The Way To Your Heart Episode 44

The Way To Your Heart Episode 44 Helena takes revenge on the Matayogs: Dante arrested, burns Onay’s house, revokes Maila’s scholarship 

In the house of the Samontes, after his adulterous wife got home Lucas could not take his eyes of his wife as he kept thinking about what Nelia told him. Imelda did not like it when her husband kept watching her but Gracie found it cute. As they were chatting and eating dinner, her l*ver called her and she left to see him.

They made l*ve at the middle of the road, Mark told her that he has already secured a ticket for them to elope to United States and their flight would take off around 6:00am. Unbeknownst to her, Lucas followed her and he arrived with his car almost knocking them down and he began attacking his rival.

At the Matayog’s house, the police arrived to ask Dante that they wanted to search his bag as Helena has filed charges against him for stealing. He gave his bag and the police saw the watch and arrested him. Dante shouted of his innocence.

Meanwhile, Lucas and Mark fought while Imelda tried to separate the fight. The two men fought till Mark sped off in his car. After that Imelda denied cheating on Lucas and vented her anger on Lucas. She pushed him and took her purse. She wanted to go but Lucas carried her as she refused going to the house with Lucas. Lucas forcefully put her inside the car.

The family of the Matayogs were worried after Dante was nabbed. After Imelda and Lucas got home Imelda threatened to leave the house. Oliver asked her why she was doing that and she said she did not l*ve Lucas anymore and she was fighting for the one she l*ves just like how Oliver did with Maila.

Lucas eyes was heavy with tears, while Gracie followed her mother to stop her from doing that to their dad. Imelda said the children would go with her. Oliver said he would stay with his dad and Imelda reminded him that Lucas was not even his dad. Oliver said Lucas was his best friend.

She gave her final warning to her children on where to find her when they were ready as she would be at the airport. Gracie Tri stopping her, Oliver also followed to stop her.

As Nelia was with Dante at the cell supporting him and assuring him that they were doing everything they could to set him free, Helena got there and pretended that she did not know that Nelia was related to her gardener.

Dante said Helena trapped him and a flashback showed that when Dante was leaving, Helena placed a watch inside the bag of Dante just to implicate him to avenge the Matayogs.

Nelia believed Helena would not go scot free for implicating Dante. Helena said all that she knew was that her husband watch was found inside Dante’s bag and would make him pay a heavy price for stealing.

She got home and called Natalie. Natalie was in s hurry to meet her and she tripped. Helena got in to help her up and told her not to give up on herself but Natalie was frustrated for being locked inside due to the loss of her eyesight.

Oliver and Maila met at where they planned to meet. Oliver told her about his family issue and told her that I things did not go as plan he would have to travel to the United States but promised to return for her. They shed tears as they bid themselves emotional goodbye. Oliver told her that he would fulfill his promise. When he left Maila cried.

Onay cried due to Dantey’s situation and knew Maila was the one cut in the middle of all that. Nelia consoled Onay, believing that Helena would not have a way this time.

Helena thanked Agatha for the gift of blowing Dantey’s cover and threatened that she has just started. Lucas was being drive by his driver and was worried about the incident with Imelda.

In the house of the Matayogs, Maila could not sleep. She decided to text Oliver, all of a sudden she was suffocating due to the smoke and the fire service sirens were being heard. She rushed to Onay’s room to wake her up that their house was on fire both head to Nelia’s room. They were able to survive the fire.

The goon who did the dirty job called Helena to give her update. Helena was glad and could not wait to watch the incident in a news. She said she wanted everything to burn down to ashes and want them to suffer.

The fire was brought under control the next day. Sally sent the Matayogs to her abode and she called a relative to come and meet Onay. The woman was not happy about the help Sally was offering the Matayogs. She spoke ail and left them while Sally tried brushing it off with a joke.

Since the Matayogs couldn’t save any of their belongings, Sally gave them dress to wear. Nelia was not happy with the development. She was thinking about Dante as they have not been able to pay for his bail and now their house has burnt.

Natalie went to the washroom, after washing her face she could see her face in the mirror. She was so happy and called out Helena’s name that she could now see. To her dismay, she turned and saw Maila instead who was telling her that she would not see and she said she could see. They shouted as their voices kept echoing.

Natalie rose from bed and realised she had a nightmare. She believed Maila intentionally hurt her and cursed her beneath her breath. Maila later went to find out that her scholarship had been revoked by the sponsor and was told there were necessary things that the family had to pay and had not done that.

Maila tried to explain but Mr Emmanuel D Santos, the school director told her that the school was for business purpose and could not do anything for her.

Helena had planned to do that against Maila and she told Agatha about it. She was happy that she had connived to make Maila lose her scholarship.

As they were talking her goon got there and she sent him to a different room to tell him that she told him she would go there to see him and not the other way round.

Maila told Kiana about it and she consoled her. Helena sent Natalie to her room. Natalie asked her cruel mother if Maila was suffering as she was, and Helena said she believed so since she had made her lose her scholarship.

Natalie was happy and said she wanted Maila’s life to be miserable. Kiana went to the police station to inform Nelia and Dante that Maila had lost her scholarship. Dante believed Helena used her contacts to get the scholarship revoked.

Helena’s goon came to meet Sally’s mother to deliver a dubious message from Helena to her. The woman began spying on the Matayogs to listen to their every conversation. The woman kept mistreating Onay.


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