The Way To Your Heart Episode 77

The Way To Your Heart Episode 77 Onay turns down Lucas’ marriage proposal

As Natalie was sitting with Maila making merry, she left for a while and she received a call from Helena. Thinking it was Natalie, Helena thanked God that she received it and told her she needed her as she was alone.

Maila replied that Natalie would not be with her. Natalie appeared and she asked Maila if it was Helena. She talked to Helena and Helena asked her to come home, Natalie refused. This made Helena got upset and thought of a vile plan.

The Matayogs went out to have a fun time together with Lucas and Hector. Unknown to them, Helena was keeping tabs and followed them in a taxi. At the pool side of the mansion, Onay accidentally dropped food on Lucas. As she was helping him to wipe they were found in a compromising situation. Natalie and Maila mocked them and they said they would leave them for the two to have fun.

Lucas decided to go and change his shirt. They then lay a cloth on the grass and talked about themselves. Lucas left to get Onay a surprise. As Onay was sitting thinking about Lucas and the good times she had with him, Helena appeared to threaten Onay. She held Onay and the latter bit her and fled to the pool side. She then took the pipe line connecting to the pool and told Helena that if she drew closer she would pump water on her.

Helena was bent on hurting her so Onay pumped the water on her. Helena managed to get hold of Onay. She dragged her to the pull and dipped her head inside the pool. Later she used the tap line to strangle Onay till she passed out and left.

Meanwhile, Lucas had returned with flowers looking for Onay to give to her. He feared that Onay once more had been kidnapped so he became serious in the search. He saw Hector and he asked him if he knew where Onay was but Hector said he left Onay with him. They searched came across Onay lying helplessly at the side of the pool.

Maila asked Natalie if she was okay with her dating Oliver. Natalie said both deserved eachother and had no problem with that. They had video chat with him and they shot videos of the foods they were eating. They left and bumped into Helena who was fleeing with her dress soaked. Maila suspected that she came there to cause trouble and reprimanded Helena. Helena pushed her away. Natalie helped Maila up and they ran to check on Onay.

Onay after a while woke up to find herself in Lucas hands. Lucas was happy that she woke up as he was scared. Onay asked if he saw Helena but he said he didn’t. Fast forward, Lucas said he had filed a case against Helena at the police station. Onay confessed her feelings about Lucas to Nelia. Nelia believed it has been long since Elvin passed away and she could now give Lucas a chance.

Maila and Natalie eavesdropped. Natalie said Onay should give herself a second chance to be happy in life. Lucas shared a drink with Hector. That evening Onay prayed to God to ask for directions before sleeping. The next day, she woke up to find a flower on her bed. She took it and saw some on the floor, she picked it. Onay followed the direction of the flowers to find Lucas who was pouring his heart out to Maila after setting a table.

Lucas hugged Maila to realise Onay has heard the conversation. Soleng rushed to present a court summons to Helena. Helena was upset after reading the summons which was from Onay. She torn it, Soleng after reading the pieces she joined advised Helena to heed to the court order otherwise she would be arrested. Helena said Soleng had been watching tele series too much which has affected her thoughts.

Helena said before Onay would ruin her, she would do it first. She saw on her phone about a party which Lucas would throw and decided to attend. Onay was blindfolded to the party and was surprised after the blind fold was taken off. Maila presented the case which contained the ring and Lucas asked Onay’s hand in marriage.

“Onay will you marry me?” Lucas on his knees asking Onay.

Meanwhile, Helena has reached the location and was told she was right on time for the proposal session. Helena was shocked.

As everyone was waiting for the magical word yes, Onay feared, she did not want a similar experience she had in the past with Elvin to repeat so she said sorry and left. Lucas was left heart broken and shed tears.


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