The Way To Your Heart Episode 43

The Way To Your Heart Episode 43 Lucas finds out about Imelda’s extra marital affair

The doctor said Natalie had a head injury and that affected her. Onay said she was going to visit Natalie with Maila and Oliver offered to drive them. Nelia talked to them against visiting Natalie based on Helena’s act.

The doctor told Helena that based on no images result, she would have to work and bring the images back on Natalie’s eyes. Helena asked how soon Natalie could see but the doctor said Natalie could see again or could end up permanently blind.

The doctor assured that she would do her best to make Natalie recover. Helena told her that she should not just promise but should act to bring back her daughter’s eye sight. She was willing to pay any amount for it or to send her abroad for treatment.

Onay and her daughter talked and Maila told her how she and Natalie had solved their differences. At the hospital, Natalie told Helena that she did not want to become disable and Helena said what matters was she being alive and assured that she would be fine.

Natalie threw a tantrum and stood up in fury but ended up falling. Helena helped her out and she told her about how Maila and her settled their differences, how she fell sick with Maila later promising her to return for her after gaining help.

Helena told her that Maila intentionally broke her promise, she saw that as an opportunity to abandon her to die there while she jumped onto Oliver without any hindrance. Natalie shouted that Maila was fake and Helena kept on turning her against Maila.

Meanwhile, Maila was worried about Natalie and called Oliver to ask him to go and pay Natalie visit. She later told Onay that she wanted to go and visit Natalie but Onay wanted her to obey her grandmother.

The next day at the hospital, Helena applied makeup on Natalie’s face. They heard a knock on the door and when Helena went to check, it was Imelda, Lucas and Oliver. Helena said Natalie was not in the mood to receive visitors.

Oliver told Helena that he brought a bouquet for Natalie and when he was about to give it to her, Natalie shouted whether it was Oliver and asked them to go in.

Lucas was glad to meet her and told her that Oliver was with the rescue team to rescue her. Oliver presented the bouquet to her and she got upset, saying Oliver presented something she could not see which meant that he was making fun of her.

Imelda said sorry and explained that their intentions were good and they never meant to be insensitive. Oliver also said sorry and Natalie said he said sorry because he wanted her to die since he had a chance to save her but opted for Maila.

Oliver told her that everything was initiated by her and did not understand the blame game. Lucas tried calming Oliver, insisting that it was not the right time.

Natalie then said Maila even abandoned her to die on the Island. Oliver said that was also not true as Maila wanted to go back for her. Natalie said as usual Maila was acting as the victim.

She shouted on Oliver and asked him to leave, he called him back that he left his flowers and she threw it away. Maila was at the hospital reception getting her details filled in the forms to see Natalie. She bumped in to the Samontes and Lucas warned her against seeing Natalie for the moment. He had a call and asked of his leave. He told Maila to think about what he said.

Onay asked Kiana of Maila. Maila before going to the hospital enlisted her friend’s help to use her name to tell her family that she was with her just to see Natalie. Onay squeezed the truth from Kiana and she revealed that Maila left to see Natalie.

At the hospital, Helena asked Natalie if she was now willing to give up on Oliver to Maila due to what she did against him. Natalie said she did not want Oliver anymore and Helena kept praising her daughter for what she did. She promised that they would take revenge against them for hurting her.

Onay called Maila not to go due to Helena but she insisted on going to see her. Imelda confronted Oliver for ruining their relationship with with Helena all because of Maila.

Imelda alighted on the way and called Mark to get her as the road was clear but Nelia who was in jeepney saw her and told her rider to wait. She caught Imelda being k!ssed by another man.

Maila explained her part of the story but Natalie said she did not want to hear anything and asked her to leave. She lamented that after risking her life for Maila she abandoned her while Maila kept saying sorry for what happened.

Natalie blamed her and shouted on her to leave. She even attacked Maila and told her if it was because of Oliver she would have left him for her. Natalie pushed Maila to leave so Maila tried calming her. Helena got in and blamed Maila. She accused her of attacking Natalie. She told Maila to leave since she had done enough damage.

She threw her out. Louise told Agatha that technically the incident which happened was Natalie’s fault but she shifted the blame on Maila since she hated her. Agatha said she did not want to be on the list of Helena’s enemies that was why she supported every idea of hers.

Dante was speaking with Nelia and Agatha came across him. Kiana and Sally reached the hospital to ask of Natalie’s ward and was told room 701.

Helena went out to find Maila standing there she held her neck and pushed her away. Kiana and Sally got there. Olive and Lucas got there too and advised Maila not to bother her head over Natalie.

Natalie and Helena arrived home after being discharged. As they were climbing the stairs, Natalie tripped and fell. The servant then helped her to climb up realising she was blind. Helena said it was out of stress that she was blind.

As they were going, Helena had a call and told the servant to go with Natalie while she pick her call. Agatha told her that her gardener was related to Nelia and she saw them together.

Lucas brought Maila home and Nelia revealed the extra marital affair of his wife to him. Helena hatched up a plan after knowing Dante’s identity. She gave him several months payment and told Dante he deserved it and should relax with his family for a while.

Imelda and Mark made l*ve and he told her that they should elope to the state. Onay still could not believe that Imelda was adulterous and even recalled her insult to her.

In the house, after his adulterous wife got home Lucas could not take his eyes of his wife as he kept thinking about what Nelia told him. Imelda did not like it when her husband kept watching her but Gracie found it cute. As they were chatting and eating dinner, her l*ver called her and she left to see him.

They made l*ve at the middle of the road, unbeknownst to her, Lucas followed her and he arrived with his car almost knocking them down and he began attacking his rival.

At the Matayog’s house, the police arrived to ask Dante that they wanted to search his bag as Helena has filed charges against him for stealing. He gave his bag and the police saw the watch and arrested him. Dante shouted of his innocence.


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