The Way To Your Heart Episode 71

Onanay Episode 71

The Way To Your Heart Episode 71 Maila exposes Helena for plotting her death

As Helena was fighting with Nelia during the funeral, Nelia threw chair at her to force her to leave Dante’s funeral. Lucas appeared to separate the fight but Helena was not ready to leave.

Natalie and Louise were in the car, Natalie was upset that Helena after master minding Maila’s kidnap she has gone to the length of having Dante k!lled. Louise assured that their fellow mates were doing everything possible to also find Maila.

To her dismay, Natalie got to the funeral to meet Helena causing trouble and she threw Helena out. Helena acted as the victim, indicating that she could have turned the hands of time to have stopped the security from intervening on her behalf just to save Dante.

Natalie asked her to leave her family alone. Helena still adamant to leave, she said Natalie’s family was also her family that was why she was there to sympathise with them but Nelia was treating her as a criminal. Natalie interjected that she was a criminal.

Helena refuted claims, saying she was rather her mother, Natalie interjected that she was not her mother, Onay also added her voice and they threw her out. Before she left, Helena threatened Natalie that she would regret for acting cruel towards her as there would be a day she would beg her to take her back.

At the Montenegro’s mansion, Helena informed Agatha about how she was treated by the Matayogs during Dante’s funeral. Agatha indicated that she went to their territory, hence their act.

Helena lamented that she escaped with Natalie so that she could raise her and get rid of every single DNA of Onay from her but now Natalie was behaving like the Matayogs. She said she had not given up but has now started since she has gotten rid of Maila and Dante the next could be the prince charming, Lucas or the mother, Nelia in her mission to eradicate the Matayogs from the surface of the earth.

Prayer was led by the priest as Dante was layed to rest. Natalie recalled the good times she had with Dante,s o do Onay and Nelia. Elsewhere, the police had an interview with a health practitioner about a certain patient who they took her clothes to inspect it. The police then left with the full belief that the person could be Maila.

Nelia was inconsolable as she thought about her brother. He was buried and the family together with loved ones lay a flower on his grave. Lucas felt so sad that the Matayogs had to pass through all those challenges, aside Dante, Maila was also no where to be found. He and Hector approached the family to comfort them.

At the Montenegro’s mansion, Agatha tried talking Helena against her plans but she was poised to take revenge on the Matayogs. The police arrived at her house and she tried convincing the police not to inform the Matayogs about Maila being found. She explained that her daughter was close to Maila and since the family was mourning it would be better for the police to inform the family about Maila once she recovered.

The police called Lucas to inform him about Maila being admitted. At that time he was driving Onay and Natalie to the house. They were happy about the positive news after mourning. Meanwhile, Helena called her henchman to vent her anger on him for their inability to k!ll Maila. The henchman and his bad gangs head to the hospital to finish off Maila.

Unfortunately, he bumped into Onay and Natalie, the two were able to identify the henchman as the person behind their earlier kidnap. Quickly, Lucas and the police ran after him while Onay and Natalie rushed to Maila’s ward to ensure her safety.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the henchman slipped from the sight of Lucas and the police. Lucas long time friend came out of the washroom. Natalie and Onay cried that Maila should get well for them to be United. Lucas joined, soon his friend also came to the ward but had a call since he was in a wrong ward. He did not see Lucas and Onay so did the both.

The henchman informed Helena about his failed mission. Helena was upset with his negligence since she wanted Maila dead but was alive, same way he could not k!ll Onay. Soleng overheard the conversation and queried her for what she has done. Helena said Onay has taken two important people from her life.

She later vents her anger on Lolit and fire her for not securing the finances of her foundation. Natalie comfort Onay, saying Maila was a fighter like Onay and believed she would overcome her current state.

Soon, Maila opened her eyes and Lucas called the doctor who confirmed that Maila was getting better. Maila then explained to her family the exact thing that led to her disappearance.

A flashback showed that as Helena was thrown out of the hospital, Maila followed to confront her for what she did to Onay. Helena slapped her and pushed her, Maila tripped and hit her head on the ground. She collapsed and when she opened her eyes she was inside the dam. She took off all the ropes she was tied with and swam up. She was drowning and screamed for help, Fortunately, some men who were sailing heard her voice and went to her rescue.

Flashforward: Maila told Lucas to get Helena arrested and Lucas assured that he would get her arrested for the crime she has committed. Natalie also said Helena would pay for everything she has done to her family. She promised to always be by Maila’s side.


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