Two Wives Episode 20

Two Wives Episode 20 Yvonne is trapped by co-workers, Victor finally marries Janine, Victor accuses Yvonne of cheating in a revised Counter affidavit

Marcus kept screaming and the truck screeched. The driver pulled over and the driver confronted Marcus for almost making him end up in jail. He asked him what he was doing on the streets alone. Marcus showed him the address of where he was going.

A security guard called Albert and he came out to find Marcus who wanted him to use his magic tricks to make his mother happy. Albert said things like that did not support magic.

At San Jose Police Station, the family were still devastated about the missing Marcus. Victor arrived and they queried him for the reason he had kept so long. Marlon wanted to have a fist fight with him but he was calmed. Yvonne asked Victor why her son came home moody but Victor refused to tell her the truth.

Albert called Yvonne and came there with Marcus. The boy then opened up that he already knew the truth, his father had another family and even met Audrey. Yvonne told him that now that he knew the truth, she wanted him to be strong. She then slapped Victor for sending Marcus to Janine’s house. He threatened not to make him see Marcus again.

Later, Victor went to meet Janine at a restaurant and his fiancee looked disturbed. She did not want her child to be illegitimate like her so Victor decided to marry her. Fast forward, she dressed and Victor groomed himself and a pastor officiated their marriage.

Victor exchanged vows with her. After he said “I will” Janine hesitated when she reached her turn. Victor alerted her and she said she will. After they exchanged the ring and k!ssed. Yvonne showed up and wondered why she was not invited to the wedding, she told them they were passionate lõvers. Yvonne brandished a gün and shøt Janine.

Janine then fell so Victor helped her. Victor called her and she came to her senses that she was only imagining things. She then said “I will” and the proceedings continued and were declared husband and wife. Victor was officially made to k!ss his bride. As they were leaving the venue, Victor’s friend remarked that he hoped that would be his last wedding.

Victor said Janine was his last løve. Carla wanted to con Victor’s best friend but he claimed he was happily married. A woman who worked for the judicial service told him about not taking a paper he signed. She congratulated the couple.

During the night of their honeymoon, Janine felt tasty and she woke up to the kitchen to drink water, only for Yvonne to show up with a knife and told her she never had pity on her and she was about to stab her, only for her to wake up to find out that it was a nightmare. Janine cried and Victor woke up to calm her.

She told him about her dream and did not understand why Yvonne was not ready to leave them even when they were officially married. The following morning, Yvonne stumbled on a letter her son wrote for her. Dalia met the lady from the judicial service who informed her that Victor was now married again.

Victor and Janine sent Audrey to a restaurant and they announced to Audrey the baby sibling she would have. Audrey wanted a baby sister so that she could share toys and everything with. She wanted to name her kid sister Angel. Victor liked the name. Unknown to them, Yvonne was in the same restaurant with them but she was with Albert.

Dalia told Sonia about the piece of gossip she heard but Sonia wanted Doris and Gary to investigate if Victor had remarried. Victor was with his best friend and they talked about the success of the business they were doing. Victor could not wait to lay his hands on the money to support Janine’s expenses, especially now that he would become a father again.

He also said he had his concubinage lawsuit to think about.The guy told him about a similar case of his which he read but the man won because he proved to court that his wife had a løver. This gave  Victor an idea. He then received a call from Doris to go to the house. He went and his mother learnt the truth that he had gotten Janine pregnant so he married her.

Sonia was not ready to accept Janine and reminded him about his lawsuit. Victor said he would do anything to ensure that he won’t end up in jail.  He went home to inform Janine and she told him to send her to his family. She would beg them and do everything to earn their forgiveness.

Carmen realised Albert had been bringing Yvonne home more often but Yvonne assured what they had between them was platonic. She gave Marcus the toy which Albert bought for him. Yvonne got a new client and announced during the meeting, only for her to know that the list of potential clients was a folder for her supervisor.

She was accused of being a snatcher and told them Kate gave the folder to her but Kate denied. Yvonne realised it was a set up. The woman demanded for Yvonne to be suspended and for her commission to go to her. The woman threatened to make her pay for stealing her clients.

Albert followed Yvonne out and he assured her that the matter would be investigated and if Kate gave her the client lists, she would be sanctioned. He hugged her and the supervisor snapped a picture of her.

Victor sent Janine and Audrey to Doris’ house and he made Audrey greet everyone. Sonia was leaving, Janine held her aback and knelt before her to apologise. Sonia almost had a heart attack and Doris asked them to leave.

She said the place was her house and she could allow Victor in since he was her brother but not Janine and her children. She told them to leave. When Victor and Janine were leaving, Sonia  called him for a private talk. Audrey asked her mother if her father’s family were upset with them she also wanted to reciprocate their hatred but Janine talked to her.

Gary got there to apologise to Janine for how the family treated her but she understands. Doris confronted her brother for bringing his new wife into her house and told him to have respect for their mother. Sonia made Doris excuse them and she slapped Victor. She said she could entertain his children but would not acknowledge his wife.

The workers picked up on Yvonne but she contained her anguish. Victor arrived home with Janine and apologised to her for sending her to see his family. Janine knew how difficult it was for one not to live with a family and did not want Victor to go through that. She told Victor not to leave her alone. They hugged when Victor was comforting her.

Victor went to the lawyer to revise his counter affidavit to include that Yvonne was having an affair with Albert in order to get his case dismissed by court just like the article which his best friend read.


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