The Way To Your Heart Episode 53

Onanay Episode 53

The Way To Your Heart Episode 53 Helena’s henchman shoots Dante, Onay discovers Natalie is her long lost daughter, Rosemarie

After Nelia wakes up to a discovery that Dante had been in contact with their mortal enemy, Helena and has gained a huge sum of money from an undisclosed source which owes her brother, Nelia begins to tail Dante.

Elsewhere, Onay recalled how Helena informed her that Rosemarie is dead and gave Rosemarie’s ashes for her to mourn her daughter.

Maila consoled Onay, they looked at the dark skies and believed Rosemarie was keeping eyes on them as Lucas stood aloof watching them. The next day, Nelia, Onay and Dante came out of the house. Dante said he was going somewhere but Nelia followed him.

The henchman advised Helena that she should not give all the money to Dante. Both were scared that Dante might tell his family the truth.

At a certain park, Natalie, Louise and Wendy spotted Maila and Kiana. Suddenly, Natalie’s blood began to boil as she planned on attacking Maila.

Helena’s henchman beefs up his action to ensure Dante keeps his mouth shut. Dante recalled everything concerning Onay and Rosemarie, looking at the henchman Dante decides to tell Onay the truth.

Nelia called him, not knowing his sister was tailing him. He talked with Nelia but because of the henchman. Maila received a call from Onay, meanwhile Dante ran with Nelia and told her the truth about Natalie being Rosemarie.

Natalie and her friends startled Maila, wishing her Merry Christmas. However, Nelia tried reaching Onay’s phone but the line was engaged. Onay was in a car with Lucas, who was driving her.

Helena called Dante but he hanged up and fled with Nelia. Helena then called her henchman and he told her about Dante being with Nelia when he came around and suspected that he has told her the truth. Helena regretted for trusting Dante. Helena ordered him to do everything possible to ensure Onay did not get to know the truth.

Natalie kept bothering Maila, insisting on talking to her even when Maila did not want to entertain her crap. Natalie threatened that only one queen would survive in the game and she would. Maila demned her and she slapped her, Maila returned the slap and a fight broke.

The henchman who tried to be in the car which Nelia and Dante took was kicked from it by Dante. Helena called him and he revealed that Dante and Be fled through a bus and Helena said he should be ashamed for not doing his job right.

Sellers of the area separated the fight between Natalie and Maila. Dante and Nelia alighted planning on where they could go. They saw the henchman coming and they board a taxi claiming it was an emergency.

The henchman kept tailing them, trying to overtake their car. Agatha asked Helena to travel to the state with Natalie to be away from Onay and her family instead of resolving to k!lling.

The taxi alighted Dante and Nelia at the middle of the road and said he could go again. Dante and Nia were forced to get down and ran. Unfortunately the henchman saw them so they ran inside a certain building.

They hid in a safe place and Nelia called Onay once more but Sali picked it as the phone was passed to Onay, before Nelia could talk, the henchman shot them and Onay heard the gunshots. Dante who was wounded on the leg still ran with Nelia. They hid somewhere and Nelia tied the leg to prevent it from bleeding profusely.

Maila and Kiana went to a friend’s birthday party and presented a gift she bought to her. The girl introduced Maila as the queen of the Christmas ball. Dante told Nelia to go and seek for help and also she should reveal the truth to Onay.

Nelia tried to escape from the building without being seen. She hid when she saw Helena’s henchman. One of the goons found Dante

Natalie and her friends also got to the birthday party to start a fight with Maila, saying wearing a crown did not make her a princess. The girl celebrating her birthday advised Natalie to stop embarrassing herself, Moreover it was her birthday and did not want her to ruin it.

Nelia fled for where she was, she could not leave her brother behind so she returned to find the goon pointing a gun at Dante. She hit him from behind and asked Dante to escape with her. Dante was scared that both might die that was why he wanted to be caught for Nelia to be safe so that Onay could know the truth.

Dante insisted on Nelia to go and they hugged. After the emotional farewell Nelia head out of the building while Dante took the goon’s gun. The henchman saw Nelia and they ran after her. Fortunately, Nelia got a taxi and she board. The goons also tailed them with their car.

Onay was still digesting the truth and cried while Nelia consoled her. Meanwhile, Natalie was telling her friends how much she hate Maila. Louise told her it was enough so they should leave but Natalie would not. Wendy came to present a drink she stole from her dad to Natalie to drink and boost her morale to disgrace Maila. Louise was against it.

Onay kept crying for what Helena did. She said the moment she met Natalie she had that feeling.

At the party, Natalie saw Maila standing there alone she served herself and intentionally spill the food on Natalie and acted like it was an accident. Maila tried cleaning, the birthday lady came to meet it and warned Natalie that she had already told her that she did not want her party to get ruined and if Natalie would not be of good conduct she would have no option than to throw her out of her house.

Helena received a call from her goons who told her about their inability to deliver the job. Soleng recalled how Onay followed Helena to give back Rosemarie. Soleng told Helena that may be it was time to inform Onay about the truth but Helena said that secret would go with her to the grave.

Meanwhile, Onay was worried while Lucas was trying to reach her on phone. Nelia got to the house but the henchmen got hold of her, she fought them and made noise till Lucas and Onay got out. The goons fled while Lucas went after them.

Nelia told Onay that Rosemarie did not die, Onay looked shock. Nelia went on to say Natalie is Rosemarie, the daughter she had with Elvin. They were shocked that Helena could hide such a truth and turn her own daughter against her.

Natalie expressed how much she hated Maila, Louise told her they should go home but Natalie said she would not leave without disgracing Maila. She said she had to have concrete plan to take Maila down.

Wendy came to present a drink she stole from her father to her, claiming all that she needed was something to boost her confidence. Louise was against but Natalie said if there was one thing that Maila had to know then it was the fact that she did not go down without a fight.

Onay kept crying as she recalled how she had that feeling when she came in contact with Natalie. Nelia consoled her.


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