The Way To Your Heart Episode 48

The Way To Your Heart Episode 48 Maila gets kidnapped, Onay involved in an accident

At the bar, after her introduction, Lovely got on stage, looked so tensed. Her eyes giddy with worries. She wished some of the customers could notice her plight.

She turned her eyes, heavy with tears. As no one was noticing the fears her eyes were emitting, she descended down the stage asking for help but the bar owner’s goons were fast to capture and whisked her away.

The strippers were reintroduced. Maila cried and the bar owner came to threaten her. Maila was locked inside and she cried for help, hitting the door.

The next day, Onay woke up calling out Maila’s name. She asked Nelia and q certain woman whether they had seen her daughter but none has set eyes on her. Lucas and his driver went to search for the Matayogs but they were told they were out of the area.

The bar owner got to Maila’s room and the latter confronted her. The owner locked her again and went to meet Helena. Helena asked of Maila and the bar owner pretended not to know her. Helena told the cruel girls trafficker that she had an offer that might interest her.

The bar owner was happy and asked her what she wanted to know about Maila. Helena said Maila did something evil against her daughter and wanted Maila to suffer. She gave her money and said when she succeeded she would add more to it.

Natalie asked her caretaker where her mother was and she said Helena was at the bar to work on Maila’s issue. Meanwhile, Onay was looking at the paper with the bar address since her daughter had kept long.

The cruel girls trafficker went to inflict pain on Maila. She pushed her head into a WC and beat her. She slapped Maila for being so stubborn and locked her up.

Natalie and her caretaker got to the bar and met Helena outside, ready to leave. Helena asked Natalie what she was doing there. Natalie said she was there to see if the manager of the place would make life impossible for Maila and Helena affirmed that she had it covered. She said dealing with the manager of the bar was easy and asked them to leave.

Their car developed some fault so the driver got down to check. Onay decided to go to the bar with Kiana after waiting the entire day for Maila. Maila kept crying at the place where she has been kept as hostage. She was locked in a washroom, she realised that the down of the door was made with plywood so she tried to destroy it.

Meanwhile, Lucas was at the market searching for Maila and Onay. Maila managed to escape and ran passed the goons who were busy playing games.

Maila ran out and bumped into Helena asking her for help to escape her trafficker. Maila wanted to join their car but was kicked out by the caretaker of Natalie. At that time the crazy trafficker has noticed that Maila has escaped and sent her goons after her.

As Maila was trying to get up the goons got hold of her but Maila managed to kick them and flee. Her pursuers went after till they captured her and sent her to the trafficker. Maila’s hands were tied and was locked up again. She prayed to God to help her in the situation. The trafficker presented her with food. She cried as she tried to fill her stomach.

The caretaker felt guilty for what they did against Maila and Helena said they didn’t ask for her opinion. Natalie insisted that Maila deserved what was happening to her after abandoning her.

It was night time in the club, the strippers were displaying their seductive dance. Onay and Kiana got there and met the manager. Onay asked her whether she has seen Maila but the woman denied. Onay said the place was the bar address given to them.

The trafficker made her goons throw Kiana and Onay out but the two managed to fight off the goons and Onay ran to towards the rooms calling Maila’s name.

Maila heard that her mother was calling her so she shouted. Onay heard Maila’s voice and got to the door of the room which Maila was locked in. The manager got there and Onay asked her to open the door immediately otherwise she would get her arrested for kidnapping.

After hesitation, she opened the door and Onay did not see anyone. Maila was taken through the backdoor inside a black bus and was sent away.

Onay heard her daughter shouting so she went to find her. Kiana ran to meet Onay and was told Maila had been taken away in a car. Onay took jeepney to follow the bus that went away with her daughter. Soon, the jeepney almost got knocked by a bus so the rider took a sharp turn. This resulted in an accident as Onay and the driver fell from their various seats in jeepney and hit the ground.

Maila struggled with the goons for her freedom but still she could not. Lucas came across the accident scene and saw Onay so he carried her and sent her to hospital. Nelia got informed that Onay had been involved in an accident.

A news broke about the accident and Natalie felt sorry for Onay. Helena said she could not have pity for Onay and could not offer any help. At the hospital Onay told Lucas to search for Maila.

Onay later, found herself roaming alone searching for Maila. She saw Elvin and he wanted to take her away. Elvin offered his hand for them to go. She gave him her hand but upon sober reflection she said sorry to Elvin and said she had to search for Maila.

Lucas report Marichu and the woman ran away in her car when she saw the police. Lucas Nd his driver went after the manager. Sh called her goons and they said they had successfully hidden her. Maila’s mouth was covered while they have tied her hand.

At the hospital, Onay cried for her inability to save Maila. She prayed that God should protect and bring Maila home safely and sound. Lucas called the police who was with Onay and told him that he was able to tail Marichu. Lucas followed the crazy trafficker to where they had kept Maila as hostage.

Marichu threatened Maila and they pointed a gun at her. Lucas and his driver were there and they managed to get Maila from the goons’ hand. Lucas fled with Maila and his driver watched his back and shot one of the goons.

Lucas and Maila fled but some of the goons kept shooting at them and they had to ran for cover. Natalie was still bothered by what had happened to Onay, later the maid told her about Onay having a daughter, Rosemarie with Elvin. The maid recalled how Onay ran after Helena for her daughter. Natalie wanted to know where that Rosemarie was and the maid caressed the face of Natalie.


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