The Way To Your Heart Episode 66

The Way To Your Heart Episode 66 Onay survives Helena’s cruelty

It was getting so hot inside the grave and Onay recalled all those loved ones she would leave behind and prayed that they rescue her as she was not ready to die. She told herself. She could not breathe any further as she was sweating profusely. She fell unconscious.

Finally Helena met with her henchmen and vent her anger on them. She asked about the witness Onay was with and they assured her that they only buried Onay, Natalie escaped.

Lucas together with the local officials dug the grave to bring out the coffin. They opened it, carried Onay out and rushed her to hospital. Natalie leaned on Maila to cry. The two sisters depended on eachother as they prayed and hoped that Onay could regain consciousness.

Maila called home to inform Nelia about the incident, adding that they were at the hospital. Helena and Agatha were in a car still thinking about their evil deeds. Helena wanted to explore every means to see Natalie since the henchman told her she was safe. Nelia cried and Dante consoled her.

Natalie went into Onay’s ward to check on her. Onay had an oxygen on. Natalie recalled her last moment with Onay and went to plead with her not to die but she should wake up.

Onay’s condition was deteriorating so Natalie called out for a nurse. The doctor said Onay was dying and Natalie cried out. Maila also cried that she should not die but should wake up.

Helena and Agatha went to sit somewhere and a wrong line called. She said such wrong number kept stressing her. At the hospital, Maila began to blame Natalie for Onay’s condition and Natalie said sorry. Maila would not accept Natalie’s apology since the sorry could not do anything to revive Onay. Both sisters cried uncontrollably as Lucas stood outside, trying hard to swallow his pains and hide his tears but his eyes betrayed him.

Helena called Dante to find out where Natalie was and he said she was at the hospital. The girls realised that Onay was improving so Natalie called the doctor and the doctor said it was a miracle that Onay survived.

Natalie embraced Maila as they cried while being happy. Helena called her henchman to insult him for a poor job delivery. Nelia and the rest of the family arrived at the hospital to hear about the miracle. They rejoiced for Onay’s fighting spirit.

The police had an interaction with Nelia and Lucas concerning the kidnapping incident. Nelia wondered the person who could have done that against Onay. Attorney said they had to find evidence. Elsewhere, Helena was worried that she would be exposed after Onay survive. Agatha tried to calm her, Helena now planned to be compassionate to divert attention from her.

As they were at the hospital contemplating on the person who committed the atrocity, the devil, Helena showed up and even told them they were lucky for her to come there due to Natalie.

Due to the promise Natalie made to Onay to reconcile with Maila and get along as sisters, Natalie kept it and brought a drink to Maila. She was sorry for everything that has transpired between them. She told Maila that now Onay was admitted she would like to stay with Helena for a while but she promised to return as soon as possible. Maila accepted and allow her to go.

Helena insisted that she was there to sympathise with them and Nelia should drop the accusations. She decided to go and Nelia warned her that if they found out that she was behind Onay’s predicament she would make her pay dearly for it.

Later, Helena was at home and Natalie came to see her. Helena thought she had lost Natalie but that was not the case, they passionately hugged eachother. Natalie told Helena about the sacrifice Onay made to save her life from the thugs. She was grateful to Onay.

Helena was surprised to see that Natalie was now clinging to Onay, Natalie said Helena should not get her wrong. She said she could not bring herself to hate Onay again, never would she do that. Helena was dumbfounded.

At the hospital, Nelia went to talk to Onay to urge her to keep fighting and stay for her children especially Maila. Natalie called Louise to inform her about what happened to her and Onay and was glad that Onay survived. She told her friend that she would talk to her later and she slept.

Maila also told Onay that she would not have known what she would have done if something bad had happened to her. Lucas believed things would be well and asked Maila to take heart. Maila could not understand why her mother has always been the target of evil people. Lucas consoled her.

Louise and Agatha went to the hospital to ask of Onay’s ward. Agatha was scared that what her daughter was doing would make Helena upset. As they were talking and saying Helena was behind Onay’s condition, Maila overheard it and tried to confirm it if Helena indeed was the person behind Onay’s abduction.

As everyone left Onay’s ward, Lucas voiced out how guilty he felt to make her go through all the ordeal in life due to his one mistake. He wanted Onay to forgive him for ever raping her. He was not happy that he still had not been able to inform her that he was the culprit who raped her. He admitted that Maila was his daughter so she should forgive him for all the wrong he did against her and k!$$ed her forehead.

Maila kept asking whether Helena got her mother abducted and upon her orders the thugs buried Onay alive. Louise said it was her fault that she misunderstood her. Agatha said the answer to Maila’s question was no. In order to divert attention, she acted up by blaming Louise for having sympathy to come and visit Onay since she was the mother of her best friend but look at what she got in return, false accusation and they walked out.

Maila told them that it should better be true that Helena was not behind what happened to Onay otherwise when she delve into the issue and it becomes true that Helena was behind Onay’s predicament they would hear from her.

As Natalie was sleeping, Helena came to touch her and she woke up. She told Natalie that she was sorry that she was not there to protect her when she was abducted. Natalie said she should not feel sorry since it was not her fault but pleaded with her not to hate Onay anymore.

Helena said she did not hate her, she even made floral arrangements and believed Onay would soon receive it. She hugged Natalie and her looks tells it all. At the hospital, Maila told Lucas what she heard Louise saying. That proved that Lucas and Nelia’s assumptions and suspicions concerning Helena was true but needed evidence to prove that.


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