Two Wives Episode 12

Two Wives Episode 12 Victor engage in fist fight with Albert, Victor proposes to marry Janine

At Shakira’s shop after bringing the beautiful looks of Yvonne gave her a dress to wear. Mimi went out with Yvonne and they stumbled on Albert. Albert told her how beautiful she was. Yvonne was not comfortable. She and Mimi went to the club to sing.

Elsewhere, Doris called Victor on the phone and they met to talk about Marcus. Doris said his son was suffering the most in everything that was  happening. Yvonne overheard some guys talking about women and she picked a fight with them.

She was sent to the police station. Mimi tried to plead with the police, using her friends situation as an excuse. Yvonne told the police that her husband cheated on her with another woman and left her. The police told her not to believe in guys especially the nice ones, they were heartbreakers.

Mimi called Albert to the police station and also called Doris. Learning about what had happened to Yvonne from Doris, he went to the police station. He arrived there at the same time as Albert. They all asked about Yvonne and were asked about how they were related to her.

As Albert said he was a friend, victor gave a look and said he was the hushed. However, the police accused him of being a womaniser and for cheating on his wife. Yvonne was surprised to see them. Victor grabbed her hand and dragged her out. He was hurting Yvonne so Albert intervened, only for Victor to punch him.

The police arrested him for causing trouble but Albert failed to file charges. All that he said was next time if he had a problem with his  wife, he should solve it amicably and shouldn’t vent his anger on someone else. Albert sent Mimi and Yvonne out to drink coffee. Victor went home and told Janine what happened.

The following day when he was at work, Janine called him to check up on. Janine revealed to Carla that she was getting attached to Victor and she was scared that one day, she might lose him. Carla said she ought to be scared especially knowing that she stole the man and he also abandoned his family for her.

The school principal of Audrey called Janine and told her that the parents had complained about her due to her affair with a married man. This made Janine decide to transfer her daughter since the safety of her daughter would be compromised in the school. Her personal life has nothing to do with her daughter’s education.

Albert went for Yvonne to follow him and attend his seminar. Yvonne forgot her phone in the house and told Albert  to send her back home for it but Albert was late and told her he would lend her his phone so that she could talk to her son when it became necessary.

Victor received a call from the teachers that her son was admitted. Victor went and the teachers said they called Yvonne several times but she was not picking. Victor later called Doris and Doris called Mimi to check if Yvonne was with her. Mimi decided to call Albert and she talked to Yvonne to inform her about what had happened to Marcus.

Albert alighted Yvonne at Doris’ house and Victor saw them. When Yvonne got in, Victor confronted her and accused her of cheating. Yvonne was appalled especially when he was the one who abandoned her and her son. As they were arguing, Doris and Gary spied.

Victor claimed Yvonne was not a responsible mother and she abandoned her child. Now, he would come for Marcus. Yvonne made it clear that she has always been there for Marcus as a mother should, he has been the absentee father.

Fast forward, Victor went to consult a lawyer to learn on means to get his marriage annulled. He was told that he has to give the court tangible reason for the annulment. The basis of which he wanted to annul, otherwise, his annulment would not be granted.

He suggested that he would annul the marriage on the grounds of psychological incapacitated but Victor said Yvonne was not like that. She was a woman with a good heart and a good wife as  well. The attorney then said that meant that his marriage could not be annulled.  Victor went to borrow money from his best friend. Already, he was still owing him for the car he was riding.

He told his friend that he was going to use the money to annul his marriage. He told him that he was ready to marry Janine and nothing would bring him back to Yvonne. He bought a bouquet for Janine and proposed to marry her.


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