The Way To Your Heart Episode 47

The Way To Your Heart Episode 47 A bar owner risks Maila’s life to entertain her customers

The doctor brought a list of medicine including antibiotics that the family had to buy for Onay. Helena’s goon called to inform her that the job was well delivered and Onay was suffering.

Maila went to Sali’s place and Chang was the one who came to meet Maila. Maila pleaded with her for help to buy medicines for Onay but the woman insulted her and shut the door on her.

Sali told Chag that she heard Maila’s voice and wanted to talk to her. Due to her pregnancy, Chag was not feeling well so her mother stopped her from going.

Maila went to buy the medicines but she did not have enough money to pay so she pleaded with the pharmacist but she refused. The people in the qué helped her out and she thanked them while sobbing.

Helena warned Natalie not to have any affection towards Onay and her family. Lucas called his driver and referred to himself as disappointment as his wife was going through with the divorce. He cried for his collapsed marriage.

Somebody attacked Maila with a knife and threw the medicine from a certain bridge but lucky Maila the medicine fell on weeds. she suffered to get the medicine but the medicine was not inside the rubber.

After waiting all day for her, Onay saw a kid that they rushed to the place and she gave her bed to the child. Maila got there with a cry. Onay hugged her.

Helena was taking a stroll with Natalie and they met the girls but the girls took to their heels. Helena assured that no one would there come close. She had a call and she told Natalie to stand there as the call was important.

Helena told her not to go anywhere. As Natalie was standing there, a certain guy and a girl were jogging, once she heard the voice she called out Oliver’s name. She started walking and almost fell, still calling out Oliver’s name. She was almost knocked down by a car and Helena was upset with the driver for driving carelessly.

Natalie asked Helena to stop arguing and send her home. In the house, Helena confronted Natalie and said it was time for her to forget about Oliver as he had already chosen Maila over her. She said there was no Oliver at the place, that Oliver she heard his existed only in her head.

The doctor discharged Onay and said her condition has improved and the family were happy and was sent home. Later, there was light out and some guards arrived with torchlights and some items for Maila. Maila played a guitar and sang “Joy to the world,” a Christmas song.

She received applause and Onay was so happy. Suddenly, the lights were on and they shouted in merriment.

Melai was walking with Kiana and the latter was happy that Maila has a small guitar. They decided Maila would play and gain money to support her family. After escorting her friend to the joint that she would starts her new business, Maila puts her bowl there and she sang “Joy to the world,” a Christmas song and she gained money.

A certain lady after Maila’s performance asked of her name and told her about her club and asked her to perform them and earn money. She Maila to give her, her number. Maila was so happy for the new opportunity.

Maila got home and told Onay about it. She showed the paper that the woman gave her and Onay gave her a blessing to perform in the club.

That evening, Maila got to the club and the woman ushered her on stage to perform. The crowd applauded her. Helena was informed that Maila sings in a bar and Helena hatched a plan with her goon to destroy Maila new means of living.

In the dressing room with other performers or strippers, the bar owner came and refused to give Maila what was due her. Maila even told her about her family problems yet the woman did not care.

Nelia spoke to Onay about Maila and why she had kept long from coming home. Nelia put Maila’s small guitar aside for them to sleep but none could sleep.

Natalie asked Helena whether it was true that Maila now sing in a bar. Helena asked her how she got to know and Natalie said she just heard her saying. Helena stated that she should not have heard it.

Natalie said she would completely go blind and Maila would be enjoying life but Helena asked her not to say that since she was doing her best to make her see again.

Lucas arrived and spoke to his driver. The driver asked of Oliver. Meanwhile, at the bar some guys stopped Maila from going home and the bar owner said there was no exit once she entered.

Maila said what the woman was doing to her was child abuse. Onay couldn’t sleep she woke up so worried that her daughter has not returned. Nelia asked her to sleep as there was nothing wrong. She was working.

Lucas tried reaching Onay but the call could not go through. The woman forced and applied lipstick on Maila’s mouth and changed her clothes to make her go on stage to work against her will. Maila cried on stage and got down after she was introduced but the bar owner’s goons captured her.


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