The Way To Your Heart Episode 56

Onanay Episode 56

The Way To Your Heart Episode 56 Helena tempers with ‘Natalie-Onay’ DNA test result?

In school, Natalie accepted to do the DNA test to prove that all that Onay was saying was from her own imagination. Natalie then stormed out, leaving Maila behind.

Helena called Natalie but Louise received the call on behalf of Natalie. Louise told Helena that Natalie stormed out and she told Helena what had happened in the school due to Onay and Maila’s claim. Maila received cheers from the students. Natalie and her friends went to the washroom and she continued with her denial. Louise said she told Helena about what had happened but Natalie wished she had not than that.

Helena appeared in the school to ensure Maila did not bother Natalie . She warned the school security to ensure Maila did not get close to Natalie or she would have him fired.

At the Montenegros’ mansion, after Soleng hang the clothes on the lines she had a flashback of Onay delivering emotional speech at Elvin’s funeral and she took the picture of Rosemarie. While watching and feeling sorry that Natalie did not know the truth, her colleague came to whined about how Soleng had always watching the pictures.

At the hospital, Maila came with Onay to inform Nelia, Dante and Lucas that Natalie has agreed to do the DNA test. Onay was so happy that finally she would get her daughter Rosemarie.

Soleng spoke to Onay on phone and Helena called her. She quickly hang up, telling Onay that she was called and would talk to her later.

Natalie came home and Helena told her that she had Maila banned from getting close to her. She would also had a transferred to another school and Louise would be in that school. Natalie thanked Helena and said it would be of no need since she had settled that problem.

Helena asked how and she said she had agreed to do a DNA test to prove to everyone that she was not related to the Matayogs. Helena got upset and she interjected that Natalie should not grant that test. Natalie was shocked to see how Helena reacted.

Lucas said whether Helena liked it or not Natalie would know the truth. In the house, Onay took Elvin’s picture and told him that their daughter Rosemarie did not die and they would be together soon. Lucas eavesdropped.

Onay called Natalie and she told her that Onay had dialed a wrong number. Onay pleaded with her to listen to her since she did not tell her lies. She was Rosemarie, her daughter, Natalie was upset and she hangup.

Dante recalled he and Nelia taking care of Maila as Onay was hunted by the rape case. Lucas and Hector had an eye lock. The ended their conversation with drink.

Onay was hopeful that Natalie would accept her and bring an end to Helena’s lies. Louise spoke on phone with Natalie and convinced her to do the test. She said that would not only make Onay get answers to her claim but it would benefit Natalie to know who she truly was.

Natalie insisted that Helena said she and Maila had no relation but Louise insisted it was not about Helena but about her, besides Onay was a good mother and had good intentions.

The next day, Onay prepared food and packaged some to wait at the school to give it to Natalie. Onay saw Helena’s car approaching and got close. She told Natalie that she made the food for her. Soleng pleaded with Natalie to take the food since Onay was good and had good intentions.

Natalie rolled down the glasses took the food and threw it away. Soleng asked her why she did that. Natalie told the driver to go.

Onay felt so sad, she went for the pack and sat there. Soleng later, joined her and said sorry to her. Onay got home and told the family about it.

Some guys of the school acted so cold to Natalie so Wendy advised Natalie to take the test. Elsewhere, Lucas cried for his sins catching up with him. Hector consoled and Lucas drunk to hide his tears.

Wendy told Natalie to know the truth by conducting the test. Natalie said there were millions of truth out there and she chooses her own version of truth. Wendy insisted that it wouldn’t change the fact. Natalie asked about the fact and Wendy said she should take the test.

That evening, Natalie took Elvin’s picture and said he did not want Maila to be her sister. She explained that Maila was her most hated enemy in the universe. Soleng saw Natalie crying and she came to give her a shoulder to cry on. Natalie wanted to be with her mother. She cried that she did not want to be Rosemarie but Natalie.

Before going to bed, she called Onay but Onay was fast asleep so Nelia picked the call and Natalie arranged for the DNA test. In the next morning, Natalie ran out of the house and Soleng saw her. She said she had early morning test so she had to leave the house.

She went to the clinic where Onay, Maila and Lucas were waiting. She said they should conduct the test before she changed her mind.

Meanwhile, Dante was having walking exercise after being discharged from the hospital.

Helena talked with an attorney probably to ban Onay from getting close to Natalie. She asked Soleng about Natalie and she said she left early in the morning for school as she had an exams to write.

Helena knew Natalie was up to something and she went to the hospital. Natalie asked how she found her but Helena said there were only few clinics in the metro which they conduct DNA test. Helena was upset and Natalie calmed her that she should not talk on top of her voice and did not understand why Helena was upset since it was a mere test.

Helena confronted Lucas to also take test with Maila since Maila could also be his daughter. Onay told Helena not to change tables and asked Helena why was she behaving that way is it because she was scared the result might be positive.

Helena later talked to Agatha and told her that Onay had made Natalie do the test. Agatha asked her why she allowed it. She said she did not want to look desperate Infront of Natalie.

She had a perfect plan to solve the problem. In the morning, Dante who was having walking exercise with his sister as escort saw Onay and Lucas out.

Onay, Lucas and Maila got to the clinic, Natalie and Helena also appeared and the Montenegros as usual picked a fight with the Matayogs. Onay is claiming to expose Helena while Helena was also claiming the rest would settle everything as the result would be “NO” Match.

The doctor presented two envelopes to each respectively. Onay quickly opened it and started to read it. While Helena who was all head up opened to read hers.

The DNA test proved that Ronalyn is the biological mother of Natalie. To her dismay, the result was positive and Helena was not happy with the results.

“No, No, No” she cried as her corrupt act did not work.

Natalie was in denial and walked out on them. Helena now blamed Onay for scaring Natalie away. Onay then confronted Helena for bribing the doctor. She revealed to her that she saw her when she was initiating her dubious action. Helena refuted claims of bribing and left.

Meanwhile, Maila followed Natalie to make her choose her biological mother over Helena but Natalie said it would be over her dead body. She fought with Maila claiming the test could not be true and left.

Lucas advised Onay to give Natalie time to digest the issue. Natalie cried and Helena told her not to think about it. Natalie was sad simply because of Onay’s situation as a dwarf and was not ready to accept her as mother.

Nelia read the test result and was happy that finally they had been able to expose Helena’s lies.

Natalie asked Helena to do something as she did not want Maila to be her sister and Helena promised that she would figure out something. Onay also asked Lucas to use his profession to make her gain custody of Natalie. Maila and her mother were happy about the development and hugged.

Helena revealed plans to abscond with Natalie to Cebu and then work on their flight to France. Agatha could still not believe that the truth was finally out.

Natalie spoke to Louise to tell her the truth, Louise said no one would have believed that her arch enemy, Maila was her sister. That, was what hurt Natalie the most. She cried that she could not take it and her head would explode. She revealed her plans to leave Philippines and Louise said she could not escape forever, she would have to deal with the situation.

Natalie cried all night long and later gone missing. Soleng told Helena about it. She called Agatha to ask if she had seen
Natalie in her house.

Meanwhile, Maila told Kiana about the result. Onay went to Helena’s house when Helena was searching for Natalie. Onay told Helena to return her daughter as she had a right over her child as a mother. On the contrary, Helena said Onay lost that right long time ago.

Onay was trying to get her way through but Helena wouldn’t let her. Onay bit her and Helena warned Lucas to get his pet away as she would give her rabies. Nelia told Dante and Sally that Helena ran with the child and if Lucas could process the issue to court she could be the witness.

Soleng and Louise talked on phone concerning Natalie and Louise said she had not seen her and would try to call her. In the car with Lucas, Onay cried. She was impatient to get her child. Elsewhere, Kiana said bye to Maila. Maila then received a call from Onay and she told her she did not see Natalie, only Helena and knew Helena was keeping Rosemarie.

Nelia also feared that Helena would run with Natalie once more. Natalie finally called Louise to inform her, her location, saying she was close to their school. Louise said Helena was desperately searching for her and she told Louise that she was mad at her mother for concealing the truth.


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