Two Wives Episode 21

Two Wives Episode 21 Victor accuses Yvonne of extra-marital in a counter affidavit, Yvonne resigns from Bind Insurance company

At Bind Insurance, Albert taught Yvonne how to use the laptop to type. This made her coworkers grow more jealous of them. Carla escorted Janine to a business meeting due to her pregnancy and they bumped into Mr Hoffer. Carla was moved by the car of Hoffer.

Hoffer offered them a ride home. Yvonne and Albert came home and Carmen cooked for them. Yvonne saw Albert off and thanked him for entertaining Marcus. Albert wanted her to also be happy as that looked good on her.

Hoffer sent Janine and Carla to a restaurant and told her that he heard her flower farm was taken away from her and offered her PR work at one of his hotels. Janine told him that she was now married. Hoffer drove them home and asked her to think about his offer. As they were talking, Victor pulled over and fought Hoffer.

Carla stopped them and told Victor that Janine might lose her pregnancy. Janine apologised to Mr Hoffer and Hoffer walked out in anguish while Carla tried to calm him. Janine stormed inside the house. Victor followed her to apologise for his act. She told him that he always disgraced her in front of Mr Hoffer while she was now married to him.

The nanny appeared to say Audrey was throwing  tantrums and Victor told Janine to go and rest while he went to talk to Audrey. He realised that Audrey had seen pictures of him and Marcus and admitted he was the father of the boy. He told her that Marcus was a good kid just like her and advised her to be friends with Marcus.

The next day, Yvonne went to Fiscal’s office to discover the content in the counter affidavit which Victor filed, accusing her of having an intimate affair with Albert. She confronted Victor and denied his allegations. She couldn’t take it that Victor was attacking her integrity and went home to inform Sonia. Sonia tried to calm her.

Later, Doris told Sonia the need for them to tell Yvonne about Victor and Janine’s marriage. Sonia told her not to tell Janine she would feel hurt. Doris felt so sorry for Yvonne and wondered where she went wrong for her to be punished in that manner. Gary also told his wife not to inform Yvonne.

The next day, Albert found Yvonne crying over Victor’s allegations and he met Victor in the night to fight him for ruining the integrity of Yvonne while she did nothing than to løve him. Yvonne was bothered by her coworker who accused her of snatching her clients. Yvonne explained that she had no relationship with Albert but the woman still doubted.

Yvonne attacked and warned him to stay away from her otherwise she would regret it. Victor got home and was treating his bruises when Janine advised him to abstain himself from fighting Albert but he insisted on fighting Albert when he got to meet him again. Janine warned to even stay away from Yvonne to avoid further confrontation.

Yvonne was sleeping when Albert called her several times and was not picking. She received a text from her boss that he was outside her house so she went to open to make him come in. She saw his bruised face. Yvonne wanted to save herself from trouble so she told him about her intentions to quit and find a new job.

Albert talked her out of it but she insisted. The next day, Doris went to Shakira’s salon and ended up telling Shakira and Mimi about Victor’s marriage. She told them not to inform Yvonne but Mimi said Yvonne should know and Shakira added that she has to know that her shameful ex-husband was now married so that she could equally move on.

The worker who claimed Yvonne snatched her client went to work to find out that she was fired. She threatened to engage the media and the labour. Albert gave him the go ahead to do that so that he could expose how she manipulated and disgraced a colleague and accused her of snatching her clients. He said her malicious intentions would be exposed.

The lady claimed he could not do that to her since she has worked there for 21 years. Albert ordered her to pack her bags and leave the office. Victor stumbled on the school kids ganging up on his son and he intervened. The issue was sent to the principal’s office and Katrina did not like it that he hurt a kid while defending his son.

Victor promised to apologise and Katrina said she would explain things to the parents of the kids. Victor had a hearty talk with Marcus and he explained why he had not been coming home. He advised him to be a good boy even if he had separated from his mother, he should still know that he løved him and his mother was a good woman and hoped someday, he would understand him.

Marcus got home and Marlon scolded him for buying into Victor’s deceptive words and convinced the kid not to allow himself to be fõōled by Victor. Yvonne beat Marcus for meeting with his father while she has warned him to keep his distance. Marcus explained that his father apologised to him and wanted him to know he løved him.

Marcus cried and did not understand why his mother was punishing him while Victor was still his father. He ran away and Yvonne followed him to talk to him that he was right and apologised for her act. Marcus understood her since he knew she did not mean to hurt him.

He also apologised for not seeking her permission before talking to his father. Yvonne the next day was in the house when Shakira visited. She told him that her ex-husband accused her of having a relationship with Albert.

Shakira could not believe his ears. He got so upset and pissed off that Victor had the nerve to accuse her while he was married to his mistress. Yvonne was surprised to hear that piece of news. She asked where did he hear that from.

Marlon and Carmen appeared in the scene to query who married so Yvonne had no choice than to inform Carmen that her shãmelëss ex-husband got married to his mistress.


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