The Way To Your Heart Episode 54

Onanay Episode 54

The Way To Your Heart Episode 54 Lucas plans to get Helena arrested to refrain her from escaping with Natalie

Lucas followed Helena’s goons, they escaped him so he called Nelia but Sally picked the call and she handed over the phone to Nelia. Lucas told her about the unfortunate news. Nelia texted the address of the wearhouse where she left Dante.

Sally followed Onay to Helena’s house, as she heard Onay’s voice she hid and checked along with Agatha and her maids. Quickly, Helena with the help of Agatha and maids off the lights of the house and ordered Soleng to call the security.

Meanwhile, Onay was shouting Helena’s name to bring to her Natalie, revealing that she knew Natalie was Rosemarie.

At the birthday party, the celebrant, Chelsea blew the candles on her cake and gave a flower hair band which was on her head to the Christmas Queen of the ball, Maila.

This irritated Natalie and she took off the band, claiming she was the princess not Maila. Suddenly, a random guy at the party drag Natalie along with him into the pool, saying since she was the queen they should swim.

Her two friends were also pushed into the pool. The guys made mockery of Natalie and her friends. The rest of the attendees laughed at how Natalie, Wendy and Louise were being mocked.

Lucas arrived at the warehouse with policemen. They found Dante unconscious and they carried him to he hospital. At the Montenegros’ mansion, the security arrived to drive Onay away for disturbance.

At the party, Natalie was in the washroom together with her friends drying themselves. Louise wanted them to leave the party but Natalie refused. She was bent on disgracing Maila. Louise said all Natalie’s plans of revenge have flopped and she was now out of ammunition.

Wendy interjected that all hope was not lost since she still have the potion. Natalie took it and they mixed it with a drink. Wendy went to search for a certain guy and gave him the two drinks they spiked to be delivered to Maila and Kiana.

The guy delivered the drink, Maila and Kiana were grateful for the kind gesture. Kiana began to sip while charging her phone to enable Maila to call her phone which was missing with her bag.

Maila wanted to search for her phone in order to get in touch with Onay for her not to worry so she was still exploring means to find her phone since the battery of Kiana’s phone was dead.

She left the drink without drinking and said she would be back in five minutes. Suddenly, Kiana felt sleepy and slept on the couch. Meanwhile, Onay had refused to leave Helena’s premise. She cried out and called Soleng’s name to help her but Soleng who was also listening and crying inside said sorry for her inability to have told her the truth.

The security insisted on Onay to leave, Onay finally left with Sally. Helena was frustrated as she could not reach Natalie. She was making plans to leave Cebu and travel to France. She was poised to find Natalie before Onay would.

She called her henchman, Castro, he told her that they had to flee as Lucas was tailing them to get the police to arrest him. Helena was not happy, she ordered him to find Natalie.

Meanwhile, Maila was walking at Chelsea’s premise and suddenly the light went off. She was calling out Chelsea’s name while searching for the switch. Someone appeared from the dark covered her mouth and drag her into an available room.

After recalling how Helena denied Onay access to Rosemarie, Soleng called Onay to inform her that Helena was arranging to travel to France with Natalie. She also used the opportunity to apologise to Onay for all that she did in cohort with Helena.

Onay enlisted Lucas’ help and Lucas asked her not to worry. He promised to get Helena house arrest to stop her from her plan. At the party, the faces of the people who dragged Maila to them room were revealed as Natalie, Wendy and Louise.

They locked her up inside a wardrobe in the out of reach room. Louise was little bit worried. She was scared something bad might happen to Maila. Natalie then threw Maila’s bag which Maila was searching for there.

Lucas arrived at the Montenegros’ mansion in the company of the police the moment Helena was stepping out. Lucas charged him of frustrated murder for trying to k!ll Dante. Helena said it was a mere accusation and Lucas had no evidence to back his claim.

She refuted claims that one of her workers was sent to commit the atrocity. Helena said her workers she was in the house with were Soleng and Lee.

She insisted that the police had no arrest warrant so she would not go. Lucas and the police left after the policeman said they had to get an arrest warrant first before. Helena made mockery of Lucas for moving from his house based on mere accusations.

Immediately, Natalie and her friends came out, the light got switched on which got them startled, thinking they have been caught. Chelsea scolded Natalie for gallivanting around her house. She said the place was out of reach and Natalie should not have gone there.

Chelsea said it was her birthday and her house so she sets the rules. Meanwhile, Maila was crying and shouting for help but no one heard her. Natalie and her friends left while Chelsea also left.

Lucas called Onay who was at the hospital with Nelia. Lucas informed her about his failed attempt to get Helena arrested but he assured to do everything possible to ensure Helena gets behind bars.

Dante woke up and said sorry to Onay for not revealing the truth early. After locking Maila in a wardrobe, Natalie head to where Kiana was sleeping to draw on her face for her to look like caricature. Lucas got to the hospital to also say sorry for his inability to get Helena arrested.

Meanwhile , Kiana woke up and could not find Maila. She called her phone, Maila tried reaching out for her phone but could not. She met Chelsea and asked of Maila but she has also not seen her. She realised her face was painted and knew Natalie was the culprit. She cleansed her face in rage.

Kiana and Chelsea got to the pool side, searching for Maila, Kiana decided to call Onay to find out if Maila has gone home but the call rather increased Onay’s worries.

Kiana saw Natalie standing up, keeping tabs on them and she confronted her but Natalie denied seeing Maila. She claimed, Maila’s best friend was Kiana so if Maila could not be found she was the person they should ask not her.

Maila managed to get the wardrobe opened. She called Kiana and told her where she has been locked. Chelsea and Kiana rushed to the place and Chelsea opened the door. Maila said Natalie locked her up.

Chelsea said sorry to her, adding that she saw Natalie around there and should have known that she was kept there once she was not seen. Maila said Chelsea should not blame herself she would deal with Natalie.


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