The Way To Your Heart Episode 41

The Way To Your Heart Episode 41 Natalie faints while Maila gets saved on the Island 

At the Island, the missing girls tried sleeping but Natalie could not sleep. She apologised to Maila for everything she had done to her. She then gave her a self made bangle as a peace offering to make up for every evil thing she had done against her.

Maila was happy with the bangle and the fact that they had now sorted out their differences. They smiled as they layed close to eachother, taking warmth from eachother.

Helena attacked Oliver, warning him that should anything happened to Natalie she would hold him responsible. Onay interjected that Natalie was to be blamed for what had happened to Maila.

Meanwhile, Maila was shivering as she was sleeping so Natalie who was still unable to sleep embraced her. Natalie was not used to such environment and seemed her stomach was also hurting her. She woke Maila up that they needed to go find a place for her to ease herself.

Maila followed her to find a place. The family were still worried about the disappearance of the girls. Nelia prayed for Maila, suddenly Elvin’s picture fell and broke. As Natalie was easing herself, Maila also tried to set a fire and it was successful.

Helena set eyes on Dente and was going after him but her friend called her, prompting Dante, he fled. Helen did not see Dante so her friend asked her what she was searching for. She said it was as if she set her eyes on her driver there. Onay arrived there to confront her for what Natalie did.

Still Helena insisted that it was a mere accusations and Oliver said it was true. Helena insulted Maila and Onay would not allow that. A father appeared the scene to install peace.

As the girls were sitting by the fire, they heard some sound and believed there was a helper coming for them so Natalie left Maila running to meet or signal the person that they were taking shelter there.

She tripped and hit her head on the ground. Maila who was limping went to her aid but Natalie had collapsed. Maila cast her strength trying to revive her, she dragged her to the fire side. In Batangas, a prayer led by the father was said on behalf of the girls for God to usher them back home safely and sound. Back to the Island, Maila tried everything she could to bring Natalie back to life.

She searched for a herb to apply to the wound on Natalie’s forward. She layed her head on top of her while doing everything possible to ensure her sister do not die on her.

Maila began crying after all her efforts to reviver her were to no avail. It was cloudy, soon it would rain. Left all alone, thinking about Natalie she welt yet the more since she could not get a better place for herself and her sister. The were soaked in the rain.

Onay wept bitterly, Helena frustrated about the development, said they could not sit down like that and just pray without doing anything. Maila left to find a cover to shield them. Natalie started to respond and was shivering.

Oliver received a call from Lucas who told him that they were on their way to Batangas. Oliver told Lucas that still the girls had still not been found and blamed himself. Lucas said wether he was to be blamed or not they were on their way.

The adulterous mother of his said they would come for him from there but Oliver said he would ensure the girls were found before. After the call, Lucas told Imelda not to be heartless. Suddenly, their car broke down.

Maila was sad about Natalie’s situation, soon Natalie came to her senses and mentioned Maila’s name. Maila was so happy that Natalie could now talk. She helped her to sit properly. Her head was hurting, and her vision was blur.

Onay spoke to Nelia on phone and she told Onay about Elvin’s picture incident. Onay was still crying that there was still no news about the girl. Nelia advised her to be hopeful.

Onay came to meet Helena crying and offered her tissue but Helena said she was okay. Onay then sat next to her, Helena asked her why she did not find herself a corner to cry her own cry and had to be next to her. The two women cast aside their differences and began to listen to eachother and their pain concerning their respective children as they wipe their tears with the tissue.

Meanwhile, Natalie was shivering really hard and her condition was worsening. Her fever had ran high. Fortunately, Maila heard a voice calling out them and had to cast her strength to try going with Natalie but Natalie has passed out again making it hard for Maila to move her. Since she was also not fit, she layed Natalie there to go for help and come back for her. That is what she told Natalie before leaving.

Suddenly, Natalie woke up but could not see. The search team were leaving and Maila managed to reach them. Once she reached there and called for help, she fainted out of stress and the search team sent her away.

She woke up later and thanked them, she asked of Natalie and realised she was not with her. She told the people to turn back and search for Natalie as she needed help right away. The search team decided to drop her first they return to search for Natalie.

The search agents were not ready to turn back and asked her to calm down. Maila screamed for Natalie and wanted to turn back for her.

Natalie had also woken up and shouting Maila’s name. Natalie saw the bangle she gave to Maila as a peace offering and began crying as she recalled the moment she shared with Maila.

Natalie cried out Maila’s name. In Batangas, Helena was sill sobbing when Onay got to her to console her. Onay said she did not want to lose Maila and Natalie like how she lost Rosemarie and Elvin.

Helena knelt and asked if Onay would judge her, Onay said no. She said Natalie and Onay asked what about Natalie, suddenly Kiana and Oliver arrived to inform them that the search team had returned and asked to watch them coming.


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