Two Wives Episode 15

Two Wives Episode 15 Victor’s annulment petition against Yvonne is heard, Marlon destroyed things at Janine’s office

Yvonne was on a way home but could not get any car since it was midnight. She kept crying and had a beep on her phone, it was Albert calling her. She was quite sad and couldn’t talk so she told him, they should talk later.

Not knowing Albert was around the corner, Mimi told him about where Yvonne was. He saw Yvonne and drove her to a place where Yvonne let out her grief about how Victor had trampled on her dignity, yet she løved him.

The next day, the lōve birds went to see an attorney to know their chances with the concubinage lawsuit, Yvonne was filing against them. The attorney told Victor plainly that Yvonne has a very big case against him so he might spend three to six years in jail.

However, Janine would suffer no punishment or the worse would be the penalty of destierro which she would be banished from the jurisdiction to another place for some couple of months. Janine saw her freedom as useless since the man she lōved would be imprisoned, something she believed would hurt Audrey.

She blamed herself for Yvonne’s action. She believed she provoked her for her to file such charges but Victor said she was not to be blamed, they would fight together. Victor went to see Yvonne to plead with her to withdraw the case she was filing against him. Yvonne refused to do that, he begged her and told her they should talk about it but Yvonne threw him out.

When he arrived home, Vida came to the flower farm with some people to show them the farm and was about to evict Janine but Janine offered to buy the land and Vida sold it to her for 800 grand or she should leave Victor. She accepted to pay the rather than leaving Victor, much to Vida’s surprise and she gave Janine two weeks to pay the money.

Victor went to his mother’s house to plead with her to talk to Yvnonne to drop the charges filed against him. His mother refused and he begged her not to do it for him but for his children, Audrey and Marcus because if Yvonne wins, he would be imprisoned.

Sonia went to see Yvonne to beg her to drop the charges against Victor but she changed her mind and told Yvonne that she should bring Victor to justice. Yvonne was shocked that Sonia was not upset with her. Yvonne was touched by Sonia’s tears and knew pursuing the case would hurt Sonia so she dropped the charges.

Janine was thinking about how she could generate the 800 grand for her aunt. She could only get 300 grand should she sell off all her asserts and add her savings. Carla asked where she could get that 500 within two weeks. During the hearing of the annulment case, Yvonne made it clear to Victor that she would not grant him the annulment for his mistress to be Mrs Guevarra.

She was torn into pieces after the hearing since Victor filed a psychological incapacitated charge against her. She confronted him for spewing lies against her simply because he wanted to be married to his mistress. She regretted dropping the concubinage charge against him.

Janine got there and the two women ended up fighting. As Yvonne shoved Janine for her to fall, Victor also shoved her for Yvonne to hit the ground, much to Yvonne’s surprise. Yvonne told Doris about the mental charges her brother filed just to annul his marriage with her.

Janine got upset with Victor for Yvonne’s behaviour and felt that Victor was defending Yvonne when he said he was scared that Janine’s action might trigger Yvonne to push through with the charges against him. He told her to be grateful that Yvonne dropped the charges.

The parents of Yvonne visited her and asked about Victor. She still kept them in the dark and didn’t tell them the truth of her collapsed marriage. Janine decided to spy for a loan to pay off her aunt to prove to her that she was capable and could equally have Victor. She made Carla promise her not to inform Victor because she feared that Victor would rather leave her in order not to stress her off.

Later that evening, Albert alighted Yvonne home and was proud of her for the woman she has become. Upon everything she was going through with her husband, she was still strong and standing on her feet. While she settled in the house, she heard someone knocking and she went to open. It was no other than her brother, Marlon.

She was surprised and asked him why he got them worried by leaving without contacting anyone. However, Marlon said he saw Dubai as an opportunity to get rich and to help the family for all the troubles he caused so he ran in order for their mother not to hold him back but the sad story was that the recruiter deceived him, everything was a scam and he was forced to hide since his papers were illegal.

Yvonne was sad that he did not contact them when he was facing trouble but he said he did not want them to get involved. He decided to stay with Yvonne for the meantime to get a job and asked about Victor. Yvonne failed to tell him so he later went to see Mimi to ask and she told him everything.

Janine was having a meeting so Carla was the only one left at the office when Marlon got there to destroy everything in there. He came in search for Victor and Janine after Carla told him to come another time because Victor and Janine were not around, he got upset and began to hit everything at the office with an object, forcing Carla to run for her life.


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