Two Wives Episode 10

Two Wives Episode 10 Sonia condemned Janine, Yvonne loses her second child

Marcus helped his mother in the kitchen. He told his mother to do the cooking so that he could eat. Janine was coming out with Victor and Audrey. They ushered him in but made the nanny send Audrey away.

Sonia was dumbfounded when her son was defending Janine so she slapped him. She made it clear that she would not accept Janine and asked if the girl was his son. Victor said that Audrey was his daughter, much to Janine’s surprise.

Sonia refused to acknowledge them, saying accepting them meant that she was acknowledging the other family of his father. He slapped Victor multiple times. Janine went to the rescue of  Victor. She told Sonia that she and Victor really lõved themselves so she should know that.

She explained that the situation was difficult yet they tried everything to resist each other. Doris warned her to stay away from Victor. Sonia wondered why she looked like a decent woman yet would ruin someone’s family.  Sonia told him that he did not have a right to leave Yvonne.

He embraced Janine to console her. Doris while walking to the car with Sonia and Gary said Audrey was so sweet and she was sure she was the reason Victor was interested in Janine. She told her mother that the girl was her niece and she was Sonia’s granddaughter so she needed to be acknowledged since Audrey was innocent.

Sonia said if she was fond of kids then she should give birth to her own. Later, Carla came to see Janine and told her that she already knew Victor’s family came there and wondered why Janine did not call her to come to her defense. Janine wept that they called her mistress and made her feel like she was the words human in the world.

She was not proud to be called the other woman. Yvonne on the other hand cried and told Mimi that she did not know where she went wrong, she asked if she was not enough for Victor. Mimi provided a shoulder for her to lean on. Sonia visited Yvonne to advise her not to leave her husband for Janine.

She used herself as a case study and told Yvonne that when she allowed her husband to go, her children suffered the most, she did not get hurt so she did not want her grandson to experience what her children passed through. She begged Yvonne to forgive her husband to start a life with Victor again.

She invited her to her birthday which was on Saturday. She said she would invite Victor too so that she could patch things up with her husband. Yvonne wondered if it was good for her to reconcile with a man who ruined her life because of Marcus. Sonia told her to consider that as a birthday gift to her.

Victor told Audrey that he wouldn’t be able to pick her up. Janine told her that she would pick her up. Victor told her it was his mother’s birthday so he went to find Yvonne and Marcus at the celebration. She began to vomit. Marcus pulled his mother closer to Victor and requested for Mimi to take pictures of them but Mimi acted like her camera was not working.

Janine, on the other hand, feared that Victor might not return home. Carla saw that as advantageous since that would help her to move on. Janine claimed it was not easy. Even though, Victor always confessed his lōve for her but she felt alone in the conflict since the Guevarras supported Yvonne.

Marcus told his father about his fight with his classmate and asked his father why it took him so long to return. Victor said being away from him did not mean he would shun his responsibility towards him. Mimi was taking pictures with Gary’s mother, since the family wanted Victor and Yvonne to patch things up she made Gary send his mother away.

Victor found Yvonne alone and asked Yvonne why she did not tell him that Marcus fought in school. Yvonne asked him for what reason she would tell him. Victor was walking out and she asked if that was the only thing he could do. She told him not to return if he leaves. Victor did not care and told her he would not stand for them to be exchanging words.

As he was leaving, Yvonne pulled him and begged him to leave his mistress for her. Victor said upon all the hurtful things they said to the other, he would not be able to do that. Yvonne knelt to plead with him that she did not mean what he said but Victor did not care and made it clear that he could not leave Janine for her and left.

Yvonne ran after him but he did not mind her and sped off. Yvonne walked throughout the streets and Albert stumbled on, the moment he called out her name, she collapsed and he rushed her to the hospital. Later, the doctor told Yvonne that she had a miscarriage. Victor arrived home, and he went to k!ss Janine.

Albert told Yvonne that he has called out Mimi and has already informed her not to tell anyone just like how she told him. He was sorry for her loss but he wondered why she did not inform her husband. Yvonne told him that they should talk about it another time. Mimi rushed there and got upset with Victor.

She wanted Yvonne to tell him so that he would know the harm he had caused. Yvonne saw no need for that since Victor had chosen his mistress. Though she wanted Victor to return but she did not want him to be with her out of pity but out of lōve. Yvonne stayed with Mimi and made her lie to Doris and failed to tell her about her miscarriage.

Janine asked Victor if he was able to talk to his wife and he said he did but made her know that he would not be able to leave her (Janine) for Yvonne. Albert called Yvonne and she told him that she was discharged yesterday. They planned to meet and Yvonne made part payment for clashing his car. Albert refused to take the money.

He said he had already fixed his car. He only wanted them to meet to have a talk. Doris managed to get Mimi to tell her the truth. After learning about the two months pregnancy of Yvonne that spoiled, she took a drastic measure. Albert wanted to know Yvonne better but Yvonne said she did not tell people she barely knew about her life.

She then told him a story about her life but claimed to be that of her friend and shed tears. Albert gave her a handkerchief to wipe off her tears. She apologised and said next time she would bring a handkerchief so that she could use it instead. Albert wished she would forget it another time so that he could be the one to offer her handkerchief to always wipe off her tears.


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