The Way To Your Heart Episode 49

The Way To Your Heart Episode 49 Lucas saves Maila, Natalie regains her sight

At the hospital, after her accident, Onay told Lucas to search for Maila and help her.

Onay later, found herself roaming alone searching for Maila. She saw Elvin and he wanted to take her away. Elvin offered his hand for them to go. She gave him her hand but upon sober reflection she said sorry to Elvin and said she had to search for Maila.

Lucas report Marichu and the woman ran away in her car when she saw the police. Lucas and his driver went after the manager. She called her goons and they said they had successfully hidden her. Maila’s mouth was covered while they have tied her hand.

At the hospital, Onay cried for her inability to save Maila. She prayed that God should protect and bring Maila home safely and sound. Lucas called the police who was with Onay and told him that he was able to tail Marichu. Lucas followed the crazy trafficker to where they had kept Maila as hostage.

Marichu threatened Maila and they pointed a gun at her. Lucas and his driver were there and they managed to get Maila from the goons’ hand. Lucas fled with Maila and his driver watched his back and shot one of the goons.

Lucas and Maila fled but some of the goons kept shooting at them and they had to ran for cover. Natalie was still bothered by what had happened to Onay, later the maid told her about Onay having a daughter, Rosemarie with Elvin. The maid recalled how Onay ran after Helena for her daughter. Natalie wanted to know where that Rosemarie was and the maid caressed the face of Natalie.

Louise barged in, to ask if Natalie saw the news and Natalie said she did not see it, she heard it. Hector run out of bullet and the henchman took advantage to attack Hector.

Fortunately, the police showed up to rescue Hector. Marichu followed Lucas and Maila and was ready to shoot them. The police surrounded her so she wanted to use Hector and Maila as bait to escape the cops.

She threatened to shoot her victims, the police also asked her to surrender since they have cornered her. She was pointing her gun at her victims so Lucas hid Maila behind him. One police man who was standing far range gaged his gun and shot Marichu’s hand so Marichu’s gun accidentally triggered.

Leading Lucas and Maila to go for cover but they slipped and almost fell off the ship. They held the poles. Maila was scared so Lucas quickly claimed up to assist her up.

Meanwhile, Onay was worried about Maila and wished Lucas had seen her. Onay was scared to lose Maila the way she lost Elvin and Rosemarie. She wished she never came to the world as everyone who was close to her were getting hurt. Nelia slapped the heck out of her. Nelia then consoled Onay as she cried.

Lucas hugged Maila and the latter thanked him for saving her. The police nabbed Marichu. Lucas calmed Maila as she heard her mother was involved in a tragic accident. Lucas told her that her mother was fine.

Onay was still worried and Nelia assured her that the police was putting everything right. Lucas sent Maila to the hospital to get reunited with her family and friend.

Maila said sorry to Onay for not listening to her when she advised her against performing in the club. She said Marichu was a trafficker and she trafficked girls and use them for prostitution to make money.

During the night, Helena read a story for Natally and she asked the former if she would regain her vision. Helena said the next day they would travel to the state to have Natalie’s eyes operated. She said Dr Gray, a renowned eye surgeon in New York would operate on her eyes.

Natalie did not want to build false hope so she asked if her chances to regain her eyesight was high. Helena hugged her. At the hospital, Maila narrated that she managed to escape Marichu’s bar and ran into Helena but Helena failed to save her.

The Matayogs concluded that Helena was behind Maila’s condition and they told Lucas to gather evidence for them to file charges against Helena. Lucas also told them about his marriage breakup and how Oliver wanted to return with him but couldn’t due to his mother.

He said Oliver extended his regards, since the Matayogs have no place to stay, he decided to give them shelter. Soon, Onay was discharged and the family was sent to Lucas house. Lucas said as a lawyer who has practiced for years he would do everything to ensure he gained evidence against Helena.

The family ate together. Lucas said they were his guests so they should feel at home and feel comfortable. Lucas decided to enrol Maila back to school and she rejoiced. Kiana was also happy for Maila. Nelia thanked Lucas for the help he had offered to her family.

In the state, Natalie has already had her eyes operated and was left for the doctor to remove the bandages to know whether the operation was successful.

Natalie told Helena that she was scared that her vision might not be back. Helena told her to be hopeful. Dr Gray got there and asked if she was ready. He removed the bandages and the cotton and asked Natalie to open her eyes.

Agatha had a video call with Helena to ask of Natalie and she said she had a check up to go the next day and she could not wait to get home. Agatha said it was a miracle for Onay to survive her accident but that was the least of Helena’s worry as she was thinking about Natalie.

Lucas told Onay that upon further scrutiny, it was unfortunate that they did not have enough evidence to incriminate Helena. Soon, Lucas worked on Dantey’s case to get a bail for him. Helena was informed by her henchman that Dantey has been set free. Lucas bought new dresses for the Matayogs.

In a restaurant, Agatha told Wendy and Louise that the operation of Natalie was successful. Helena and Natalie arrived and Natalie acted like she was blind. She asked her friends what they were looking at. She now proved to them that she could see.

Her friends were happy to see her, saying Maila would be put to shame since she thought Natalie would be blind forever.

Natalie said it was fortunate for her mother to have found a professional surgeon to operate on her eyes. Her friends said she was fortunate to have the best mom in the world.

Helena received the complement with so much joy. She said she would do everything for her daughter. Onay and Maila dressed up for the outing. Lucas sent them to the same restaurant which the wicked Helena and her friends were. Lucas met a friend who said he could see he had sent his friends there to have dinner but Lucas said they were family not friends.

They took their seats and chat while they ate. Lucas had a flashback of how he raped Onay. Onay also flashed back on the good times she shared with Lucas, how he has always been there to support her.

Onay later wanted to use the washroom, as gentleman as he was, Lucas helped her out. Leaving him and Maila alone, Lucas said she did some wrongs in the past and had to correct them.

He had a call and when he excused himself, Helena walked out with her allies. Onay was also coming, immediately she set eyes on Helena Onay recalled everything Helena did against Dante and Maila. Onay wanted to confront her but Lucas dragged her to an available room to talk to her against what she intended doing.

Maila talked to Nelia to update her about the outing, after the call Oliver also called her. Helena went back to her seat searching for what she lost, while waiting for the waiter to present her phone. She felt like seeing someone, so she turned but her view was blocked.

Agatha came there and Helena was startled. Agatha asked her why she was acting like she had seen a ghost and she said she indeed saw a ghost in the form of Onay. Agatha retorted that it was impossible to see Onay in such classy restaurant.

The waiter brought what she was searching for and they left but Lucas covered the Matayogs up for Helena not to see Onay and Maila.


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