The Way To Your Heart Episode 51

The Way To Your Heart Episode 51 Onay and Maila’s sweet revenge against the Montenegros in a function

Lucas received invite from Agatha for the Happy Heart Foundation event which Helena was organising. It was an event done to receive donations to help less privileged in the Philippines. Dante was eavesdropping, he had his own plan to execute.

During the event, Helena learnt that a certain donor by name Lady Tower Heart was her top donor of the night and could not wait to meet her.

The MC made an address to spell out what the programme was about and said Happy heart Foundation was in it fifth year and their greatest donor of the night was Lady Tower Heart. The crowd applauded while everyone was waiting to watch that donor.

Meanwhile, Natalie’s friends wondered why she changed her outfit, all the same she looked good in the new one she was wearing. They also rushed in to see the rich donor who was arriving.

Natalie went forward and saw Maila. She was stunned and asked whether she had seen a ghost. She asked whether it was truly Maila.

Meanwhile, Helena after seeing Onay as the lady Tower Heart, she was so upset and began to insult her. Lucas told her not to act in such manner to her major donor of the event.

Helena retorted that she would never bow down for the little creature. However, Natalie and Maila were trading verbal shots to each other with each having backup to hail their mean words. Natalie referred to Maila as devil and her black dress depicted her diabolic nature who was born by a devil.

Nelia called Dante to find out how Onay was doing since she was where Helena was but Dante said Lucas was with Onay.

As Onay was delivering her speech to voice out the misdeeds of Helena, Helena warned her to get down the stage and threatened to inform the police for ruining her programme.

After Onay spelt out the misdeeds of Helena Montenegro, the latter clapped for Onay, commending her for being such a great actress. She said Onay would never match her level and she was above the tinny little freak of nature.

Natalie told Maila that she was a trump working in bars to solicit rich men and she was not a match to her. Maila told how wicked Natalie was when she seek for her help at the bar and never helped her. Natalie reminded Maila that she was sick and ultimately blind but Maila abandoned her on the island promising to get back for her but never did. She said Maila abandoned her for death in order to take over Oliver.

Maila reminded her that Oliver was her (Maila) boyfriend not hers so she had nothing to run for him for. Kiana told Maila that they should leave due to the bad vibes. Natalie pulled Maila, saying she was not going anywhere she grabbed a drink from table she was standing close to and threw it but it rather spilled on Wendy.

Wendy got upset that Natalie had ruined her dress. Natalie shifted the blame on Maila and picked a fight with her. Maila managed to pull her from taking her hair crown and pushed her for Natalie to hit her face on a cake.

Helena tried pulling Onay out of the stage after Onay failed to heed to Helena’s several warnings to leave the stage. Agatha held Helena to pull her back. Due to her heels she lost her balance and spin around with Agatha till she fell together with Agatha.

Her scarf removed, revealing her new “bald-vulture” hair. Onay told the guests how Helena has always covered her evil deeds just like how she has covered her real hair. Helena was so embarrassed and sat on the ground quietly, still couldn’t believe her eyes.

Lucas helped Onay and she took Helena’s scarf for her and insulted her before getting down the stage.

Agatha helped Helena up and they went out. Helena yelled that she hated Onay. She was upset that they could not know Onay was the lady Tower Heart.

“But who could have known Onay is the lady Tower Heart,” Agatha retorted. Helena was unhappy that Lucas was the one who had helped Onay to execute her sweet revenge on her.

Meanwhile, Natalie and her two fellows went to the washroom for Natalie to clean up. She said she despised Maila for embarrassing her infront of everyone. She promised to retaliate.

Helena said if Onay thought she has had the last laugh she was joking. Helena indicated that she would be the one to have the last laugh since she had something precious that Onay wanted. Agatha queried her of what she meant and she said what she meant was Rosemarie. Rosemarie was Natalie, Dante who was eavesdropping decided to run and tell Onay.

Unfortunately, Dante stepped on an empty can which sound prompted Helena that someone had been listening to her confession. Dante ran but did not go far when, Helena’s henchman almost knocked Dante with his car.

He pointed his gun at Dante while Dante was holding a knife. Helena strike a deal with him to keep the secret from Onay. She offered him 1million pesos but Dante did not accept, she then shoot it up to 3million. Is either Dante took it or say his last breath.

Agatha was scared with the threat so she advised Helena to have a second thought about her decision. The gun made Dante accept the deal. Helena was happy with Dante’s decision since it would be a win-win situation for both. She would not go after Dante and his family if only he kept the secret safe.

The queen of the night was crowned for the Christmas and Maila won it. The three musketeers, Natalie, Louise and Wendy left after Maila was crowned and was given flowers together with a sash.

As Dante was searching for Onay, the henchman tailed him but Helena has warned his goon not to shoot or do anything that she has not ordered him not to.

Helena, Agatha and her henchman were in a room. Agatha advised Helena to take k!lling out of her revenge but Helena was poised to k!ll if the need arose since she did not want the truth about Natalie’s identity to be revealed but hoped she would not use that method to keep the secret.

Onay informed the family about how she disgraced Helena and Sally laughed. Kiana introduced the the queen of the Christmas Maila Matayog to everyone and they gave her standing ovation while they clapped. Onay recalled the young Maila when she was crowned as part of the town’s tradition to roam and greet people.

Helena called Dante and he said he has kept his mouth shut and would not tell anyone about the secret. He asked for his money and Helena said she was signing the cheque since Dante has convinced her that he was willing to keep the secret.


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