The Way To Your Heart Episode 60

The Way To Your Heart Episode 60 Onay, Maila get kidnapped

In school, Natalie was brooding about the mishappenings and Louise informed  her that something bad has happened to Helena.

Helena told Agatha that Onay threatened to file a kidnapping charge against her. Natalie got there and Helena asked her chances with her.

Later, Natalie told her friends that she would have to accept Onay’s offer if the lawyer failed to get somewhere safer for her mother. Louise wanted her to give Onay a chance but Natalie got upset so Louise begged her. Agatha seek the help of a certain man for Helena.

Onay later received a call from Natalie who blamed Onay for what happend to Helena, adding that she hates her. Natalie and Louise went out and Lucas called her to ask about Natalie.

Lucas went to a restaurant, where he was told Natalie was and asked Dante to ensure Maila and Onay stay in the car. Onay and Maila got out and Dante asked them to go in. Onay refused, unfortunately, some goons who were dressed as clowns in a car carried Onay. She screamed and Dante tried to fight them.

Maila wanted to save Onay but one of the goons pointed a gun at Maila.

The kidnappers sent Onay away, while Maila figured out way to follow them. Dante was injured and Lucas was still inside the restaurant with Hector.

Onay was locked at the back of the car. She cried as she was scared she would once more be raped. Maila woke Dante who was dazed after being beaten. Dante had no keys to the car so he saw someone from the restaurant going to ride his motorcycle. Dante forcefully took the motor and ran after the goons together with Maila.

Lucas finally came out and could not find them. He asked around and followed with his car. He actually did not know where he was going since he did not know where Dante sent the motor. Agatha visited Helena in prison to inform her about what she did.

Lucas called Nelia to inform him about what had happened. Dante and Maila saw where the car was going. They hatched up a plan to follow them. The goons however used a strategy since they knew they were being followed.

They packed the car and Dante told Maila to wait while he went to check in the car whether he would find  Onay but did not see her. The kidnappers used different car and route to follow Dante and once they saw Maila standing there, they also kidnapped Maila, Dante could not do anything. He tried to follow them again but the motor broke down on the road.

In the house, Nelia was worried, wondering where Dante, Onay and Maila were. Dante called to inform Nelia that Onay and Maila had been kidnapped. Maila was sent to her mother who had been locked up.

Dante went to the police station to file a complaint and blamed Helena for it. Louise and Natalie were still out drinking. Lucas learnt that Maila has also been kidnapped. Maila screamed for help as Onay was not feeling well. The clowns came in and warned her to stop screaming. Maila said they had to rush Onay to hospital.

As the clowns were getting away by putting a sack on Onay’s head, Maila kicked them. She overpowered them and ran with Onay. When they reached the gate, she hid herself to wait for the goons to appear, once the clowns did she hit them with a wood and fled with Onay.

Dante led the search to show Lucas and Hector where the truck car the kidnappers used was packed. Dante insisted that Helena was the culprit, Lucas said they should continue searching so they went inside their car and sped in search for Onay and Maila.

Kiana also believed Helena was the culprit, Sally could not believe since Helena was already arrested. Maila and Onay reached a certain tree, they hid  behind the tree. Maila decided to go and look for help and told Onay to remain in the hide out.

Maila ran, later the bad guys came across him but Maila swerved them and fled. Meanwhile, Kiana had been crying thinking about all the good times she had with Maila. Sally consoled her, asking her not to cry she was hopeful that Onay and Maila would be saved and return home.

Onay in her hide out imagined that Natalie had appeared and talked to her that her sister, Maila who had collapsed needed her to survive. Natalie then gave Maila her hand for her to hold. They embraced, Onay hoped their current omen could bring Natalie and Maila together, that would have given her joy.

Maila reached a certain junction and saw a seller who she took his phone to call Sally to inform her about her whereabouts. Sally called Lucas and he went to Biyang, the place Maila said the car passed.

Suddenly, Nelia who was praying in her room for the safety of Onay and Maila had a heart attack. The glasses which she fell on alerted Sally. Nelia also called out Sally and Kiana’s name for help. They rushed upstairs and Sally told Kiana to get water.

The kidnappers haunted and caught Onay, Lucas reached the junction which Maila seek help and the man showed where Maila passed. Unfortunately, the bad guys caught up with Maila with their car and forced her into the car truck where Onay had also been kept. Lucas reached there on time and the kidnappers shot him but he hid.

The kidnappers fled, Hector also stepped on the car to run after them.


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