The Way To Your Heart Episode 67

The Way To Your Heart Episode 67 Natalie discovers Helena’s dark secret

Louise and Agatha went to the hospital to ask of Onay’s ward. Agatha was scared that what her daughter was doing would make Helena upset. As they were talking and saying Helena was behind Onay’s condition, Maila overheard it and tried to confirm it if Helena indeed was the person behind Onay’s abduction.

As everyone left Onay’s ward, Lucas voiced out how guilty he felt to make her go through all the ordeal in life due to his one mistake. He wanted Onay to forgive him for ever raping her. He was not happy that he still had not been able to inform her that he was the culprit who raped her. He admitted that Maila was his daughter so she should forgive him for all the wrong he did against her and k!$$ed her forehead.

Maila kept asking whether Helena got her mother abducted and upon her orders the thugs buried Onay alive. Louise said it was her fault that she misunderstood her. Agatha said the answer to Maila’s question was no. In order to divert attention, she acted up by blaming Louise for having sympathy to come and visit Onay since she was the mother of her best friend but look at what she got in return, false accusation and they walked out.

Maila told them that it should better be true that Helena was not behind what happened to Onay otherwise when she delve into the issue and it becomes true that Helena was behind Onay’s predicament they would hear from her.

As Natalie was sleeping, Helena came to touch her and she woke up. She told Natalie that she was sorry that she was not there to protect her when she was abducted. Natalie said she should not feel sorry since it was not her fault but pleaded with her not to hate Onay anymore.

Helena said she did not hate her, she even made floral arrangements and believed Onay would soon receive it. She hugged Natalie and her looks tells it all. At the hospital, Maila told Lucas what she heard Louise saying. That proved that Lucas and Nelia’s assumptions and suspicions concerning Helena was true but needed evidence to prove that.

In the car heading home, Louise was worried that Maila might create problem after hearing what she said. Soleng sent the flower which Helena ordered for Onay to the hospital for it to be delivered to Onay. Nelia destroyed the flowers and drove Soleng out.

Soleng called Helena to inform her about what happened at the hospital. When Soleng said the Matayogs suspected her to be the reason for Onay’s condition, she hang up.

Lucas and Maila arrived at Helena’s place to confront her for what she did against Onay. Helena tried driving them out, accusing them of trespassing. Helena pretended to be innocent of the accusation, Maila said she overheard Agatha and Louise talking about Helena being the brain behind Onay’s kidnapping. Agatha was quick to rebuke Maila for trying to include her and her daughter in her mess.

Helena asked Agatha whether she was the person who betrayed her but Agatha denied the allegations. At the hospital, Dante and Nelia were in Onay’s ward promising to ensure to bring the culprit to book and if it was Helena who committed such atrocity they would make her pay high price for it. They told Onay to get well soon.

Dante and Nelia believed Helena sent the flower just to take minds away from her as the culprit. Elsewhere, Agatha explained to Helena that it was a mere misunderstanding and they never did what Maila was accusing her of.

Louise yelled at Maila, saying the problem of eavesdropping was people get wrong information. As they were confronting eachother, Natalie appeared in the scene to ask Helena whether she was behind Onay’s kidnapping. Everyone kept quiet.

At the hospital, Dante and Nelia realised Onay was responding. Helena answered Natalie that Maila was falsely accusing her for an atrocious act which she did commit. She wondered why Lucas who was a lawyer would follow Maila to come to her house to accuse her while they had no evidence. She said Lucas should know better.

Lucas insisted that Helena was the prime suspect and would inform the Police about it. Helena threw them out of her house. The doctor came to check on Onay and assured the family that she would be fine since she was still unconscious.

Natalie would have a private conversation with Maila, refuting her claims that Helena kidnapped and tried assassinating Onay. Natalie assured her half sister that she knew Helena was capable of anything but for her to get to an extent of k!lling Onay she doubted. She promised Maila to get to the bottom of the issue and would never forgive Helena if indeed she was the master brain behind Onay’s predicament.

Dante cried and Lucas consoled him since he knew Onay would soon regain consciousness from her comatose.

After venting her anger on Agatha for visiting Onay behind her back with Agatha explaining that it was Louise’ idea and did not know Onay was the person they were visiting, Helena received a call from her henchman. Since they were in the house, Agatha did not want Helena to answer but the latter went on to answer and Natalie overheard the conversation about Helena’s misdeed.

Natalie then confronted her for kidnapping Onay and getting Onay buried alive. She never knew Helena could be that desperate and evil. Natalie was dumbfounded as she realised Maila’s accusations which Helena vehemently denied was true. Helena could not utter a word after Natalie discovered her secret. She bowed in shame while Agatha was moved by event.

Helena admitted to her crimes and said she had done that since she had no choice. She said she had to shut Onay up forever, Natalie said if Helena had not employed bad gangs to do what they did Onay and her would not have gotten hurt.

Natalie said she did not know Helena anymore and she was no longer her mother. Natalie walked out, Helena screamed that she hated Onay and everything that has happened was her fault. She wished Onay had died.

As Dante and Lucas were talking they realised Onay was moving her fingers and her eyes opened. Maila told Nelia that Natalie did not believe that Helena was behind the kidnapping incident. Nelia told Maila that same way if she told Maila that her mother is evil she would not believe.

To her, Natalie seed Helena as her god. Dante interrupted the conversation and told them that Onay had woken up. They rushed to her ward and Maila cried that she would not have known what she would have done without her. Onay asked her not to cry as she did not give up like that.

Elsewhere, Natalie was driving, still brooding over Helena’s lies. She had a call but did not answer. She drove on a top speed and came across another car.


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