The Way To Your Heart Episode 68

The Way To Your Heart Episode 68 Helena kidnaps Maila to be k!lled over Natalie’s decision of choosing Onay over her

Natalie was driving, still brooding over Helena’s lies. She had a call but did not answer. She drove on a top speed and came across another car. The lies and deception of Helena made her look down. She was able to control the steer and head to a place to meet her friend, Louise.

Helena told Agatha to call and ask Louise perhaps she might know where Natalie was but Agatha said it was all Helena’s fault and asked her to wait, natalie might need time to process all that had happened. Natalie met with Louise to tell her what she was going through.

Maila called Natalie to insists that Helena was behind what happened to Onay. Natalie tried covering up and got upset. Maila stopped her and told her and told her that Onay has regained consciousness. Natalie ended the call and was happy that Onay has recovered. She recalled the time Onay and her were locked inside the cage and had to lean on eachother to survive the clutches of the vile men.

Maila returned to the ward to inform them that she had already told Natalie about it. Helena had a goon who was keeping tabs on Onay, he called her to inform her that Onay has woken up. She became desperate as her plans had backfired, she sat feeling so defeated.

Natalie arrived and Helena embraced her, she feared she has lost her and was ready to inform the police about it.

At the hospital, Maila was so happy that Onay was alright. Natalie left in a car, Helena called her to turn back. Natalie told Helena that she was not her mother and sped off. Helena was not ready to lose her to Onay.

Natalie went to hospital to apologise to Onay for over trusting Helena. She said sorry and called Onay “mom.” They hugged and Onay was so happy that finally she has gotten her daughter back.

Onay told Natalie not to cry or apologise since it was not her fault, Helena was to be blamed. Natalie then embraced Nelia. Onay was so happy that finally Rosemarie was on their side and asked for the whereabouts of Maila from Nelia. Onay made Natalie hugged her again.

Suddenly, Helena appeared and asked if they were having a family reunion. She told Nelia that Natalie was hers and was there to send Natalie away. Natalie refused to go with her. In desperation, she tried to drag Natalie away but Nelia called the security and they held Helena back.

Helena pleaded with Natalie, claiming she did everything for her in order for them to be together therefore she should return home with her but Natalie did not. Meanwhile, Maila and Lucas were together trying to get something for Onay. Maila made Lucas take the lead as she would be there later.

Helena was not ready to back down, while driving she called her henchman to give him another job to finish off what he started without succeeding. She ordered the henchman to k!ll Maila, Onay’s daughter.

Lucas arrived at Onay’s ward and she told him that Rosemarie has now accepted her as her mother. Lucas said she was happy for her, they then asked of Maila and Lucas said Maila wanted to do something so he left her.

Unknown to him, Helena had Maila in her grasp. She was unconscious and delivered her to her henchman and they placed her inside the car trunk. She ordered them to do whatever they wanted to her, all that she wanted was for the goons to make her disappear.

Nelia was so worried about Maila and she had sudden headache while thinking of her, Lucas got her something to drink. Agatha confronted Helena for venting her anger on an innocent kid, she said Maila was innocent. She reminded Helena that her problem was with Onay not Maila.

Helena indicated that Natalie was innocent too and Onay took her. Agatha reminded her that she first took Natalie from Onay. Helena said she took Natalie to fill in the void in her heart since through Onay she lost her son and now she lost her daughter too. She said she wanted to create that void in Onay’s heart, hence her order to get Maila k!lled.

Nelia called Dante to ask if Maila was with him but he did not know Maila’s whereabouts. Lucas left with Natalie to search for Maila. The goons sent Maila to the previous destination where they had kept Natalie and Onay to tie her and locked her inside the cage.


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