The Way To Your Heart Episode 42

The Way To Your Heart Episode 42 Natalie becomes blind after a deserted life on the Island 

Natalie woke up and when she felt that Maila has failed her promise, she screamed Maila’s name. In Batangas, Helena was still sobbing when Onay got to her to console her. Onay said she did not want to lose Maila and Natalie like how she lost Rosemarie and Elvin.

Helena knelt and asked if Onay would judge her, Onay said no. She said Natalie and Onay asked what about Natalie, suddenly Kiana and Oliver arrived to inform them that the rescuers had returned and asked them to watch the rescuers coming.

Meanwhile, Maila cried for the search team’s inability to turn back for Natalie. She was unwilling to go without Natalie but they talked to her, promising her that they would go for Natalie once they deliver her to her parent.

On the Island, Natalie thought about Maila’s promise before leaving and could not think that she has left her all alone. She got upset and threw the bangle which she gave to her as a peace offering away.

Dante prayed for Maila to be found as he spotted rescuers arriving. The boat reached the shores and as both parents and friends were waiting to see both Maila and Natalie, to Helena’s dismay only Maila came out of the boat.

Onay rushed to hug her daughter and both shared tears. Natalie kept wondering on the Island shouting Maila’s name. Helena ran to the rescuers to ask of Natalie. The rescuers said she was not with them and she asked Maila where Natalie was.

Maila explained that Natalie was sick and even fainted but as she heard the rescuers voice she ran for them to rescue them and fainted in the process which made them rescue only her. She assured that she did her best to go with Natalie but Helena shouted that she hated Maila.

She called the rescue team incompetent and yelled at them to go and rescue Natalie. They assured her that they would not give up on Natalie and would rescue her as well. Mrs Lorenzo, the teacher tried to calm Helena. Onay also tried to calm her but she vented her anger on Onay.

Dante called Nelia to inform her that Maila has been found. Their family friend was happy that Maila was rescued. Dante said unfortunately for Helena Natalie was not found.

Maila was sent to her room and was given something to drink. Oliver wondered why Natalie would do such a thing all because of a boyfriend. Maila was not happy that she left Natalie behind since they have already reconciled.

Oliver told Kiana about his plans to join the rescue team to go and search for Natalie. He explained that Natalie and Maila had reconciled and Maila felt guilty for leaving Natalie behind, hence his reason to join the search party to rescue Natalie to ease Maila’s guilt. Oliver’s parents arrived and he ushered them in.

Maila talked to Onay about what they passed through on the island and how Natalie was seriously sick. Onay embraced her. Meanwhile, on the island Natalie kept wondering around calling out Maila’s name.

She cursed Maila beneath her breath. She had shouted all day and night. She lost strength and fainted. Oliver declared his intentions to follow the rescue team but his mother and Helena were not in support of it. Helena kept blaming him for Natalie’s omen.

Meanwhile, Maila was sitting at the shores lost in her thoughts thinking about the moment she shared with Natalie. Lucas joined her and talked to her to calm her nerves. Dante and Onay watched Lucas and Maila from a balcony. Dante was impressed about how Lucas treated Maila as his daughter. They were happy to see the scene.

As he was refrained from joining the rescuers, Oliver went to hide in the boat to keep his promise to Maila to join the rescuers. Helena also wanted to join but Agatha stopped her and advised her to allow the rescuers do their job. The rescuers later saw Oliver in the boat and he said he wanted to join them in finding his friend.

The driver of the Samontes informed them that Oliver was missing. They could not find him so Imelda rushed to Onay to vent her anger on her but Lucas stopped her.

The rescuers reached the Island and were going to find Natalie under the tree which Maila left her but found her unconscious on the sand. They rescued her and was sent back to Batangas.

Meanwhile, Helena was desperate as she was not ready to burry another child. Natalie’s situation reminded her of Elvin, however, Agatha had positive feelings that Helena would be reunited with Natalie.

As the boat was approaching, everyone went to stand at the shores waiting to see Natalie. They brought Natalie out and put her on a stretcher and quickly rushed her to hospital while Helena was urging Natalie to hang in there as she was right beside her.

Imelda confronted Oliver for defying her orders by going without informing her. Oliver told his mother not to worry since he just wanted to help.

Lucas was glad for what Oliver did while Oliver told Maila that he has fulfilled his promise and she should not worry or feel guilty anymore as Natalie would get well soon.

At the hospital, the doctor assured Helena that Natalie would be fine. She then got closer to Natalie and told her that she was proud of her for fighting the tragic incident and charged her to fight for her life.

Later, Natalie woke up and was having blur visions. The Matayogs had dinner and were happy. The next day, Wendy and Louise went to visit Natalie and gave her a gist on how other students were anxious to hear her tragic island story and how she survived. Her vision became more blurrier.

She started touching her eyes and Wendy asked, what was wrong, she said nothing. Suddenly, everything became dark and for a moment she thought Helena who just arrived had switched off the light.

Sensing a danger looming, Helena told Natalie’s friends to excuse them. Natalie insisted that Helena has switched off the light and Helena insisted that the light was on.

She said she was getting scared and Helena later called the doctor to examine her. The doctor flipped two fingers in the air and asked her what she see. She cried that she was not seeing what the doctor wanted her to see.

Meanwhile, Maila was worried about Natalie as her signal showed she was still at the hospital. She made it a point to visit Maila with Onay and Oliver. However, Nelia stopped them from going so Oliver decided to go first.

Natalie cried about her situation and Helena asked the doctor about her daughter’s situation whether it was serious or not. The doctor revealed that for the no images result it could be worse or permanent but promised to ensure Natalie get well.

Helena said she should not promise but act and was ready to fly her off to abroad or pay any amount to ensure Natalie regained her sight.


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