The Way To Your Heart Episode 64

The Way To Your Heart Episode 64 Onay and Natalie get kidnapped

In the house, Maila was worried since Onay had not returned. She called Soleng to ask Natalie and Onay were there but the two weren’t.

Elsewhere, Onay laid Natalie’s head on her lap. She said sorry to her while she recalled a past event. Natalie regained consciousness and Onay helped her up as they rushed her to hospital.

Helena called her henchman to ask how far he had gone with the work. At the hospital, Natalie blamed Onay for her accident. Onay in a cold voice said she did not want her to get harmed but she wanted to keep her from harm’s way.

Onay wept to make Natalie understand that she went through a lot as a mother who lost her daughter and wished Natalie could give her a chance to prove herself as a mother to her. It seemed Natalie was getting emotional but she was quick to hide her emotions.

Natalie’s hand was bandaged due to the scratch she sustained fro the bike accident. Helena called the house, demanding to speak to Natalie but Nelia warned her not to call to bother them since Natalie was not her daughter to begin with.

At the hospital, Onay recalled the childhood days of Natalie as she played with her. She also recalled when Maila introduced Natalie to her and when she first embraced her. As Natalie was sleeping, Onay held her hand to bond with her. She k!$$ed her hand.

Natalie woke up and Onay left her hand. Seeing Onay so emotional, Natalie wanted to appeal to her emotions and she made Onay promise to allow her to talk to Helena. The doctor entered Natalie’s room to check on her and she said she was fine.

She said Natalie’s mother was so worried and went to get her some food. Natalie screamed that Onay was not her mother but was shocked to see that the doctor’s mother was also a dwarf. The doctor in merriment left with her mother who bought her food and told Natalie that she was free to go home.

Maila called Onay when she went to buy food for Natalie. She returned to the hospital and gave Natalie the food to eat. Onay kept showing Natalie l*ve, Natalie was feeling bad about her mean actions towards Onay. She knew she has been unfair to Onay due to her condition but the doctor and her mother made her realised that someone of such calibre could also give birth to a refined person.

Elsewhere, Maila was in Lucas car going to the hospital to send Onay and Natalie home as they agreed during their phone conversation. As they had kept long, Onay was leaving the hospital with Natalie, she told her that Maila and attorney Lucas were coming for them and believed they had kept long due to the traffic.

She was making a call but Natalie was in a hurry to be in a taxi that stopped infront of her so Onay also went inside the car. The driver had been keeping tabs on Onay when she followed Natalie on a bike. As they were going he sprayed a chemical in the car and covered his nostrils so that he would not inhale the chemicals.

Onay and Natalie felt dizzy and slept. Lucas and Maila reached the hospital and the hospital receptionist informed them that Onay and Natalie had left in a taxi. The receptionist brought the number plate of the taxi which Onay and Natalie left with to Lucas.

Meanwhile, the henchman dropped somewhere else to convey their target into a new car and left with his gang boss. They carried Onay and Natalie to a far off bush where they locked Onay and Natalie inside a cage.

Maila looked worried but Lucas was optimistic. Helena called her henchman and he said they already had Onay. Helena was happy and opted for a slow death, the henchman said there was a problem when they trapped Onay as there was a witness who was with her. Helena wondered who that witness could be. Natalie woke up, seeing the bad gang she closed her eyes again to pretend that she was still sleeping.

Meanwhile, Helena seemed so tensed, Agatha got there to give her a drink. Helena felt that her plan was messed up and was feeling some regrets. Agatha wanted her to stop already but Helena said she had already made up her mind.

As the goons fell asleep, Natalie, woke up and calmly called Onay. They woke up to realise the cage has been locked, they managed to shift a piece of the wood up and Onay came out and help Natalie out. One of the henchmen woke up to drink. He watched the cage and realised their victims have escaped. He woke the rest up and they ran after Onay searching for her.

Maila and Kiana were out, they saw police patrol team and hid. They sneaked in to Helena’s house and talked to Soleng concerning Natalie and Onay but she said they were not there. Suddenly, Helena showed up and was about to make a scene, Maila told her that Onay and Natalie were together and could not find them. Helena realised Natalie could be the witness her henchman talked about.

Meanwhile, Onay and Natalie were hiding inside the bush. Natalie was scared and was crying. The incident brought Natalie and Onay together as now they were depending on eachother to make it. Onay embraced Natalie and asked her not to cry she was hopeful that Lucas would come and save them.

Elsewhere, Helena has been calling her henchmen but the calls were not going through she was hoping it was not Natalie. She was desperate and worried while Natalie and Onay kept bonding. Onay told Natalie to go and seek for help either from Maila or Lucas. It was difficult for Natalie to leave her behind but she had to go.

Actually Onay wanted to sacrifice herself so that both Natalie and her don’t get captured.


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