Two Wives Episode 22

Two Wives Episode 22 Albert proposes to Yvonne, Victor engages in an accident

Marlon got upset and was ready to go and punch him. Yvonne talked her brother out. Carmen said that only meant that she would never get back with Victor again. Yvonne went to cry in the mirror but she stopped herself from crying as she had promised herself not to cry.

Janine met a person who wanted her to make floral decorations at Senator Reyes’ daughter’s wedding. It turned out that Hoffer was the reason she gained that deal. Yvonne went to Doris’ place to query the family on the reason they hid Victor’s marriage from her.

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Sonia explained that she did not want to hurt her. Yvonne knew they were the only ones she could rely on after Victor left her. She wished the divorce would help her to get rid of Victor. Janine looking at things realised Hoffer just manipulated things so that he could sleep with her and turned down the offer.

She went home to find Marlon there and Carla warned Marlon to care about Janine’s condition, she was pregnant. Janine told him to leave her baby out of it and he also said Marcus was innocent. Yvonne went home to find Albert playing with Marcus. Carmen went upstairs with Marcus and Yvonne had a talk with Albert.

Albert informed her that he had fired Kelly and the girls who were bullying her. Yvonne did not want that because it meant that anyone who would talk against them would be fired. Albert explained that even if she was not the one, he would have done it for another worker since Kelly harassed and bullied her. He told her that he wanted her back at the office.

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She was a good sales agent who sold many policies to people and such agents were hard to come by. She then saw Albert off and they walked to a bridge. Albert proposed to her but Yvonne turned down his offer since she was still hurt and not ready at the moment to løve again. She made it clear that he would have been a perfect man for her to lōve him but did not want to hurt him in return.

Albert was willing to wait for her but reminded her to return to Bind Insurance not because he lōved her but because the company needed her. Marlon returned home and couldn’t find Yvonne. He told Carmen that he has discovered that Victor married his mistress because he got her pregnant. That, he said meant that Yvonne could open her lawsuit to bring Victor to book.

Victor begged his wife for going to the school of Marcus without informing her. Janine understood he missed his son but didn’t want him to engage in trouble. Victor told her that after their marriage, he did not get time for them to have a honeymoon so now, he wanted them to go for their honeymoon the next day. He made a reservation at the resort for them to go there the following day.

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Sonia was leaving the house of Garry since his mother told her to. The two women were quarrelling since it was Sonia who first told Dalia to leave. Garry got upset and said both women would leave his house. Doris got devastated and ran after her husband. Yvonne returned to Bind Insurance.

After going to his son’s school to deliver some packages, Marcus refrained himself from seeing him die to Marlon and Yvonne’s words against Victor. Victor was on his way with Janine to the honeymoon when Janine craved for melon so he got down to buy her some. As he was buying the melon a truck knocked him down.

He was rushed to the hospital and Janine passed out. Carla after several unsuccessful attempts to reach Janine, finally reached her but a nurse picked the call. She told her that Janine passed out after her husband engaged in an accident. Janine woke up and the nurse told her that her friend was on the line. She spoke with her and told Carla what had happened.

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Carla sent some of her stuff there. The doctor told Janine that he was able to revive her husband but he had to be transferred to a hospital which has better equipment to treat him otherwise if his internal bleeding continued he might not survive. Doris tried talking to her mother to stop her from leaving but Sonia was hellbent on leaving.

Janine called Doris with Victor’s phone which the police  retrieved from the accident scene. She informed her about Victor’s accident and the hospital where they were. Sonia could not leave anymore. She and Doris rushed to the hospital. Yvonne was sent home by Albert and as she was having dinner with her family, she received a call from Doris.

Hearing about the accident, she informed Carmen and she felt sorry. Memories of her ex-husband rushed back to her mind. At the hospital, Doris accused Janine of the tragedy that has befallen her brother. She claimed her brother’s life has been confronted with a sequence of tragedies after she became part of his life and she should feel guilty if Victor dies.

Sonia stopped her and warned Garry to send Doris out. She cried and Janine requested to hug her and she hugged her. As both women cried, Janine begged for forgiveness. Later, Yvonne visited Victor and met Janine with him. The two women exchanged weird glances.


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