The Way To Your Heart Episode 57

The Way To Your Heart Episode 57 Helena files counter affidavit over kidnapping lawsuit against her

Nelia also feared that Helena would run with Natalie once more. Natalie finally called Louise to inform her, her location, saying she was close to their school. Louise said Helena was desperately searching for her and she told Louise that she was mad at her mother for concealing the truth.

Louise told her she was coming. Louise had a call from Agatha and she asked Louise if she was sure she had not received a call from Natalie and she lied to defend her friend.

Maila bumped into Natalie, she tried talking to her too accept Onay as her mother but Natalie declared that she did not want to have anything to do with the Matayogs. Louise got there later and due to traffic she kept long. As they were leaving, they came across Helena.

She wondered how Helena got to know where she was and Helena said she had her own ears and eyes. Louise excused the mother and daughter for them to talk. Natalie compelled Helena to tell her the truth and the later twisted the story but admitted Natalie was Rosemarie and her mother is Onay. After Elvin died, Onay wanted to take Natalie away but she did not allow since she wanted to give Natalie a good life.

Helena cried and told her she was the only family she was left with and did not know how to tell her the truth. Natalie embraced her adding that Helena would always be her mother. They went home and Helena served her. Helena told Natalie that now that she knew the truth, they should now be honest and not keep secret from eachother. If Natalie decides to stay with Onay she should inform her.

Natalie promised not to leave her. Meanwhile, Onay was still crying for Helena denying her access to her own child. Nelia comforted her and embraced her, assuring her that everything would be fine.

Lucas went to see a judge and he said he reviewed the case and was willing to help him. Lucas later relayed the information to Onay and she was happy.

Helena told Natalie that it had been days since she heard from Onay and Natalie said she should forget about Onay. Natalie believed that the Matayogs have now come to the realisation that she was not interested and ready to accept Onay as her mother.

As they stepped out, Helena received a summons to appear before the court. Suddenly, Helena’s eyes emitted fears. She was upset and she abandoned her movie outing with Natalie.

“How dare Onay rise up against me.”

She feared that with the help of Lucas, Onay would get her arrested and send her to prison.

Natalie assured that she would not allow Onay to do that to Helena. Lucas believed Helena has already received the summons. Onay could not wait to see Helena in court room with her.

In anguish Natalie storms Lucas’ house to warn Onay to leave Helena alone. She told Onay that she would never be her mother. She told Onay that she was like a mosquito buzzing into her ears. As she kept insulting Onay Maila defended Onay.

Helena’s attorney stated that they could say in court that the test was ringed so Natalie was not Onay’s child. Helena asked if they could also state that Natalie was force to take the test.

Natalie and Maila fought and Onay asked them to stop since they were siblings. Natalie warned Onay to call her a daughter because she was not and would never be. She told Onay to withdraw the law suit against Helena. Natalie constant denial of Onay being her mother made Onay cry. Maila consoled her.

Natalie returned home and told Helena that she was at Onay’s place to warn her. Helena advised her not to do that again since she was doing everything to ensure they win the lawsuit and pleaded with Natalie not to jeopardise their chances of winning.

The Matayogs believed Helena has turned Natalie against them. Sitting with Lucas, Onay’s lamented that she was so happy when Natalie agreed to do the test and also when the test came as positive but Natalie still did not like her upon all her efforts.

During the night, Helena recalled when Elvin introduced Onay as his wife and Natalie returned home to inform her that she went to tell Onay that she would never be her mother.
She promised not to allow anyone takes her away from her.

The next day, the two attorneys appeared in court and Helena Montenegro refused to honour the summons. Her lawyer claimed that Helena had a medical emergency but his client has a counter affidavit. His argument was that Onay forced Natalie to do the test and the results was tempered with. His client was then arguing about the validity of the result as they believed it was fake.

Onay was impatient and insisted on Natalie being her daughter Rosemarie and did not force Natalie to take the test. The judge ordered Lucas to control his client but Onay kept on even when Lucas tried to stop her.

The court adjourned the case. The family were worried but Dante believed Onay would win the case. Lucas brainstormed with Onay about the way forward while they were driving home. Helena and Natalie went out for a drink and were happy that they did not appear before the court. Helena said Onay would be found wanting as she has paid the lawyer to do the dirty job.

Maila talked to Oliver and the latter said he wished Onay win the case. Meanwhile, Agatha told Helena that she could not skip the hearing forever but Helena said she would find her way as Onay did not worth her type.

In a video chat, Louis told Natalie that she should compromise and accept Onay. Lucas and Onay went to the same restaurant which Helena was. As Natalie returned from the washroom, her voice made Onay realised their presence. A fight broke, Onay pounced on Helena like a beast after Natalie denied Onay as her mother, claiming her mother was Helena and Helena was also making fun of her.

Natalie said Onay was a dwarf and could never give birth to a complete person like her. Lucas told Natalie that it was enough. Helena insulted Onay and Onay attempted to fight Helena again, Natalie came in between. Helena said that would be the last time Onay would get close to her daughter.

Nelia called Lucas but he ended it as Onay was running after Helena. Helena admitted that that Rosemarie was Onay’s daughter but Natalie was her daughter. Helena warned Lucas to make Onay know her limit. Lucas tried to stop Onay. Louise said she and Natalie knew the truth that her mother was Onay but Natalie insisted that she did not want to be Maila’s sister and Onay’s daughter.

Onay went home to inform the family about the unfortunate news and the dreadful encounter with the Montenegros. Onay was still affected by the issue and took trip down the memory lane on how Helena took her daughter away. She was scared that Helena would have her way again.

Onay promised to ensure that this time around Helena did not get her way through. Maila came to Onay and said sorry to her for everything that was happening. They believed everything would be okay soon and they embraced.


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