The Way To Your Heart (Onanay) Story Plot

The Way To Your Heart (Onanay) Story Plot

The Way To Your Heart (Onanay) Story Plot

The Way To Your Heart originally titled Onanay tells a story of Onay, a woman born with achondroplastic dwarfism or a bone growth disorder who falls in l*ve with Elvis, a man of average height.

Although the mother of Elvis is against the affair between the two due to Onay’s birth condition. Elvis went ahead to marry Onay  despite being ridiculed often.

She got pregnant and gave birth to Natalie. Natalie grows up to be a proud and stubborn young lady who cannot accept that she is the daughter of Onay.

Natalie is ashamed to call Onay her mother because of her condition. She despised her mother but Onay shows her l*ve just like how Natalie’s father showed her.

Onay and Elvis’ life is going well until an unfortunate incident happens. Onay is raped. In his attempt to seek justice for Onay, Elvis meets an accident and dies. This makes Elvis mother grows wild and accuses Onay for the death of her dear son.

Later on, Onay finds out she is pregnant with her second child, Maila. Because the baby is the result of her horrifying experience, she finds it difficult to accept Maila even when the child grows up to be a loving and caring daughter.

Maila is a perfectly cheerful and obedient daughter who is willing to stand up to anyone who makes fun of her mother. She dreams of graduating and giving her family a comfortable life but Onay cannot l’ve her in similar fashion.

As the story unfolds, Onay longs for her first daughter, Natalie’s acceptance, while her other daughter, Maila yearns for her love. What becomes of their situation which is complicated by the lies, prejudice and discrimination around them?

The story has just begun as the two daughters fight for their positions and rights in the life of Onay, will the children be able to cope with eachother and will Maila fate change at the sight of her raped mother?


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