Two Wives Episode 13

Two Wives Episode 13 Victor files petition of annulment, Janine is warned by her aunt to leave Victor for his wife

Janine told Carla that Victor had proposed to her. Carla made it clear that Victor would not be able to marry her but Janine said Victor was annulling his marriage so he had seen a lawyer.

Marcus swallowed his tooth when it fell off and was scared that he might need an operation but his mother pampered him, saying the tooth would come out. Vida called Janine’s office and Carla picked it and rushed to Janine to inform her.

Victor visited Yvonne to tell her that he wanted his marriage annulled in order to marry Janine. Yvonne was shocked that Victor was blowing away everything they have suffered for all those while. She asked if he did not lõve her. Victor admitted she was his first løve and was happy while with her. However, he now løved Yvonne.

Yvonne refused to grant him the divorce, urging him to do whatever he wanted with his mistress. She threw him out. Later, Siona confronted Victor for trying to get his marriage annulled and asked him if he really knew his actual feelings for Janine to destroy his marriage.

“Because I never lōved Yvonne the way that I løve Janine.”

Siona made it clear that he could løve Janine but it was not right to divorce his wife. She reminded him of his vows. Victor made it clear that he would never leave Janine for Yvonne that was the reason he wanted to make things right. Siona warned him not to bring his other woman home because she would not accept her.

Yvonne was running out of money so she sought help from her and got a job. She and Marcus kept bonding and they fixed the school bus she has been driving together. Victor learnt of Vida, the aunt of Janine who might be in the country because she heard Janine was a mistress. Victor promised that they would face her together.

After receiving the petition of annulment, Yvonne made Shakira dress her and went with Mimi to the mansion of Janine. She went to destroy things and confronted Victor for looking down on her after choosing his mistress, he claimed she was mentally incapacitated. She kept causing trouble so Mimi reminded her that she might end up in jail again.

Janine told her she could call her all sorts of names, however, she tried to keep his distance from him but Victor himself kept running back to her. She sacked Yvonne from her house and told her she was not welcomed to her house.

As they were leaving, Shakira saw someone she knew was working for Janine who was also a gay. Mimi talked Yvonne to annul the marriage but Shakira was against. Mimi saw that there was no need for the fight. She believed it was not worth it to fight for a man who treated her as a tràsh. Yvonne was hurt that all the ten years of being with Victor, trying to be a good wife amounted to nothing.

Vida came to see Janine to warn her to stay away from Victor. However, Janine claimed to lōve him. Vida saw her act as shameful after her ex, Dale got her pregnant and left her, she now has fallen for a married man. She warned her not to make her feel that Victor was more important to her (Janine) than her.  She should not make all her sacrifices go down the drainage after she took care of her.

Janine made it clear that she was grateful to her for taking her in and making her part of her family but she could not leave Victor for his wife because she was in løve with him and he also løved her too. Janine told Victor that Aunt Vida did not approve of their relationship. Actually, she was thinking her life would be better than her mother who used to be a homewrecker.

Victor said she was more than that and they would face it. The parents of Yvonne came to visit her and asked for Victor since it had been long since they heard from him. Her father told Yvonne to give birth to a girl. Later, they learnt that the couple was facing challenges in their marriage. Carmen advised her not to fight with him over money.

Yvonne threw a party for Marcus to celebrate his birthday. The boy asked of his father and Yvonne asked if she was not enough for him. He admitted she was enough for him, he got seated and ate. He then asked for a cake and Yvonne said she forgot to buy him a cake. Marcus understood and was happy that the family were there. He went out to play only for his father and Janine to come there to give him a gift.

Yvonne was about to surprise Marcus with the cake when she saw her estranged husband and his mistress. She suddenly left the cake for it to fall. She held Marcus and sent him inside. Sonia fought Victor for bringing his mistress to her property and warned them to leave.

Yvonne returned to fight Janine, claiming she was the reason her son was not left with no father. Janine made it clear that her son did have a father that was the reason she was there to meet the son of her soon to be husband. That got on the nerve of Yvonne and she tried to fight but Victor got in the way. Siona was even surprised with her son.

Yvonne kept calling them añimãl but they did not care. Janine did worse to get Yvonne jealous when she called him lōve and told him that they should leave.


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