The Way To Your Heart Episode 70

The Way To Your Heart Episode 70 Helena shoots Dante to death

At the Montenegro’s mansion, after Helena spoke with her goon and ordered Soleng to leave her while she was eating, there came a voice which called her Mrs Montenegro. She turned and to her dismay it was Dante. He surprised her in her mansion.

Elsewhere, Lucas told Natalie that he was hopeful that Maila would soon be found. Natalie hoped the officers would be able to rescue Maila. Helena said Dante was trespassing and denied knowing the whereabouts of Maila. Dante attacked Helena to compel her to talk.

Natalie hoped Maila was safe and Lucas said she has to be. He received a call from an officer telling him about a body being rescued at a certain bridge and wanted him to be there to identify it. Natalie asked what they said and he said the location which was captured was at a certain warehouse factory, where there was a river and believed Maila’s body was thrown inside the river. Natalie couldn’t believe as she was not ready to lose Maila.

Helena told Dante that she did not care about Maila who she cared about was Natalie nothing more or nothing less so what ever happened to her was none of her business.
The security came there and shot Dante’s rib and leg. Helena said due to what Dante did he would be sent to prison.

Unknown to Helena and the guard, Soleng saw how the guard shot Dante’s rib and ankle and she fled. Dante fell on his knees while looking at them. At the hospital, Lucas had a hint of a certain body and Onay asked him to go and check.

Natalie followed Lucas, the officers rescued the body from the waters. Natalie and Lucas got close to identify the body, once the person was unzipped it was not Maila and Natalie was so happy.

Meanwhile, Onay and Nelia were impatient before they would call, Lucas call came through and he informed them about his findings. Onay was so happy and thanked God. She embraced Nelia and both shared the moment of joy together.

The police came to Helena’s house to convey Dante’s body. Louise asked if it was appropriate to k!ll him, they could have injured him but Helena said if Dante was not shot, he would have k!lled her instead.

As Lucas and Natalie were heading home, Louise called her to inform her about the death of her uncle. Agatha asked Helena how she would explain to Natalie since Dante was her uncle. Helena with all her smily look said that would prove that the Matayogs family were criminals and Natalie had to get back home to her.

Dante’s body was put inside an ambulance. Natalie and Lucas rushed to the hospital. Natalie wept bitterly and Onay asked her why she was shedding tears since the body was not that of Maila’s. Lucas informed them that Dante stormed Helena’s house to confront her for Maila’s disappearance.

Nelia said she knew when Helena was put in her place she would talk. Lucas said the police went to Helena’s house and she asked whether Helena has been arrested. He said Dante is gone, Nelia queried gone where. Lucas did not know how to put it but he eventually said Dante was dead but it seemed Nelia had not digested the issue well to understand it that her brother was dead.

Helena bribed the guard to shut his mouth for her deed. A flashback showed that after the guard shot Dante’s uncle he fell and Helena took the gun to pull the trigger which went straight to Dante’s chest. Before his death Dante cursed Helena with his last breath.

Soleng saw that Helena has presented a white envelope to the guard and she wondered why he was given that. Helena explained to Soleng that the guard saved her life, hence the offer she gave him. Nelia was still in denial that her brother has kicked the bucket. She blamed Helena but doubted that her brother had left her. Lucas came to inform her about the arrival of the ambulance. Nelia head out to check it herself, Natalie followed her there.

Nelia paced around, Kiana and Sally got there, seeing the tension and how Natalie was crying, Kiana tried to squeeze out the truth from Natalie whether Maila was dead. Natalie did not talk, Sally was also wondering.

The body was being conveyed to the morgue, Nelia stopped them and took off the cloth from Dante’s face and saw it was indeed her brother. She cried, wailed, wept and mourn bitterly for her loss brother. Everyone presence also cried for the sudden departure of Dante.

Onay wanted to leave her bed to also check what was happening, but Lucas stopped her since she was bedridden. Elsewhere, Helena could not sleep since her acts kept flashing through her mind. Natalie stormed there and was glad to see her. Natalie rebuked her action and also accused her of Maila’s disappearance.

For Maila’s disappearance, Helena kept denying but for Dante’s death she wanted to appeal to the emotions of Natalie by claiming Dante wanted to k!ll her but was shot in self defense. Natalie said she would make Helena pay for what she did against her family, for k!lling Dante and ordered the kidnapping of Maila.

Helena denied k!lling Dante, claiming she was not a bad person as she claimed she was. She stated that she was willing to make the guard be arrested and also help in the search for Maila if that would make her happy. Natalie threatened to make the police arrest her. Helena tried stopping her but she pushed her away.

During the wake of Dante, Helena presented a flower (wreath) to the family. Nelia asked who presented it and Helena showed up by taking off her vail. Nelia fought her for coming to mock her family after k!lling her brother.

Onay told Lucas that Dante was always at where war was and he settled dispute. She knew Helena intentionally k!lled him. Sally went to call Onay that Nelia was fighting Helena.

Helena said she came there to share their pains not knowing Nelia would fight her. Nelia asked who advised her to come and console them. They did not need her and slapped her, Helena also slapped her back.


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