The Way To Your Heart Episode 75

The Way To Your Heart Episode 75 Helena’s account is frozen

Agatha seemed unfazed with what had happened to Helena. She admitted Helena was passing through a lot but she called for it and deserved everything that had happened to her. She wanted Helena to learn a lesson from what she was going through.

Helena and Soleng reached her new mansion. The place was beautiful so Soleng complemented the place. Helena blamed her misfortune to Onay but Soleng thought otherwise. Helena insisted that she lost everything all due to Onay, she later told Soleng to prepare the masters bedroom for her.

As Soleng went upstairs, Helena said her nemesis had thought she had been defeated but she was still on top and no biddy could ruin her. She began to drink and Soleng advised her against drinking but she insisted that she has lost everything. Soleng believed the problem would be resolved but Helena said the problem was beyond repairs and left the house in her car.

As she was driving she came across a man standing in the middle of the road. She blew her car horn several times but the person who was standing his back towards Helena did not move. His dress was stained with blood, Helena got upset and came out of the car to confront the person, yet the person did not turn. Helena held the person, telling him she was talking to him. Once she turned the man’s face it was Dante.

Helena was startled and mentioned his name, Dante warned her to confess her deeds. Helena in fear ran to her car but the door of the car got locked and could not open. Dante ran after her and attacked her demanding her to confess otherwise he would also k!ll her. Suddenly, Helena woke up from her nightmare.

She told Soleng so many things while she looked scared by the nightmare. Onay went through her phone. She joined Lucas and felt sorry for Helena.

Helena went to the Crown Bank to withdraw but her account was frozen. She was upset and she told the teller that it was impossible and even told him he did not know how to do his job properly. As Helena kept pestering and demeaning him, he called the security to throw her out.

She board a taxi, meanwhile, Onay and Lucas were keeping tabs on her. Helena went to the Happy Heart Foundation office to talk to Agatha. She stormed the meeting at the moment Agatha was apologising and trying to make amendments to the mistakes that Helena made.

They looked surprised to see her, Agatha asked the secretary why she allowed Helena in. Helena said she needed a friend to talk to and said sorry to Agatha. She said she had no bad motive when she made investment with the foundation money.

Agatha retorted that, that was not excuse for her to use a foundation money to do things that benefitted her and threw her out. Helena now went to a local eatery, after eating, she gave her card to the waitress. An acquaintance saw her and asked her about the embezzlement of funds at the foundation but she denied.

The waitress returned the card as she could not use it and ask Helena to pay it it in cash but Helena insisted that the card was working. Helena’s friend said she would pay but she refused her friend’s offer. The friend asked Helena why was she still telling lies while she was having a financial problem.

The friend left, as Helena tried to find money in the bag it fell and all her things inside the bag scattered. She took the things from the floor, suddenly she saw someone giving her a card. She refused to take the card, claiming Onay’s sugar daddy Lucas gave her that. The waitress took the card as she was in a hurry to take care of other customers.

Helena told her to return Onay’s card, adding that she was also a customer and needed the same treatment just like the rest as they all have equal rights. She poured water on Onay. The scene Helena was causing attracted the customers to stare. The waitress brought a wiper for Lucas to wipe off Onay. Helena said she would rather die before stooping so low to accept Onay’s help.

Onay was helping her due to Natalie but she left and the waitress returned her card. As the waitress was leaving, Helena called her to return her card. She wept while the customers were watching and laughing at her.

Elsewhere, Natalie and Maila went for shopping, as Natalie was stopping a taxi, Maila spotted Sir Vince and followed to call him. Natalie obstructed her since the taxi had stopped and asked her where she was going. Maila told her about Vince and Natalie said she knew him.


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