The Way To Your Heart Episode 63

The Way To Your Heart Episode 63 Helena contracts an henchman to k!ll Onay, Natalie falls unconscious

Louise exposed Helena and Natalie at the police station for faking an assault. Dante told the police that there was no need for any evidence again as Louise has already exposed the lies of Natalie and Helena.

Dante forcefully took Natalie away and Helena vent her anger on the police for allowing Dante to go away with Natalie, especially when Natalie bore her name.

In the house, she vent her anger on Agatha for making Louise screw everything up. Agatha could only say sorry. Natalie was dragged inside her room and was deprived of her phone for her not to conspire with Helena anymore. Onay tried to talk to her but Natalie kept on with her rudeness and drove Onay away.

Onay cried to Maila over everything that was happening. Maila comforted her. Dante placed Natalie’s phone on the table and spoke with Nelia. Meanwhile, Natalie was standing around spying on them to look for an appropriate time to steal her phone.

In her room, Maila wept for how Natalie’s presence in the house was creating trouble, leaving everyone restless as they did not know her next move against the family.

Helena got agitated after her plans to get Natalie backfired. She planned to take Onay out of her way for good. Agatha did not want things to get messy so she advised Helena against her plan.

Onay was still emotional as she was talking to Nelia. She had tried all she could but Natalie kept turning her away. Helena said the only way to get Natalie was by eliminating Onay.

“I want her dead!”

“I will do anything to get Natalie back even if vanishing Onay from the phase of the earth for good,” Helena spewed.

Natalie descended down the stairs to get her phone, unknown to her, Dante was standing at the corner and caught her red handed. Natalie admitted that she wanted to call Helena since she was her mother but Dante would have none of that.

He believed if Natalie got in touch with Helena they would deploy a new plan against Onay and the family. However, Natalie said she would not do anything that would create a problem. Dante said there would be a problem and did not give her the phone.

She stormed to her room in rage, Nelia appeared and Natalie reminded Nelia of manners when coming to someone’s room so Nelia turned back and knock before entering her room.

Natalie talked rudely to her and said she tried staying with them but it was not working. She wanted to go back to her mother. She insulted Nelia that if she wanted respect she should respect her first. Later, Helena presented Onay’s picture to her henchman to get rid of her.

Natalie came out of her room to find Dante sleeping at the living room, she took her phone from Dante’s pocket to call Helena to ask her to come over to the house.

Maila came to meet her outside the gate of the house and snatched the phone away from her. She ended the call and Helena couldn’t reach Natalie. Helena called Agatha to express her displeasure about Onay’s action. Helena’s action made Agatha wondered whether she wanted Onay dead for real.

Helena said she wanted Onay dead because she would not allow her to be with her daughter. She called her henchman who she gave Onay’s picture to, to execute the plan.

Meanwhile, Natalie and Maila fought over the phone and Maila sustained a facial wound. Onay came out to find the two sisters fighting hard. She separated the fight. Natalie went inside to scatter her bed, screaming that she hated Maila.

Maila asked for forgiveness for fighting with Natalie. Later, Nataloe escaped from the house but Onay saw her and ran after her. Natalie saw a packed bicycle she sat on it and fled. Fortunately, Onay saw a security officer and she joined her motto.

Natalie was stopped and Onay caught her. She screamed on Onay for not allowing her to see her mother. She ran off again on the bicycle and Onay still followed her. Agatha tried to talk Helena out of harming Onay but she said the topic was over, she had already declared her intentions.

Natalie while riding the bicycle on a top speed came across someone who was crossing the road without watching out. She accidentally fell off the bike as she was applying the break before hurting the person. Onay and the guard went to her rescue.


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