he was Maila’s boyfriend. Oliver then promised to always protect Maila and ensure she was always safe.

In the Montenegro mansion, Natalie was in her room making a call and gathering her things, Helena went in there to talk to her to stay away from trouble and made Natalie promise to stay away from Maila or Oliver in order not to bring the family trouble.

Helena admitted she did not act right to spew those words against Maila infront of all the People. She knew that would land her in trouble especially when Lucas was involved.

The function would soon come on and the teachers told the students about it. As Maila and Kiana were gathering themselves they were told the function would start soon and had to be ready.

Elsewhere, Natalie and her friends were arriving with their luggages. She asked her friends support her in executing her evil plan against Maila but Louise was not in support of the plan. She was compelled by Natalie to either leave or support so she chose to support.

Oliver went to see Maila and was happy that she partook in the retreat. After he left, Maila and Kiana went to see on the bed a letter which demanded her to meet Oliver at the beach at 4:00pm.

She was so happy for that surprise and at the scheduled time she went to the meeting place where a lady ushered her into a yacht and blindfolded her, claiming Oliver wanted to surprise her.

As happy as she was, she did not protest since it was a surprise from her l*ver but unknown to her it was Natalie who planned that to exact her revenge on her.

Maila patiently waited on the yacht while Natalie and her friends took her on a ride on the sea. She had waited for long yet she did not seem to know what Oliver was doing so she brought the handkerchief a bit down to check what Oliver was doing. To her dismay, she rather saw Natalie and her friends riding her.

Maila became so scared as her eyes emitted fear.


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