Two Wives Episode 23

Two Wives Episode 23 Victor to undergo surgery for having Hemorrhagic stroke, Marcus pleads with Yvonne to forgive Victor

At the hospital, Yvonne stopped Janine from opening her mouth. While she was staring at the lifeless body of Victor, painful memories rushed in. She was leaving when Janine followed her to call her.

The pupils closed from school and Marcus stumbled on his friends being cuddled by their fathers and he began to hallucinate, visualizing Victor in another father. Sonia wanted to go to the hospital to take care of Victor so that Janine could rest due to her pregnancy but Doris wanted her mother to rest instead while she would be the one to go to the hospital.

Daria added her voice to explain to Doris why her mother wanted to be the one to be with Victor. She used the opportunity to also apologised to Sonia about what transpired between them. Marcus came home sad and rushed to his room without talking to Carmen and Marlon.

Due to Victor’s condition, Yvonne couldn’t concentrate on winning a client to Bind Insurance. She later apologised to Albert for her inability to sell and promised to do her best next time. Albert knew it was because she was still in love with Victor and was depressed due to his accident.

Carla saw Louie and asked him to follow her for a drink but Louie refused since he was refraining himself from having any romantic affair with her. Sonia and Gary arrived and Louie had relief, yet Carla still kept seducing him so Louie asked Gary for a private chat. Carla wanted to be tagged along but Louie turned her down.

Louie felt sorry for Victor and believed his cheating brought that misfortune on him. Gary retorted that it was the reason he never cheated on his wife. However, Louie knew that he had always been scared of his wife. He said that was not the case but he lõved his wife so much to cheat.

Louie stated that ever since his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, he felt so sorry for her and stopped all his cheating acts. A refined lady in a hot attire was passing by when Gary got enticed and he began calling her. After seeing Sandy, once again Janine stumbled on her and Dale. Dale was being wheeled and was crying out Janine’s name.

Sandy swore on her life that she would never make him get reunited with Janine. While sleeping, Marcus had a nightmare and asked his mother if something bad happened to his father. Yvonne had no choice than to reveal the bad news to him. Carmen sent Marcus to the ICU. When the boy set his eyes on Janine, he blamed her for his father’s accident.

Janine said sorry to him but Carmen talked him against his act and told him to tell his father stories instead and never should he blame Janine again. Janine came tete-a-tete with Sandy at the church and wondered what she was doing there. Marlon came to the hospital for Marcus and told Carmen that what Victor was passing through was his punishment and termed that as misfortune.

Sandy was upset that the doctor had not attended to her son so the nurse was forced to go for him. Sandy saw Janine again and robbed it on her face that she heard she was dating a married man. She further stated that her son was married to a well accomplished decent lady. Janine also said she was happy for her son.

She flipped her ring and said she was also happily married and whatever rumours she heard about her was untrue and wished her son success. Sandy was so upset and went to her son’s ward to tell him that he would be transferred. The two had an argument and Sandy said he would make him stay somewhere else after he gets better.

Dale knew she was doing that because of Janine and told his mother that she was so selfish and nothing would take the love of Janine from his heart. Janine apologised to Carmen for every pain she caused Yvonne together with Victor. As they were taking, a nurse brought Victor’s ring to Janine. She was about to put it on the finger of Victor when she realised herself that she was with Carmen.

Carmen understood her and told her about the time she and Jaime saw that Yvonne and Victor were not wearing their respective rings. She said Jaime gave Yvonne money to go and buy some due to the superstition. She advised Janine to take care of the ring and this time around, she believed no one would be left out.

Yvonne went to see her attorney concerning the concubinage lawsuit. She was indifferent as Shakira told Attorney Andrea that Victor was hovering around life and deàth so Yvonne was disturbed. The attorney gave Yvonne time to think about it whether to pursue the case or not.

Janine when left alone with Victor put back the ring on to his finger and thanked him for making her dream come to pass. Sandy went to check the name of a certain patient at the front desk but the name was not there. She spotted Janine and wondered what she was doing there as she was not supposed to see her son.

The doctor recommended to Janine to have her husband undergo surgery as the injury on his brain resembled that of Hemorrhagic stroke and the injury might cause bleeding in the brain. The surgery would cost $45 to $70,000. Yvonne at the sales presentation seemed lost and Albert saw that so he talked to her after the presentation.

Albert talked to Yvonne to allow Marcus to be part of his father’s life and advised him to wish Victor well to guide his son. Marcus was crying and begged his mother not to be mad at Victor anymore and told him that he should make them take care of him. He did not want to be drifted apart from him.

Yvonne visited Jaime’s tomb to ask her father for his guidance on what Marcus requested for them to be part of Victor’s life while he has another family. She did not know what to do, whether to grant her son’s request. Carla followed Janine out to ask what she would do to raise the money. Yvonne arrived with Marcus and Mimi.

She had a private talk with Janine on Marcus and she said she would make her son enjoy the same privileges with her daughter. She would not deprive Marcus of being with his father. Janine reminded her that she never did that and even if they were married, she would ensure Victor becomes part of his son’s life.


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