The Way To Your Heart Episode 55

Onanay Episode 55

The Way To Your Heart Episode 55 Maila dared Natalie to do a DNA test to prove her real identity

At Chelsea’s birthday party, Maila rushed to fight with Natalie. Onay appeared to disclose that Natalie was Rosemarie so Maila should not fight her.

Maila stopped and stood motionless while Natalie refuted claims that she was Maila’s sister. She was in denial, saying she was not Rosemarie. She warned Onay not to call her Rosemarie again and also knew Onay was doing that since she did not want her to fight Maila.

Louise received a call from Helena and she informed her that Onay had told Natalie that she was Rosemarie, the daughter she had with Elvin. Meanwhile, Lucas told Natalie that what Onay was saying is the truth. Natalie asked for proof and Onay said Helena, she was the one who confessed her identity to her.

Natalie left in rage but Onay tried stopping her. Natalie shoved her to the ground and left. Helena was also confronting her driver for not driving fast. Onay told Lucas to follow Natalie.

In the car, Natalie explained that Rosemarie died and she was not Onay’s daughter. Louise asked what if Onay was telling the truth but Natalie said Onay was just saying that. Wendy said Onay was now going crazy.

As they were talking, Wendy who driving lost focus and their car almost collided with another. Suddenly, Wendy applied by force break, and they were relieved. Natalie stressed she thought they did not make it alive.

Louise confronted Wendy for driving recklessly. Wendy pleaded and said she was destructed. The other car’s passengers were shown as Helena. Once Natalie saw her mother, she insisted on Wendy to drive.

Helena reached there and she compelled them to roll down the glasses. She asked Natalie to get down. She hesitated but got down and apologised for the troubles she has caused.

Helena suddenly hugged her and Natalie asked if she was not upset with her. Helena said she was not upset but was just worried. She knew Natalie was young and wanted to party, have fun and hang out but she was scared since she had kept do long. Besides, there was Onay who was also pestering their family.

She left with Natalie in her car. Wendy could not spark the car so Lucas ‘ car came to meet her and Louise. Onay got down to hit Wendy’s car with frustration asking for Natalie to get down. Lucas tried to calm her, Wendy got down and gave Onay attitude but Louise told her Natalie left with Helena.

Lucas tailed Helena. Meanwhile, Helena told Natalie that they would leave Cebu and acquired tickets for them to travel to France. Natalie was not happy with Helena’s decision and told Helena that she could go without her.

She got down from the car and Helena said they would have to leave for France. Natalie said she was at the middle of her education and could not leave everything behind. Helena asked whether she was refusing to go due to Oliver.

Natalie explained that she was staying not because of Oliver but because of her own happiness: she had her friends and was not ready to leave her life behind. Helena said she wanted to leave due to Onay. They saw Lucas approaching and cited that as the kind of harassment she was talking about.

She entered the car with Natalie to escape Onay but Lucas kept tailing them. They finally caught up and Onay shouted that Helena should give Rosemarie, her daughter to her. Onay was impatient, but Helena’s car kept moving while Lucas also kept driving after them.

Natalie wondered why Onay kept claiming she was Rosemarie and Helena retorted that Onay was crazy. She said she never knew Onay’s intentions but one thing was for certain that she was doing that out of revenge.

She told Natalie that the revenge cycle would never stop. Since she revenged Onay, she was now also revenging her, more reason she wanted them to leave the Philippines. Their car arrived home and the gatemen locked the gate on Onay. Natalie said there was no need to flee they had to stay back and fight.

Helena told Natalie to lock the car while she faced Onay. Onay got down from Lucas car shouting and claiming Natalie was her daughter and Helena should give her back her daughter. Helena refuted the claims and Maila consoled Onay as Lucas told her they should leave.

Natalie had a video chat with her friends and they said Onay’s claim at Chelsea’s party was trending. Onay went to the hospital to check on her uncle, Dante. Lucas told Onay, they could prove Natalie as her daughter through DNA test but they had to gain Helena’s consent.

Natalie assured Helena that she would always stand by Helena’s side to fight the Matayogs. Maila also spoke to Oliver on phone to inform him that Natalie was her sister, Rosemarie. Oliver was glad to hear that. She said Natalie did not want to believe so they would prove it through a DNA test.

As Natalie was fast asleep while reading, Helena got there and watched her, recalling all her good times with her and was poised to do everything to ensure Onay did not get access to Natalie.

The next day, Maila dressed up for school and said goodbye to Lucas. Natalie arrived in school in the company of Helena. Helena searched around, making sure Onay did not keep tabs on Natalie. Natalie promised to take care of herself and asked Helena to leave.

Natalie realised the students were gossiping. She asked one what was the problem and the person asked if it was true that Maila was her sister and she denied.

Helena told Agatha that if Natalie learnt the truth about her identity, she would hate her, when that happened, Helena claimed she would literally go crazy.

Maila who was in school in the company of Sally got to the school cafeteria to find Natalie making announcement that she was not related to Maila, they were not blood Sisters.

Seeing the presence of Maila, she told her that she should reveal the truth to their classmates if Onay’s claim was not part of her vengeance against the Montenegro family.

Maila said she was her sister and if she had problem with that then she should come clean by accepting to do a DNA test.

Meanwhile, Onay sat somewhere to pray to God to help her for Natalie to accept her DNA proposal for them to conduct test on her. She had a flashback on how she got pregnant, gave birth and she and Elvin took care of Rosemarie. She also recalled how Helena took Rosemarie away. She continued with her prayer, all that she wanted was to be reunited with her daughter.

Sally spoke to Lucas on means to get Natalie approve the test. Later, Lucas called Onay and she told him how depressed she was, knowing Natalie would not accept the test. Lucas asked her not to get worried since he believed Natalie would come to her senses admit to do the test.

As she was being dared, with their classmates chanting to accept for the truth to come out otherwise she would be seen as a cowardice she desperately accepted to do the test to prove the Matayogs wrong for claiming she was Rosemarie and a daughter of a little creature, Onay.


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