The Way To Your Heart Episode 61

The Way To Your Heart Episode 61 Onay, Maila is saved from the kidnappers, Helena is set free

The family were still hoping for the return of Onay and Maila, wishing Lucas could find and set them free from the hands of the kidnappers. Maila and Onay were inside the car trunk.

The car almost collided with another car, since the kidnappers who have concealed their identity and have appeared as clowns were riding on top speed. The driver driving the kidnapper’s car took a sharp turn and their car hit a tree. Realising the car would soon explode, they ran leaving Onay and Maila inside the trunk.

Lucas and his accompanies reached there and helped Maila out, Dante and Hector ran with Maila while Lucas carried the unconscious Onay. The car blast so they jumped off and all of them fainted. Lucas woke up and as Onay was still unconscious, he cried for forgiveness for everything that he did against her and asked her not to die.

Soon, the rest regained consciousness and sent Onay to hospital. Onay recovered and was discharged. Natalie visited to inform them about her decision on Onay’s proposal, She accepted Onay’s proposal for her to set Helena free. Onay was happy although Natalie still showed a bit of resentment for pushing her into a tight corner.

It was Helena who planned with Natalie to accept the offer and once she was set free she would avenge Onay for all that she has done against her.

At the police station, Helena’s attorney payed her a visit to inform her about the new development with her case. Helena was told Onay has dropped the charges against her.

Onay planned a welcome back party for Rosemarie (Natalie). Dante erected a banner with inscription”Welcome back Rosemarie.” They decorated the house and Maila was happy to be reunited with her senior sister.

As she was leaving the Montenegro’s mansion, Natalie made Soleng promise to take care of Helena. She later received a call from Helena who was arriving home with Agatha. Helena told her that she was on her way home and would l’ve to meet her but she said she was on her way to Onay’s house.

Helena reminded her on what they agreed on, to make life miserable for Onay and Maila till they have their way. Natalie arrived in Lucas’ house. She was warmly welcomed to the surprise party. She said she only did what she was doing for Helena.

Natalie got upset when Maila called her Rosemarie, she destroyed the banner and picked a fight with Maila. Dante tried to stop her from being rude while they were doing everything to make her happy with her stay in the house. She fought with Dante as well, Nelia and Lucas tried to separate the fight.

Onay with a cold voice talked to Natalie to see that they did everything with l*ve and she did not have to be rude to them. They just wanted to be part of her life.

Helena arrived home, she sipped a drink, while questioning Soleng about her loyalty. She asked if Soleng was the one who helped Onay to get to her. Soleng denied and Helena gave her another chance.

Natalie kept talking rude to Onay and said she would not be able to stay with them as she would choose to live with Helena. She was throwing tantrums and Nelia cautioned her about her character and the manner she talked to Onay. Irrespective, she was the one who gave birth to her.

Helena told Soleng that Natalie’s loyalty lied with her not Onay and she believed after the hearing Natalie would be with her. Onay wept about Natalie’s character and Nelia believed they had to be a little patient with her. Meanwhile, Helena could not sleep after everything that had happened.

As Natalie was in her room, Nelia came in to have a talk with Natalie so that they could all live amicably. As Nelia left, Natalie called Louise to tell her how much she hated it when she was treated like Onay’s daughter. She could not stand it.

Natalie could not sleep she had a call from Helena who said she was waiting for her. Natalie sneaked out of the house but Maila saw her. She followed her and asked where she was going at that time.

She threw a tantrum, Maila wanted to escort her since it was late but she refused. She left and Maila went inside. Natalie met Helena, she was happy to see Helena finally free. She hugged her and Helena said she had kept long. Natalie said she did not want anyone to see her.

After their chat Natalie said she was leaving since she was scared they would be seen and left. Agatha spoke with Helena and did not support Helena’s decision to see Natalie right away. She was scared Onay might change her mind since the offer she proposed was the reason Helena was out of prison.

Helena said Onay could not determine the time she had to see her daughter. She ran after Natalie and Natalie wanted her to go so that no problem arise. Maila told Dante that Natalie had gone out and they went out to look for her. They saw her and Helena together. They exchanged words and almost ended up as fist fight between Dante and Helena.


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