Two Wives Episode 11

Two Wives Episode 11 Gary fight Victor, Victor stops Janine from traveling to Singapore

Doris got home after Mimi told her about Yvonne’s miscarriage. She was with Gary talking when Sonia got there to interject, questioning them about what had happened to Yvonne. Doris had no option than to break the sad news that Yvonne lost a baby.

Suddenly, Sonia collapsed. Albert alighted Yvonne closer to her house. He wanted to send her home but Yvonne refused due to what others might think. He advised her to tell her friend that she should concentrate on her life and should løve and value herself.

The following morning, Gary attacked Victor at work and questioned him if he would be happy if he did what Victor did to Yvonne to Doris. He told him that Yvonne had a miscarriage because of him and his mistress.

Doris went to Janine to warn her to stay away from Victor and blamed her for Victor’s wife miscarriage. Janine complained that all she wanted was a good family and to be happy in life. She queried herself whether that was her karma.

She decided to go to Singapore and Carla arranged everything and escorted her to the airport. Victor went to see his mother and since he had a swollen mouth, Sonia asked what happened to him and he claimed Gary was behind it.

Sonia said she would not feel sorry for him for making his wife pass through lots of distress after jilting her for the other woman. She reminded him how Yvonne had been wanting to have another child but due to his other woman, Yvonne lost a child. Victor went home to discover it from the servant that Janine was going to Singapore, he raced to the airport.

Audrey also threw tantrums that she would not go with her mother without her daddy and she let go of Janine’s hand and descended down. Janine ran after her and Audrey bumped into her father. Victor asked Janine why she was leaving without informing him and snatched her passport.

Janine narrated that Doris came to accuse her of his wife losing her pregnancy due to her. She declared that they were hurting lots of people with their selfish decision that was why she wanted to leave for Singapore. Victor didn’t allow and fled with the passports.

He went to see Yvonne to say sorry for their loss but Yvonne threw him out. Carla and Janine came home to find out that Victor had torn her passport. Janine cried out that she was not happy that she was a mistress. She said she dreamt of having her own husband and family when she was young and didn’t want to be a mistress.

Janine said all her life she had begged for løve from her mother, father and everyone but Victor understood her. Carla said that was not lõve. What did not start right would not end up right. She was now a mistress and told her ruining a family to be with someone’s husband was not løve.

Later, Victor came home and Janine told him to go back to his wife. She made it clear that their løve for each other had caused harm to so many people but Victor said that would not make right everything that went wrong. He turned his back on his family for her. He promised to marry her and they fixed their problem.

The next day, the flowers that Janine had to deliver to a client for her wedding were ruined. The workers believed it was a karma for Janine being a flirt to go after someone’s husband. However, one of the workers called them ungrateful for turning their back on a good woman like Janine.

She reminded them of Janine’s help which has made them get money to put food on their table. She even has given them a place for them to sleep for free. Janine presented the cheque to the client and the woman was upset with Janine for not being able to deliver. She threatened to file a lawsuit against her.

Tisoy cried and told Janine that he was sad that the burnt flower could lead to the lay off the workers especially his parents and he wouldn’t be able to go to school again. Janine promised the boy that she would not allow that to happen. That evening, Janine could not sleep and thought about what happened.

Marcus looked sad and Yvonne asked him why. He said Victor forget to sign his school documents and Yvonne said mommy could equally sign it and did it for him. Janine and Victor went to a restaurant the next day. She went to the powder and Sandy who was also at the same restaurant went to the powder room seeing Janine.

She started to cause trouble but Janine did not mind her and left. Sandy thought of a perfect plan to deal with Janine so she went to join her friends and they began discussing Janine. Janine told Victor they should leave and she overheard them calling her mistress and was even seeing a married man. Janine approached Sandy and warned her not to talk about her at her back.

She should be courageous and tell her in front of her face. Sandy asked who invited her to the private conversation she was having. She told Janine that she was like her mother. Janine said her mother taught her how to respect elderly, something she could not teach her son. That, Janine said was a reason she løved that she was not part of her family.

She threw the drink in her glass on her. Victor warned Sandy not to do that. Sandy called him a driver and told Janine that she was cheap to now be in a relationship with a common driver. Janine said Victor was much better a man than her son Dale.

He assumed responsibility and did not run in the skirt of his mother. He thinks unlike her son. She walked out on Sandy and Sandy felt humiliated so she cursed her that she would never and ever be happy. When they came home, seeing how the workers were happy with their family, she wished for such.

The following morning, Mimi came to wake Yvonne and sent her shopping. She then went with her to see Shakira, her gay stylist who styled Yvonne’s hair and did make up on her face for her to look good.


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