The Way To Your Heart Episode 45

The Way To Your Heart Episode 45 The Montenegros get thrown out from Sali’s house

Natalie was happy and said she wanted Maila’s life to be miserable. Kiana went to the police station to inform Nelia and Dante that Maila had lost her scholarship. Dante believed Helena used her contacts to get the scholarship revoked.

Helena’s goon came to meet Sally’s mother to deliver a dubious message from Helena to her. The woman began spying on the Matayogs to listen to their every conversation. The woman kept mistreating Onay.

She threw Onay out of the house and she came out to meet Helena’s goon standing outside so Onay confronted him while Maila tried calming Onay. The goon threatened the people within the neighbourhood that due to Onay’s presence in the area they might end up in trouble.

Wendy and Louise visited Natalie. Wendy checked if Natalie could see and asked her about her relationship with Oliver and she said she had nothing to do with him. She has left him for Maila.

Maila and Onay went to the market to be with Nelia. They thought about their family and its problems. Maila was still wailing about the scholarship loss. Onay tried to console Maila. They believed all that misfortune that happened to the family stemmed from Helena’s upset about Natalie’s condition.

Natalie descended down to ask Helena whether Maila and Onay survived the fire incident and she said yes. She did the work such a way that they survived it.

Elsewhere, Sali confronted her mother and found out that she has taken money from Helena to throw her friends out.

Maila, Onay and Nelia gathered at a place where victims of disasters reside and they took comfort from eachother by hugging and assuring eachother that they would get through it. Sali got to the market where Onay and Nelia would temporary make it home to apologise and talked to them to return but they thanked her for the kind gesture and said they were okay.

The goon was still around keeping an eye on the Matayogs. Meanwhile, at the hospital the doctor said Natalie’s situation has not improved and Helena was scared that Natalie would be completely blind. Natalie got agitated and said she would rather wish to die than to go blind. She told Helena to make things worse for Maila and Helena commended for the kind of spiteful heart she has developed for the Matayogs.

Nelia returned to the new shelter with some apple juice for the family while Helena received a call from her goon, planning her next move with him.

Maila went to visit Helena in the house. She wanted to talk to Natalie. Maila tried explaining things to Helena. Helena said she would not fall for her f00lishness. Maila pleaded with Helena to set Dante free for Elvin’s sake but Helena said she was asking for too much.

Helena then concluded that she would talk to Natalie if she forgives Maila she would also forgive her but if she did not she wouldn’t. Natalie was sent there and Maila begged her. Natalie asked why would she forgive her for what she did against her. Maila went on begging and Natalie demanded her to break up with Oliver.

Maila kept quiet and Natalie said she was wasting her time and left. Maila kept begging her and ran after her but Helena stopped her and said Natalie said no so she should get out. She ordered the maid to throw her out. She was thrown out. Maila cried and sat in the middle of the street

After visiting Dante, Onay went to Helena’s house since she believed Maila was there. She came to meet her daughter sitting on the street , the front entrance of Helena’s house being beaten by the rain.

She talked to Maila to go home with her. As she was able to convince her and were about to leave, Onay began vomiting and Maila knocked the door of the Montenegros asking for help.

Meanwhile, Helena lauded Natalie for not giving in to  Maila’s plea, adding that revenge was sweet. They heard Maila shouting for help. Onay called Mails that they should leave.   They went to the public sleeping place.

Sali came to visit them and was willing to do anything to help them out. At the Montenegro mansion, Natalie was being trained on her to eat on her own. The routine stressed her out and got upset. She scattered everything and Helena told her not to be upset with herself.

She had to fight and she was sure they would win the battle. She said whenever she saw her in that condition she felt bad and asked Natalie to give herself time.

After joining the cue for their meal, the Montenegros slept and Maila realised Onay was cold but Onay asked her to sleep. Natalie while sleeping had a nightmare of the incident of her revenge which got backfired.

The next day, Onay was feeling dizzy.


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